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Release Date: November 11, 2006



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Foundation Hold Democratic Free Asia Leaders Conference in the US Capitol, Asia Democracy Alliance Established



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation Hold Democratic Free Asia Leaders Conference in the US Capitol, Asia Democracy Alliance Established



On September 19, 1:00pm, with the help from Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the US Democratic Party, the Wei Jingsheng Foundation held the Democratic Free Asia Leaders Conference in the U.S. Capitol main building conference room HC-9.  At the press conference, leaders for Asia democracy and freedom announce the establishment of the Asia Democracy Alliance (ADA) and to answer attendee's questions.  Participants of the conference came from across the U.S. and around the world, including: Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition chairman, Wei Jingsheng, Free China Movement Foundation chairman Ye Ning, executive director of Formosan Association for Public Affairs Chen Wen-yen, Ph.D., Tibetan Association in USA chairman Karma Gyaltsok, RANGZEN ALLIANCE -- World Council of Tibetans for an Independent Tibet spokesperson Jamyang Norbu, Mongolian People's Party chairman Shibtsood Temtselt, and the International Committee for Freedom to Support The Non-Violent Movement For Human Rights In Vietnam chairman Dr. Quan Ngyuen, etc.


Many attended and expressed congratulations and attentions including offices of US Congressional members, as well as diplomatic officials from other Western democratic countries.


Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition chairman Wei Jingsheng announced at the press conference the founding of the "Asia Democracy Alliance (ADA)."


Wei Jingsheng pointed out that under the pressure of the Chinese Communist Party, friends among all countries and ethnic background have actually already been working together for many years.  But this cooperation has been disturbed and interfered from varies sides, there are attacks from the CCP, but there is also interference from internal disagreements.  This time there were originally several groups of friends who have been oppressed by the CCP including:  Mainland Chinese, Taiwanese, Uyghurs, Tibetans, Mongolians who would join together, we overcame disputes on many subjects, censure, with interference from the CCP.  It is regrettable that still an unexpected incident occurred.  The recognized world leader of the Uyghurs, World Uyghur Congress Secretary-General Dolkun Isa was detained at the airport and then sent back to Germany.  The reason is not clear, but for sure the CCP has slandered or framed.  So this time we do not have this representative for the Uyghurs to sign on the Asian Democracy Alliance.


Mr. Wei said, "The Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, as well as those from Taiwan, Tibet, and Mongolia and other leaders for democracy and freedom in Asia, after the previous day of discussion meeting summarized past experiences and lessons to form into our common guiding principles.  These principles will guide our next step of this long-term effort.  In addition, we gain wider support from friends of other countries.  Establishing this alliance will push for the democracy process in Asia."


Long time human rights supporter, Congressman Frank Wolf came to the conference to congratulate.  He said, "I am glad to see those groups that have been persecuted by the Chinese Communists Party unite, and to work together toward democracy and freedom for China."


He expressed, "When the situation is not up, and things are not going well, think back to 1986.  At that time most people did not think the Berlin Wall would fall, but the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.  So as long as you work closely together, and continue to work with dedication, the Chinese Communist Party will either to change, or to fall, I trust that within my lifetime I will see a democratic and free China."


During the press conference, the Mongolian People's Party chairman, Shibtsood Temtselt, said, "The CCP in Inner Mongolia has put in place brutal colonial rule of immigration, and now the Mongolian people have become a minority on their own land.  We are like the Native Americans, but the Native Americans still have reservations preserved by the U.S. government.  But we on our own land have great difficulty surviving.  Our goal is clear:  we demand independence.  The reason we want independence is because we want to live on.  We want to live on our own land, to continue life like a human with dignity.  That way we will be able to maintain our culture, maintain our grasslands.  The Chinese Communists has destroyed our grasslands, the whole world knows about the sand storms in northern China.  Our ethnic culture will also soon be swept away.  I hope everyone will pay attention to our situation, support us, and understand us."


World Council of Tibetans for an Independent Tibet spokesperson Jamyang Norbu said, "The establishment of the alliance is not only because the concept of liberty and democracy exist, rather it is for our Tibetan compatriots, those who in the past were suppressed by the Chinese troops for their thoughts of independence.  I hope Tibetans and other friends who have suffered under the Chinese Communists' suppression can step forward together, can join together, to strive for independence, democracy, and freedom.


Formosan Association for Public Affairs executive director Dr. Chen Wen-yen, International Committee for Freedom to Support The Non-Violent Movement For Human Rights In Vietnam chairman Dr. Quan Nguyen, and the Tibet Association in USA chairman Karma Gyaltsok all addressed the conference.


