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Release Date: August 26, 2006



Topic: From Chen GuangCheng's Arrest to China's "Birth Control" Policy -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:从陈光诚被抓谈中国的“计划生育”政策 -- 魏京生


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From Chen GuangCheng's Arrest to China's "Birth Control" Policy

-- Wei Jingsheng



Recently both in China and around the world there have been many unusual events.  Sometimes it is not easy to see right away what has happened.  One recent event in China is Hu Jintao's effort to strike down the human rights movement -- to the extent of arresting a blind activist.  Blind Chen Guangcheng lives in Shandong province where he helps victims of injustice.  He was arrested because he criticized the local officials' crude ways of carrying out "family planning policies" and is waiting in detention for sentencing.  This blind activist had only done what the Chinese law encourages: expose officials who engage in illegal activities.  He was protecting none other than his fellow citizens rights.  Why could not "the harmonious politics" advocated by Hu Jintao tolerates him?


The simplest explanation is:  this so called "the harmonious politics" is of the same origin as Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping's one party dictatorship that defied both human and heavenly laws to massacre its citizens.  The Chinese Communist Party's idea of harmony is to get rid of all voices of opposing interests, leaving only one voice.  By eliminating all other competing weeds, only one flower will bloom.  During the Cultural Revolution the "eight model operas" were the model of this policy that made this policy the easiest to understand, they expounded on the thinking of one party dictatorship.  Hu Jintao's "harmonious politics" is no more than a makeover of Mao Zedong's "clearing poisonous weeds" and Deng Xiaoping's "eliminating spiritual contamination".  Of course, modern culture cares about wrapping, so in holding out with one party dictatorship the first prerequisite is that the packaging must be magnificent and in vogue -- this is a prerequisite to guarantee the salesman will succeed.  It is a prerequisite to guarantee the public will be deceived.  The politics packaging industry is, under dictatorships, always the most profitable industry.


Chen Guangcheng's "mistake" was opposing the Communist Party swindler's enormous profit.  As someone who is handicapped, Mr. Chen understands suffering and misery; he has a greater ability for sympathy than most.  Thus he made a "mistake" and spoke the truth.  In China's pragmatic society he is considered a fool, and indeed he is a fool.  If you try to bargain with a tiger to lend you his fur and claws, who would not consider you a fool?  The Communist Party's lower level officials big source of income is from this "family planning policy".  If you touched someone's hide, and exposed the crime of someone's claws, then this is certainly the first reason you find yourself in a deadly trap.


Since the suffering of the 1960s and 1970s starvation period, the Chinese Communist Party has used an escape route to evade blame for the failure of its economic policies.  Then time Premier Zhou Enlai's hired writer provided leader Mao Zedong with a good excuse: Malthus's principle of population.  It thus created a ridiculous situation: on the one hand Marxism was used to criticize Ma Yinchu's population theory; on the other hand the responsibility for the food shortage was blamed on the citizens themselves -- saying they had given birth to too many children, resulting in a food shortage.  Among those Chinese lacking knowledge yet accustomed to a culture of bickering, this excuse successfully fooled the majority of the people.  This became China's "packaging industry's" most valuable success.  Mr. Chen Guangcheng laid bare their underbelly; it is no surprise the Chinese Communist Party mercilessly attacked Mr. Chen.  What swindlers fear most is someone exposing their lies, if you expose someone's weakness, how could he keep you around?


This case is unusual because usually when those who have exposed the Chinese Communist Party's other faults and thus been attacked, "the independent intellectuals" would have come in swarms to speak in their defense.  Especially for those with a bit of a name recognition, those who speak up for them are like hustlers, fiercely just like competing for business.  But it seems Mr. Chen's case has been left in the cold by "the independent intellectuals".  As I see it, it is probably because this case, although unjust, there is not much to be gained in supporting him.  This is the main reason that it carries no weight by the "the independent intellectuals" calculation.


Although unjust, there is not much to gain because the fraud propaganda of "family planning policy" has already been accepted by Chinese citizens and by the international community.  The cost of exposing this injustice is too high for these "independent intellectuals" to afford.  It is hard to criticize those who avoid such a challenge.  In the past several decades, those who are wrongly treated by family planning policies are not simply by tens millions.  These who want to cry out of this injustice are no less than tens millions as well.  Among those Chinese who applying for political asylum in the U.S. the largest group is those persecuted by family planning policies.  Why in China does such a large group of persecuted people so rarely receive sympathy?   This is related to incorrect theory that the Chinese Communist party has instilled in the Chinese people.  This sort of idea was popular in the West in 19th and 20th centuries -- to make human nature abstract with the so-called scientific thinking.  It gave birth to a number of monsters:  Marxism-Leninism, Fascism and Social Darwinism (including Malthus' population theory) were the most successful of such theories.  Their common ground is in putting aside human nature.  They take humans to be a screw in a theory or a mouse in the laboratory.


