Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A215-W106



Release Date: June 18, 2006



Topic: The Wei Jingsheng Foundation Mourns the Loss of its board member, Mr. Alan Gleitsman (and the Condolence Letter)

标题: 魏京生基金会就其董事会成员艾伦﹒格莱斯曼的去世表示沉痛悼念(及写给格莱斯曼多年的伴侣茹西女士的信)


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The Wei Jingsheng Foundation Mourns the Loss of its board member, Mr. Alan Gleitsman



On May 19, 2006, Alan Gleitsman, who established the nonprofit Gleitsman Foundation in 1989, suffered a heart attack while traveling in the south of France and died May 19 at Princess Grace Hospital in Monaco. He was 76.


Mr. Gleitsman was a film and TV show distributor, who made himself a millionaire.  Later, he became a well-known philanthropist by giving out his wealth to encourage social justice and human rights progress.


In 1993, Mr. Gleitsman gave his first Gleitsman International Activist Award to Mr. WEI Jingsheng of China, and Mr. Nelson MANDELA of South Africa.  After Mr. Wei's exile to the United States, Mr. Gleitsman became a board member of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation.  The Wei Jingsheng Foundation mourns the loss of Alan and expresses its condolence to his family.


The following is a letter written by the Foundation's Executive Director, Huang Ciping (and signed also by Wei Jingsheng, the President) that was delivered to Alan's 29 years long companion, Ms. Cheri Rosche.


  __  __  __


June 15, 2006


Dear Cheri,


Please accept our deepest sorrow upon learning of the news about Alan from you.  Thank you for informing us.


We also want to apologize for this late communication because our schedules left us unable to check Wei Jingsheng's e-mail account in a timely way -- he took back-to-back trips for over a month now, first to LA (mid May), then Europe, then New Zealand.  He just came back to the States two days ago.


Here, we are mourning the loss of Alan with you, a best friend to us and a sincere man who really cared about so many others.  Of all the people we have known, we were very fortunate to know Alan well, the very Alan Gleitsman who cared about social justice and international progress as a whole.  To us, Alan has been the one who showed most of his caring and sincerity to China's progress, and to Wei Jingsheng himself, in close-up and personal way.  I am still remembering vividly his phone calls, including his "demand" to make sure Wei has good health, including eating his pills regularly.  Every board meeting we have, he was always the one who answered first and participated fully.  Now he has left, but his words still ring in my ears.  Both Wei and I want to express our gratitude to you and Alan, thank you so much for all these years of support and help!


In particular, Wei always said that the Gleitsman International Activist Award he received in 1993 is the first major international award he received while he was in China when he was less well known to the outside world and before he received dozens of other awards.  Each award is of great value and honor, yet Gleitsman Foundation's award brought Wei Jingsheng international recognition and enforced the bridge to champion for Chinese human rights from outside of China.  The award money Wei received also helped Wei greatly for his democracy work.  Indeed, Alan did an exceptional work by honoring Wei as the first Gleitsman Foundation's International Activist awardee, which Wei always treated as an encouragement to all the Chinese who stood for freedom and democracy.  This is the honor he holds dearly...


Yet, coming back to reality, there are no words to describe our shocked feeling at this moment. We have a sense of the loss, not just to Wei, to us, to the Wei Jingsheng Foundation which Alan has been instrumental, but also to all the Chinese people who might not know him in person, but received the benefit from his caring and his championing internationally.  Nevertheless, at this moment, we know that you are the one suffered most of this lost.  We know that the words are not enough to describe this loss, to overcome this loss, but we still want to let you know that you and your family are all in our thoughts at this very difficult time. 


As for myself, I feel very fortunate that finally I was able to meet both you and Alan and enjoy the wonderful dinner you treated us together just two months ago.  Back in February, Alan sent me several e-mails and made a few phone calls to make sure we would meet.  I feel very fortunate that his determination and suggestion worked finally, because I was a little confused with our schedules then.  Although I had just came off the airplane that day and was a little dis-oriented myself, I surely enjoyed all the talk and Wei was very happy to see Alan and you again as well (he always told me how he ran over the post/fence at your home during his earlier visit and Alan forgave him).  It was such a beautiful spring day that the second day, I even talked to Wei as should we bother to call you and get you together to see the cherry blossoms by the Potomac river, or let you have some rest on your own schedule...  You know how sorry we were for being tied up in that traffic that day and made you wait.  And I still fondly remember, during the dinner, all the questions Alan had for Wei and the very cute way he "played" with that fancy rice bowl.  These details make me feel we are very close and that was indeed a great enjoyable dinner.


