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Release Date: October 14, 2006



Topic: Petition to IOC President Mr. Jacques Rogge for Chinese Human Right



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)



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The Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition calls these people who support the Chinese human rights and democracy, as well as the spirit of the Olympic Games to pay attention to the 2008 Olympic Games, and sign on the following petition if it is possible.



Petition to IOC President Mr. Jacques Rogge for Chinese Human Right

-- Gao Zhisheng, Guo Feixiong Legal Aid Team


                                        October, 2006


Respected International Olympic Committee President Mr. Jacques Rogge,




At this year's April meeting of the International Olympic Committee in Seoul, in discussing the 2008 Beijing Olympics, you expressed your attention to and hope for the human rights situation in China.  However, since that meeting, respect for human rights in China has worsened.


Today in China not only are all Chinese denied their constitutional rights, legal professionals and lawyers who work as rights defenders are even denied their human rights.  This past March, well-known rights defender blind Chen Guangcheng lost his freedom.  In August, when well-known lawyer Gao Zhisheng made special trip to offer legal support for Chen Guangcheng's court appearance in Shandong province, lawyer Gao also arrested.  In September, while attempting to provide Gao Zhisheng with legal aid, civil legal worker Guo Feixiong was also unjustly arrested.  These are just three typical cases of a series deterioration of human rights in the past six months.


In China, Chen Guangcheng is well known for his work defending the disabled and farmers.  Attorney Gao Zhisheng has become widely know for his work protecting the freedom of belief of China's lower classes.  Guo Feixiong became a household name by defending Chinese farmers' right to vote and for coming up with the slogan "no violence, no bloodshed, no enemies."  The human rights and civil rights that these three defend are all clearly spelled out in the China's constitution, written in China's laws.  But, when someone tries to uphold those laws, to defend them, that person is attacked and persecuted.  Attorney Gao Zhisheng's law firm was forced to close first. Thereafter he was taken into custody.  Mr. Guo Feixiong has also been in prison a number of times, he has been beaten and interrogated while tortured, and he had been on a hunger strike without food and water.


As his defense lawyers encountered unjustified arrests, Chen Guangcheng was tried and sentenced.  Prior to these two rights defenders, many human rights attorneys met with persecution and arrest including Zheng Enchong, Yang Zaixin, Guo Guoting...a whole string of names.


Now, there are less than two years before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  The Chinese government is already preparing an illusion of peace and prosperity to mislead visitors.  In preparation, they felt that the voices critical of the government need to be crushed.  That is exactly why they are in large scale suppression on the right defending movement in China.  They are anxious to crush Chen Guangcheng, Gao Zhisheng, and Guo Feixiong in an effort to intimidate others so they wont step forward.


In this new round of suppression foreign media have not escaped; such a crack down has not been seen for many years.  The extensive protests received last month in the announcement of "Management Measures" targeting at the foreign press agencies is an example.  This demonstrates that the suppression of China's well-known rights defenders Chen Guangcheng, Gao Zhisheng, and Guo Feixiong is only one part of a larger plan.  We could call the plan the "Pre-2008 Beijing Olympics Cleansing."


We of course welcome social harmony in China, and we will be glad to see China peaceful and prosperous.  Furthermore, we are not unconditionally opposed to Beijiing hosting the Olympics.  But the 2008 Beijing Olympics must abide by the Olympic spirit.  They must abide by the introductory section of the Olympic Constitution related to not violating the commonly recognized human rights of those with differing political or religious views.  Thus, the "harmony" of the Beijing Olympics must not come at the cost of depriving the Chinese people of their human rights, nor at the cost of cowing the rights defenders into silence.


We remember clearly the year when Beijing was chosen -- the whole world had doubts. We remember clearly that in order to be chosen for the Olympics, Beijing vowed to improve its record.  We still remember clearly the International Olympic Committee's previous president Juan Antonio Samaranch as well as you and many friends hope for China to improve its human rights record.   Five years have passed.  How much has the human rights situation in China actually improved?   Are not the recent arrests of Chen Guangcheng, Gao Zhisheng, and Guo Feixiong a clear indicator?


Mr. Rogge:  We paid attention, the international Olympic Committee's prior president Juan Antonio Samaranch mentioned many times that the 1988 Seoul Olympics was a turning point in South Korea's history.  We paid attention, at this year's Seoul meeting you proudly brought up the worldwide success of the International Olympic Committee's 30-year boycott of South Africa's apartheid.  Also at this meeting you clearly expressed that the Olympic Committee's purpose is to see respect for human rights.  It is for this reason that we are writing to you.