Using only scientific logic it is hard to refute such ideologies.  To refute such ideologies requires theories that incorporate human nature, such as humanitarianism and social pragmatism.  We common Chinese citizens see through the shiny paper and colorful ribbons to the hideous appearance of Marxism-Leninism -- most of all from experiencing generations of suffering, rather than through examining theory.  So the Chinese Communist Party rewraps and repackages their hideous theory, thus they are still able to fool and confuse the common citizen.  To enable everyone to see through the CCP's sophist magic tricks, to not fall for their tricks, to defend thousands upon thousands like Mr. Chen Guangcheng the same support in the effort to serve justice; and to expose the Chinese Communist Party's buy in the United Nations, I am going to spend some time discussing with everyone China's population problems in the future.



(Written in on July 20, 2006.  Partially broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.  The Wei Jingsheng Foundation is responsible for the accuracy of this version of the English translation.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A224-W115



Release Date: August 26, 2006



Topic: From Chen GuangCheng's Arrest to China's "Birth Control" Policy

-- Wei Jingsheng

标题:从陈光诚被抓谈中国的“计划生育”政策 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生



最近国际国内的怪事很多,有时候让人一下子看不大清楚。最近国内的一件怪事,就是胡锦涛打击维权运动无所不用其极。竟连一个瞎子也不放过。 山东有个好打抱不平的残疾人叫做陈光诚,因为对地方官员的野蛮计划生育政策有所批评,竟然也被抓到监狱里正等待被判刑。一个瞎子,做的又是法律所鼓励的揭发官员不法行为的事儿,保护的又是其他公民的合法权利,为什么就被胡锦涛的和谐政治容忍不了呢?最起码的解释就是:这个所谓的和谐政治,和毛泽东、邓小平屠杀百姓无法无天的一党专政是一脉相传的政治。共产党的和谐,就是要排除一切和他们利益不同的杂音,只有一种声音。清除一切和他们争夺利益的杂草,只有一花独放。文革时期的八个样板戏,就是最通俗易懂的样板,解释了一党专政的思维方式。胡锦涛的和谐政治,不过是毛泽东的清除毒草和邓小平的清楚精神污染的翻版而已。当然现代文明讲究包装,在坚持一党专制的前提下外表包装华丽时髦一些,是保证推销员成绩的前提。是保证大众被骗的前提。政治包装工业永远是利润最高的行业之一,在独裁政治下从来如此。




自从六七十年代的困难时期开始,中共就要为自己的经济政策的失败找个台阶下。周恩来手下的御用文人给毛泽东找到的一个好借口,就是马尔萨斯的人口论。于是就产生了一个可笑的情况: 一方面从马克思主义的角度批判马寅初的人口论; 一方面又把食品不足的责任推到老百姓身上,说是因为老百姓生孩子生多了所以不够吃。在中国人普遍缺乏知识又习惯于抬杠文化的环境中,这一套托词成功地欺骗了大部分的人。成为中国最有价值的包装工业成果之一。陈光诚先生去揭人家的皮,难怪中共要毫不留情地打击陈先生了。骗子最怕人揭短,你揭了人家的短人家能不整你吗?




虽冤而又含金量不高,是因为计划生育的欺骗性宣传,仍被广大中国民众和国际社会所接受。伸这个冤的成本太高,小本经营的独知们支付不起。知难而退也就无可厚非了。几十年来在计划生育这顶大帽子底下被冤枉的人,又何止千千万万! 想伸这个冤的人,又何止千千万万! 在美国申请政治避难最大的群体就是计划生育被迫害者。为什么在中国这么大的受迫害群体竟然很少受到同情呢?这和中共灌输给人们的错误理论有关。这种西方十九、二十世纪流行的、把人性抽象掉的所谓的科学思维方法,产生了好几个怪物:马列主义、法西斯主义和和社会达尔文主义(包括马尔萨斯人口论)是其中最成功的几个理论。他们的共同点就集中在没有人性,把人当成理论的螺丝钉或者实验













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