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Release Date: August 3, 2008



Topic: President Bush Meeting with Chinese dissidents Meant to Humiliate Chinese Communist Government, while BBC's Chinese Service Seems to be Cooperating with the Beijing Regime with Distorted, Faulty news (Special Interview of Wei Jingsheng)



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Statement by the Wei Jingsheng Foundation:


Since we met with President Bush in Whitehouse on July 29, BBC Chinese news service delivered the related report immediately with reversed description in one of its most important sentences, which subsequently influenced rest of the Chinese news media.  (link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/chinese/simp/hi/newsid_7530000/newsid_7532000/7532056.stm)  In its article, BBC claimed that, "according to the White House, 'While President Bush was meeting with Chinese Minister Yang, he dropped by to meet with the 5 Chinese activists'"


This is in direct conflict with the original English statement by the White House, which stated in its statement of Bush's meeting with the Chinese freedom activists, that: "President Bush also dropped by a meeting his National Security Advisor had this morning with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi." (link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/07/20080729-4.html)


Although Mr. Wei himself immediately wrote the BBC Chinese service a message in Chinese, and some of our friends also wrote similar messages in English to the BBC news, we have yet hear any responses, nor a correction on their news.


Did President Bush meet with the Chinese freedom activists and he also dropped by to meet Chinese Foreign Affair Minister Yang when Yang was in another meeting, as White House's statement said?  Or did "While President Bush was meeting with Chinese Minister Yang, he dropped by to meet with the 5 Chinese activists" as BBC Chinese service claimed in its well propagated Chinese version of the report?  We hope BBC knows what it is doing.


Considering the sentence the White House used in its statement of the meeting was in very simple English, yet the BBC has not responded to such a simple yet serious mistake, we really have a hard time comprehending.  We hope the BBC will correct its mistake as soon as it can.


-- Ciping Huang, Executive Director of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation

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Special interview with Mr. Wei Jingsheng:

President Bush Meeting with Chinese dissidents Meant to Humiliate Chinese Communist Government, while BBC's Chinese Service Seems to be Cooperating with the Beijing Regime with Distorted, Faulty news



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Radio Sound of Hope, Fu Ming and Ai Lin Interviewing and Reporting 


On July 29, right before the Beijing Olympics, U.S. President George W. Bush formally met with five oversea Chinese democracy and freedom activists at the White House.  President Bush expressed his concerns over various issues of human rights in China.  During a special interview, Mr. Wei Jingsheng, who was in the meeting, said that president Bush's meeting was to show the U.S. government's anger to the Chinese communist government, and was intended to humiliate the Chinese communist regime.  Yet the faulty news from the BBC's Chinese service is a very serious event appearing to cooperate with the Chinese communist regime.  Mr. Wei remarked that this is a very interesting contest, and, moreover, the contest will continue.


The following is Mr. Wei Jingsheng's talk on some details about the meeting with President George W. Bush. (Voice file) 


"The White House informed us very late the day before the meeting, about the arrangement to meet with us next morning.  So we rushed into the White House the next morning.  The first good thing, we all made it.  Rebiya Kadeer rushed back from Germany and arrived just on time.  Everyone is counted.  And we all went to the meeting.


"The arrangement by the White House that day was very interesting, it was to humiliate the Chinese foreign minister.  In recent months, the U.S. government had been showing polite gestures.  Bush said he would attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games.  It was hoped that the Chinese government would make some progress in human rights issues, including having dialogue with the Dalai Lama, releasing political prisoners, and stopping religious persecutions, like Falun Gong practitioners.  The contact between the U.S. government and Chinese government had been going on for several months, I knew about this process.


"It was reported that the Chinese government did not show any polite gesture in return and, what is worse, it acted very harshly.  Therefore, I feel that this meeting was specially arranged by the U. S. government to react to the Chinese communist government, intentionally to humiliate it.  That is why the White House issued a press release that propagated very far.  News media in several dozens of countries in the world used the White House press release. Usually, not that many news media would quote a press release from the White House. This time, many news organizations used it, because it is a very serious issue.  The U.S. government wanted to express its anger now.


"The whole process for the meeting was like this: formally meeting with us, then "dropping by" the meeting his National Security Advisor had with Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, to chat a few words.   I feel that the White House specially arranged this action.