We fully understand that the International Olympic Committee is not a political organization, nor a human rights organization; but according to the Olympic charter's expressed goals of promoting and defending humanitarianism and furthering harmony, we believe the International Olympic Committee is obligated to press the Chinese government to realistically fulfill the promise to improve human rights that it made when applying for the Olympics.  We believe the committee is obliged to reflect on the lesson learned from the 1936 Olympics held in Nazi Germany.  We believe the committee is obliged to, as the countdown to the 2008 Beijing Olympics has already begun, to work constructively for the release of Chinese rights defender leaders Chen Guangcheng, Gao Zhisheng, and Guo Feixiong, as well as Independent Chinese Pen's members Li Hong, Zhang Lin, Yang Tianshui, Shi Tao, and dissidents Chen Shuqing, Xu Wanping, and all other political prisoners, prisoners of conscience, and religious prisoners,


We hope the International Olympic Committee will be as attentive to human rights in China today as it was to South Africa's human rights situation at that time.


We look forward to your response.


Gao Zhisheng, Guo Feixiong Legal Aid Team. (written by: Gao Han)


Signed by:


001 Wei Jingsheng

002 Hu Jia

003 Guo Luoji

004 Fang Yafeng

005 Yuan Hongbing

006 Chen Qitang

007 He Weihua

008 Wang Dan

009 Li Guotao

010 Wang Juntao


011 Ren Wanding

012 Hu Ping

013 Sun Wenguang

014 Mo Li

015 Tang Jingling

016 Xu Wenli

017 Zhao Xin

018 Wu Renhua

019 Yang Zaixin

020 Huang Xiang


021 Gao Han

022 Deng Huanwu

023 Zhang Guoting

024 Wu Zhongli

025 Liu Yinquan

026 Tao Jun

027 Wang Chaohua

028 Deng Yongliang

029 Huang Ciping

030 Lu Gengsong


031 Zhang Ling

032 Guo Shaokun

033 Fu Zhengming

034 Liu Yiming

035 Cai Chongguo

036 Yan ZhengXue

037 Qin Jin

038 Shen Jizhong

039 Huang Heqing

040 Dai Xuewu


041 Guo Guoting

042 Dai Xuezhong

043 Wu Yishan

044 Yang Henqing

045 Kang Zhengguo

046 Xu Gaojin

047 Yu Zhiguan

048 Li Changyu

049 Zhang Weiguo

050 Zhang Jiayan


051 Cary Hung

... ...


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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A235-O59



Release Date: October 14, 2006



Topic: Petition to IOC President Mr. Jacques Rogge for Chinese Human Right



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 高智晟、郭飞熊法律后援团











































001 魏京生:中国民主运动联席会议主席;美国华盛顿特区

002 胡 佳:维权志愿者;北京

003 郭罗基:哈佛大学法学院资深研究员;美国波士顿

004 范亚峰:法学学者,中国社科院;北京

005 袁红冰:法学教授,《自由圣火》主编

006 陈启棠:维权志愿者;广东佛山

007 贺伟华:维权志愿者;湖南衡阳

008 王 丹:中国宪政协进会主席、哈佛大学历史系博士候选人;美国洛杉矶

009 李国涛:自由撰稿人;上海

010 王军涛:中国宪政协进会秘书长、科伦比亚大学政治学博士;美国纽约


011 任畹町:政论家;北京

012 胡 平:政论家,《北京之春》主编;美国纽约

013 孙文广:教授;山东大学

014 茉 莉:作家,政治流亡者;瑞典

015 唐荆陵:律师;广州

016 徐文立:中国民主党流亡党部主席;美国罗得岛

017 赵 昕:维权志愿者;北京

018 吴仁华:《新闻自由导报》主编;美国洛杉矶

019 杨在新:律师;广西

020 黄 翔:诗人,作家;美国匹茨堡


021 高 寒:政论家,《中国之路》主编,政治流亡者;美国纽约

022 邓焕武:维权志愿者;重庆

023 张国亭:维权志愿者,政治流亡者;丹麦

024 武中立:维权志愿者;重庆

025 刘因全:中国社会民主党秘书长;美国洛杉矶

026 陶 君:诗人;广东佛山

027 王超华:学者;美国纽约

028 邓永亮:维权志愿者;西安

029 黄慈萍:中国民主运动联席会议秘书长;美国华盛顿特区

030 吕耿松:维权志愿者;浙江


031 张 玲:诗人,大学职员;美国匹茨堡

032 郭少坤:维权志愿者;徐州

033 傅正明:学者;瑞典

034 刘逸明:作家;湖北

035 蔡崇国:工运人士;法国

036 严正学:画家,作家;北京

037 秦 晋:自由撰稿人;澳大利亚

038 沈继忠:维权志愿者;上海

039 黄河清:诗人;荷兰

040 戴学武:维权志愿者;上海


041 郭国汀:人权律师;加拿大

042 戴学忠:维权志愿者;上海

043 武宜三:自由寫作;香港

044 杨勤恒:维权志愿者;上海

045 康正果:教师;美国

046 徐高金:维权志愿者;江西

047 喻智官:自由撰稿人;爱尔兰

048 李昌玉:作家,摄影师;山东

049 张伟国:美国;《动向》主编

050 张嘉谚:作家;贵州


051 洪哲胜:《民主论坛》主编;美国纽约

... ...







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