Big Reference chief-editor Li Hongkuan read out the Asia Democracy Alliance declaration, Wei Jingsheng Foundation board member Dr. Chen Xingyu read out the structure of the alliance.


In the U.S. Capitol building, the leaders of the five groups signed the written alliance agreement, officially declaring the establishment of the Asia Democracy Alliance.  Wei Jingsheng was elected as the first Chairman for the Alliance.


After the conference, during an interview Mr. Wei Jingsheng said, "The Alliance has been developing behind the scenes for years, but building an alliance is not that simple. Every ethnic group has its own interests, and its own opinions, so establishing the alliance officially is a major success.  In addition, the establishing of this alliance also has another important meaning, and that is there is a new rule of the game.  The Chinese Communist Party's rule is just whoever the strongest who decides, it is overbearing; through armed forces and violence it forces everyone to submit to its lead.  We want to establish a new rule: everyone can have different perspectives, different opinions, it is okay to dispute, but we can still tolerant and understand each other, compromise, and then unite and work together."


Mr. Wei Jingsheng expressed that the leaders of these organizations have been striving for many years.  "Everyone believes that the CCP has no hope, and that through our continued hard work, in addition to the Communist Party continuing to do evil, we are all certain it will collapse.  The Quit the Communist Party movement put together by The Epoch Times is an omen.  That so many people express willingness to quit the Communist Party -- in comparison with China more than ten years ago -- it is unimaginable.  That so many people are willing leave this party, then the Communist Party's one party rule is already beginning to crumble.  This is the clearest sign."



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3. Congressman Frank Wolf talks to the Chinese, Tibetan, Vietnamese and Mongolian leaders after his speech:



4. Mr. Wei Jingsheng receiving last interview after the press conference:



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(This release is based on the original report by the Epoch Times with minor editing and modifications.  The Wei Jingsheng Foundation hereby expresses its gratitude.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue Number: A243-W126



Release Date: November 11, 2006



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Foundation Hold Democratic Free Asia Leaders Conference in the US Capitol, Asia Democracy Alliance Established



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)











9月19日下午1:00,在美国民主党领袖南希佩罗西女士的帮助与安排下,魏京生基金会在美国国会主楼HC-9会议厅举行亚洲自由民主领袖会议,宣布成立“亚洲民主联盟”(Asia Democracy Alliance 英文简称 ADA) 并回答了与会者的提问。参加会议的来宾来自美国及世界各地, 有中国民主运动海外联席会议主席魏京生、自由中国运动基金会主席叶宁、台湾人公共事务会执行长陈文彦博士、全美西藏协会主席嘎玛加措、国际西藏独立运动协会发言人蒋拥罗布、蒙古人民党主席席海明,越南民主人权活动家等领袖人物,及其它国家的代表。




中国民主运动海外联席会议主席魏京生在新闻发布会上宣布 “亚洲民主联盟”(Asia Democracy Alliance 英文简称 ADA) 正式成立。


魏京生指出,在共产党的压迫下,各个民族的朋友们其实已经合作很多年了,但是这种合作受到来自很多方面的的干扰和破坏,有中共的破坏,也有内部不同意见的干扰。这次本来是受共产党压迫下的几个方面的朋友:包括中国大陆,台湾,新疆,西藏,蒙古,要团结在一起的,克服了许多方面的争论,非议,与中共的干扰,但是遗憾的是,仍然出了一个意外,新疆的领袖,维吾尔国民大会的总书记多力坤在机场上仍然被扣留,被送回了德国。原因尚不明,但肯定有中共的栽赃与诬蔑。所以这次没有维吾尔人的正式代表加入 “亚洲民主联盟”。




























我们坚决反对任何极权主义政权把反民主、反人权、反人道的极权制度强加于不同的民族与人民(包括中华民族) 的行为和图谋,在此,我们达成共同的、具有道义和法律约束力的共同原则:各地区民族与人民之间的矛盾与争端,只能在民主的框架中以和平、非暴力方式予以解决,坚决反对并永远废除任何使用武力、战争或以武力相威胁和讹诈的方式作为解决不同地区民族和人民的争端的手段与图谋,此一法律义务,世代尊重,不得破坏与违背。










1. 亚洲自由民主领袖会议代表在新闻发布会上:



2. 魏京生先生宣布“亚洲民主联盟”成立(从左至右:陈文彦、陈兴宇、魏京生、蒋拥罗布、席海明):



3. 美国国会议员沃尔夫到会祝贺,并在讲演后与中国、西藏、越南、蒙古的领袖们交谈:



4. 魏京生先生在会议结束时接受采访



5. 与会的部分代表在美国国会山上合影:












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