After that dinner, Wei and I talked a little more and thought Alan could really be instrumental to get more involved with our work and play an even bigger part for the progress of Chinese human rights and democracy movement.


That day, with limited time, I felt inadequate and short of time to make enough communication.  So when on May 9 my article about the Chinese economy got published in Germany's largest business newspaper Handelsblatt prior to the German chancellor's visit to China, I immediately sent Alan a copy the following day, for it explains well of the thoughts of both Wei and myself.  I was a little surprised that he did not send me back an e-mail (to this e-mail account of mine which I check much more regularly) as timely as he usually does, although I do know you take vacations often.


I just did not realize it was such a far away vacation...


I didn't know that Alan departed from that beautiful coastal part of Southern France, where Wei and I have driven by a few times (but always in a hurry) and joked that we will be vacationing there for a longer time in a spring day when we are able someday.  I am sure that Alan has enjoyed the same scenery (and good food!) as we do especially with you, your love and your grand daughter at his side at that fateful time...  Thank you for letting us know where he was buried; to be surrounded by his loved ones.  Thank you for letting us know the fate of the Gleitsman Foundation.  Although we will not see Alan again, we retain the memory of him dearly.


May Alan rest in peace.


Our thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family.  Please take care of yourself at this very time of loss.  Please extend our sympathy to the rest of the family.


As always, with our love to you and Alan


-- Ciping HUANG (and WEI, Jingsheng)



  __  __  __


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A215-W106



Release Date: June 18, 2006



Topic: The Wei Jingsheng Foundation Mourns the Loss of its board member, Mr. Alan Gleitsman (and the Condolence Letter)

标题: 魏京生基金会就其董事会成员艾伦﹒格莱斯曼的去世表示沉痛悼念(及写给格莱斯曼多年的伴侣茹西女士的信)


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)










2006年5月,艾伦﹒格莱斯曼先生(Alan Gleitsman)在法国南部旅行时因心脏病突发,于5月19日病逝于摩纳哥。终年76岁。






以下为黄慈萍写给艾伦29年来的伴侣雪瑞﹒茹西(Cheri Rosche)的慰问信。魏京生先生也在信上签了名。

  __  __  __








在此,我们和您一起为失去艾伦而深感哀痛。艾伦是我们的亲密好友,他有一颗关爱他人的真诚热心。在我们所结识的人中间,艾伦对我们来说太珍贵了,这个关注社会公正和全球整体的进展的艾伦. 格莱斯曼。我们知道,艾伦一直是最关心中国民主进程的人之一。对魏京生先生,他在公众和私下场合都給于很多关爱。我仍然清楚地记得许多次他打电话来,劝告并"命令"魏京生注意身体,包括按时服用药物。每次董事会,他总是第一个回应,并从头至尾参加。现在,艾伦离开我们了,但他的话语仍然在我耳边萦绕。魏京生先生和我本人在此向您表示我们诚挚的感激,谢谢您们多年来对我们支持和帮助!


特别地,魏先生多次提起他于1993 年被授予的"格莱斯曼国际活动家奖"。这是他在被授予其他几十个不同奖励之前所授予的第一个国际大奖,当时他还在中国大陆,还不如现在那么知名。虽然每个奖励都有其巨大的价值与荣誉,但格莱斯曼基金会的奖励把魏京生带到了国际舞台,为中国人权的奋斗之路搭起了一座国际桥梁。那份奖金也对魏京生所作的民主工作有极大帮助。的确,艾伦把魏京生作为第一个格莱斯曼基金会国际活动家奖获奖人是一个远见卓识的举动,为此,魏京生他心里一直很为珍视,将之视为对所有为自由民主而战的中国人民的巨大鼓励。一个他很珍惜的荣誉。








那天时间短促,没有足够的机会和你们交谈得更深。所以在五月九日我关于中国经济的一篇文章, 在德国国务卿访问中国之前,发表在德国最大的商业日报Handesblatt 上后的第二天我立即给艾伦先生发去了一份英文稿,并表达了这是我和魏先生的一致看法。我有点奇怪没有接到他的回音,而通常他总是及时回复的。那时我想你们常外出度假,这次大概也是去远方度假去了。












-- 慈萍 ,魏京生















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