"Of course, our meeting was to talk mainly about human rights.  I pointed out first that it is totally wrong for you (George W. Bush) to go to Beijing Olympics.  No matter how you explain it, once you go to Beijing, the Chinese communist government will interpret it as a support to the Beijing regime.  Therefore, it is totally mistake for you to go.  Now if you decided to go, I feel that you should talk democracy and human rights loudly and strongly once you get there.  You cannot let the Chinese people misunderstand you.  Bush replied that this issue put him in a dilemma.  His first words to me were that he knew I was against his trip to Beijing Olympics, but he was in a dilemma.  The U.S. - Sino relation at present time is not strong, but on the other hand, it is obviously wrong not to talk about human rights.  After careful consideration, he said that he will talk about human rights in Beijing, and will talk about it to Hu Jintao in person.  Several friends among us, like Rebiya and Huang Ciping, who is from the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, gave to him some lists of names of the persecuted people in China. I do not know the other's lists, but our list contains prisoners of conscience, such as political prisoners including dissidents, religious believers and Falun Gong practitioners.  Then we continued our talk.  At the end, I reminded Bush that when he goes to Beijing, he should not only talk about human rights to Hu Jintao, he should also let the whole Chinese people know.  He should talk to the news media. If ordinary people in China did not know what he had talked about, the misunderstanding would remain there that his visit to Beijing was to help the communist regime.  Bush said, don't worry.  He said while smiling, you need not to worry, we had some arrangement, there was a plan.  When we were to leave the church service, there would be many news media reporters, there would also be many people, I would talk loudly about democracy, about human rights, and about the values of freedom. 


"I said, 'go ahead do it'. We all agree that would be a good idea.  We all encouraged him. I feel that would not be sufficient.  I said he should talk to more news media, over and over again, about human rights, about the poor human rights record in China.  He nodded to all.  These were also included in the White House press release.


"A very important thing is that after our meeting, a very strong contest appeared. First, 20 minutes before we got back to our office, the White House had already released the news.  This news release is apparently humiliating Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi.  It talked formally about the meeting with us, with the whole content describing our talk, while Yang Jiechi is only mentioned as a sideline, that Bush "dropped by" a meeting between (his National Security Adviser Stephen) Hadley and (visiting Chinese Foreign Minister) Yang Jiechi.  This news release immediately sparked reactions and raised some complicated issues.  Immediately, the Chinese service of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) totally reversed the news description, making up a news release in Chinese that was adapted by many Chinese news media.  Then the Chinese government issued a news release that implied that George W. Bush formally met with Yang Jiechi, while not mentioning anything else.  It appears that the Chinese government knew the whole story and knew the "dropped by" action was apparently humiliating, but they are trying to cover up the facts.


"The main point for Chinese communist government is to save face, by inviting Bush to the Beijing Olympics.  This time, President George W. Bush refused to give in.  Instead, Bush insisted on humiliating the Chinese communist government.  This is beyond normal diplomatic formality, unless one side is intending to humiliate the other.  Therefore, the Chinese communist government wanted to cover up the story.  You can find their version of news from the Xinhua News Network, which described only a meeting of Yang Jiechi by Bush.  Later on, the Beijing regime realized that there was a problem, because news released by the White House and us are spreading the truth very far and to many.  All the people already knew that Bush was meeting with us, not with Yang Jiechi.  Yang Jiechi was met only with a "dropping by".  So the Chinese government could not contain itself any more and did something unusual today, by issuing a statement to protest Bush's meeting with Chinese activists.  Today's protest is equally admitting that the Chinese government made a faulty news report yesterday.


"This is getting very interesting now.  This is not a simple meeting, but rather an important contest against the Chinese communist regime.  We are helping the U.S. government, while the U.S. government, the Bush administration, is also helping us with our struggle for human rights in China.  Therefore I feel this contest is interesting.  This contest is far from over.  The news media contest is still going on these days.  Some Chinese news media, including BBC's Chinese service, are cooperating with the Chinese communist regime and issuing faked news and distorting the truth.  These cases are very serious."



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(The Wei Jingsheng Foundation is responsible for this version of the English translation.  We thank the reporters Fu Ming and Ai Lin of Sound of Hope.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A398-W212



Release Date: August 3, 2008



Topic: President Bush Meeting with Chinese dissidents Meant to Humiliate Chinese Communist Government, while BBC's Chinese Service Seems to be Cooperating with the Beijing Regime with Distorted, Faulty news (Special Interview of Wei Jingsheng)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese at the end)










自从我们受邀于7月29日去白宫与美国总统布什见面后,英国广播公司BBC的中文网立即发表了一个极有影响且有严重错误的假消息。相关文中声称白宫说:“白宫表示,布什是在会见中国外长杨洁篪以及国家安全顾问哈德利之间"顺便会见了"5位中国自由活动人士。”。(相关BBC网页连接: http://news.bbc.co.uk/chinese/simp/hi/newsid_7530000/newsid_7532000/7532056.stm)这与白宫自己的相关声明刚好相反。(相关白宫网页连接: http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/07/20080729-4.html)






-- 魏京生基金会执行主任 黄慈萍

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2008年7月30日 星期三







去了以后,实际上那天白宫的安排是一个很有意思的安排,就是要羞辱一下中国的外长。 原因实际上就是说最近几个月以来美国政府一直摆出一副友好的姿态:布什说去参加奥运开幕式,然后希望中国在人权方面做一个让步,包括跟达赖喇嘛谈判,包括释放政治犯,包括停止镇压宗教,法轮功信徒等等。谈了好几个月,这个过程我都知道。




















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