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Release Date: April 2, 2006



Topic: Uniting Together to Against Communist Government's Suppression in China (Wei Jingsheng's Speech at Washington DC Rally on March 12)

标题:团结起来不受分化,支持反共抗暴反迫害 (魏京生)


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Uniting Together to Against Communist Government's Suppression in China

(Wei Jingsheng's Speech at Washington DC Rally on March 12)

-- by Nancy of The Epoch Times, Washington, D.C. Staff



On the afternoon of March 12, the Worldwide Center for Quitting the CCP and The Epoch Times held a rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial, stating their support for the 9 million brave souls that have quit the wicked Chinese Communist Party, and to protest the Sujiatun concentration camp in Shenyang in which Falun Gong practitioners are tortured to death.


Below is the full transcription of Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition Chairman Wei Jingsheng's speech at the rally.


I'm quite happy to be here.  We always run into one another once in a while and share our thoughts, and it's quite interesting.  Every time I participate in your activities, I always find a banner that I like the most.  Today I've found another one right here.  It says "Supporting the Ten Thousand People on Hunger Strike."


As you all know, the most eye-catching instance of people resisting persecution in China is the lawyer Gao Zhisheng leading people to resist the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s illegal persecution with a hunger strike.  Thousands upon thousands of Chinese people are facing Communist Party persecution, so of course they are going to resist it, and before one wave of resistance can be put down, another springs up.  In the beginning, the CCP forcefully suppressed them, but now it doesn't work for them if they just rely on suppression.  So now the CCP uses two methods simultaneously: first, it tries to forcefully suppress, and second, it tries to sow dissension in order to weaken your strength.  So there will be many people who will put on a friendly appearance, who will appear to be one of us, and will say, "let's not to participate in that hunger strike; that's a political movement."  In the last few days I heard some people spreading rumors that Falun Gong was going to withdraw from the movement, that Gao Zhisheng's hunger strike is a political activity, and that we don't participate in political activities. 


Immediately there will be many of our friends who refute such things.  As I stand here today, I can see that our Falun Gong friends are standing together with other friends to safeguard our joint interests and rights.  This shows that we're all more and more clear and won't be fooled by the discord the CCP tries to sow.


Some people often say that the activities you do are all political activities and that hunger striking is a political activity.  In principle, perhaps what we are doing isn't political at all, and is just safeguarding our citizens' proper rights.  But from another perspective, isn't our resisting the CCP's persecution political?  It's the most important form of politics.  So it's fine whether you say it's political or not. 


Why do I have to care whether or not it's political?  That's an issue that scholars can research.  What we focus on is that we have been deprived of our rights, and we have to fight for them!  In principle, what we are fighting for is the same, as we are all weak, common citizens; we have no hold of politics or power.  We can only rely on the law to protect us and rely on our uniting together to protect our own rights.


We have to be on guard for all manners of dissension.  Although we have joint interests and needs - we must protect our basic rights - we indeed all have great differences.  How could we all be the same?  We all are the most common people.  Everyone has his own views and beliefs.  Of course they will be different.  This is our right.!


Since we have differences, Communist spies will take advantage of them.  Recently the most common saying has been: "We need to protect our rights.  We shouldn't go and offend the Communist Party, and we should resolve our individual cases one at a time."  Actually, didn't our Falun Gong friends think this way at the beginning?  Even our friends from the democracy front all thoughts this way at the beginning!  Can each of the injustices dealt to you be redressed?  We've all gradually come to realize that who the CCP persecutes is not individuals but everyone.  The illusion that the CCP will restore correct their wrongdoing on us is an impossibility!


All of us have common interests.  We should unite together to strive for our basic interests and to have this evil regime fall from power.  So don't listen to others' rumors and don't let people sow dissension.  Even if people disguise themselves as our relatives to sow dissension, it's still sowing dissension.


So I call on all of us to maintain our individual differences, and, from our different perspectives, to struggle together and strive for our common rights.  Lawyer Gao Zhisheng's hunger strike is merely for a portion of cases of persecution, but he is acting on behalf of everyone's basic rights.  I call on all of us to unite together and support all of those resisting CCP persecution.  I hope that all of us come together to support the Chinese hunger strike movement inside of China that Gao Zhisheng represents.


As long as we unite, I believe that the CCP won't last much longer.  Thank you all!



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(Article and photo credit: The Epoch Times.  www.dajiyuan.com.  The Wei Jingsheng Foundation is responsible for the English translation.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue Number: A194-W95



Release Date: April 2, 2006



Topic: Uniting Together to Against Communist Government's Suppression in China (Wei Jingsheng's Speech at Washington DC Rally on March 12)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)



















































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