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Release Date: October 1, 2008



Topic: Wei Jingsheng's Open Letter to Der Deutscher Bundestag (National Parliament of Germany) Regarding the Recent Incident at Deutsche Welle (the German Wave)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)



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Wei Jingsheng's Open Letter to Der Deutscher Bundestag (National Parliament of Germany) Regarding the Recent Incident at Deutsche Welle (the German Wave)



Respectful members of the German Parliament,


The Deutsche Welle (the German Wave) is a broadcasting station fully funded by the country of Germany.  Yet, we have learned recently that not only do the Chinese programs broadcast by Deutsche Welle lack attention to Chinese human rights, but also the station even employed a pro-CCP (Chinese Communist Party) person as editor, who would defend Chinese human rights abuses for the Chinese Communist Party. 


1. In many countries, there are directly funded broadcasts to other countries.  The purpose of these broadcasts is to introduce the political, economic and cultural lives of these countries, as well as propagate the ideologies of these countries.  Just like other similar broadcasting services in Europe and America, the Deutsche Welle were born a half century ago as a declaration of democracy against dictatorship.  Therefore, Deutsche Welle (DW), Radio France Internationale (RFI), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and Voice of America (VOA) became the important windows for the democratic world to propagate information to the dictatorial countries.  These broadcasting services made incalculable contributions to the peaceful revolutions in the Eastern Europe in 1989.  People will never forget that it was you who gave moral support and spiritual encouragement to the people of Eastern Europe during the most difficult time of dictatorial rule, and thus enabled them to crush the dictatorship, walking toward democracy.


2. Very unfortunately, with the ease of the Cold War, especially the development of economic globalization, some politicians and business enterprises of the democratic countries have given up the political and moral support to the people of the developing countries (especially the dictatorial countries), for their short-term economic benefits.  Reviewing the programs at DW, RFI, BBC, VOA, even RFA (Radio Free Asia) in these years has often made me disappointed and angry.  Some people willingfully support the idea of "economic exchanges to bring political reforms".  They are even willing to accommodate dictatorial governments in an effort to maintain association with these governments, and thus take a low-key treatment of the human rights abuses by them. This approach severely damaged the Chinese people's confidence for human rights and freedom.


3. Nowadays, the Chinese Communist Party has stepped up its human rights abuses.  This increase is already sufficient to prove that the theory of "economic exchanges to bring political reforms" is totally wrong.  "To exchange" with the CCP dictatorial government has in fact pushed the CCP to be even more dictatorial, and thus to suppress the Chinese people unbridled.  The CCP has been putting the wealth it controls into its armaments to threaten the peace in Asia on the one hand, while on the other hand to play "diplomacy of business orders" in an effort to prevent democratic societies to condemn its tyranny against its people.  The CCP uses hundreds of thousands of Internet police for information blockage.  Furthermore, the CCP invested a great deal of money to seal or buy out overseas Chinese media in various forms.  So this "Zhang DanHong incident" at Deutche Welle is not an accidental incident, but a big exposure of how the CCP has infiltrated the media.  After it was reported by the German news media, the CCP promoted an Internet protest movement to fan up Chinese' nationalism against the West.  This is a very dangerous omen.  After 60 years of dictatorship by the CCP, social conflict has been increased to such a degree that even the CCP itself has totally given up communism, so only nationalism becomes the open spiritual weapon for the CCP to use.  The CCP wants to use nationalism to shift the focus of the Chinese people, in an effort to reduce the social conflict that could explode any time inside of China.  People should remember what deep disaster nationalism brought to the world during World War II.  Now this disastrous bomb is in the hand of the CCP.  And just like before World War II, it has received support by some Western politicians.  


4. We have never given hope to a dictatorial government.  We put our hope on the shoulders of the Chinese people.  However, just like that peaceful revolution in the Eastern Europe, without the wakening of the Chinese people, without the support of the international society, the Chinese Communist government would not make any political compromises.  Thus, the Chinese will not be able to peacefully realize democracy and human rights.  Therefore, we need more importance placed on the voice of the international society to the Chinese democracy and human rights movement.  The theory and experience of human rights and democracy should be the main theme of the international Chinese broadcasting services and Internet websites.  Unfortunately, Deutche Welle, Radio France Internationale, British Broadcasting Corporation, Voice of America, and Radio Free Asia have done far less than enough.  In particular, Deutche Welle, as an organization fully supported by German taxpayers, went the wrong way.  It was supposed that the Chinese people could hear more truthful information from this radio, in an effort to supplement the lack of information and errors due to the blockage by the Chinese Communist Party.  But the reality is that, the Chinese government heard distorted voice, a voice in defending the CCP's tyranny, a voice that was helping the Chinese government to block information and betray its audience, a voice making the Chinese audience to think that the country of Germany is in support of the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party.


German Parliament must give full attention to this "Zhang DanHong incident" in Deutche Welle and give a throughfully investigation of the related personnel and adjust the Chinese broadcasting programs at Deutche Welle as well.  Both program arrangements and personnel arrangements must take the principle of promoting Chinese democracy and human rights, with the purpose of being to supplement of the blocked information by the CCP, instead of being a repeat and supplement of the false propaganda of the CCP.  Hereby, I am also sincerely hoping that Deutche Welle could be waked up from this lesson, to assure that promoting human rights to be not only the guideline of the German constitution, but also the spirit of Deutche welle.  It would not just be beneficial to the Chinese for China to realize democracy, but also beneficial to all the people of the world.


Sincerely yours,



Wei Jingsheng

In Washington, DC


Cc: US Congress and National Assembly of France



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A413-W223



Release Date: October 1, 2008



Topic: Wei Jingsheng's Open Letter to Der Deutscher Bundestag (National Parliament of Germany) Regarding the Recent Incident at Deutsche Welle (the German Wave)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)


















二、 但是非常遗憾,随着冷战的缓解,尤其是随着经济全球化的发展,一些民主国家的政治家和企业家们,为了眼前的经济利益而放弃或减弱了对发展中国家、尤其是对专制国家的人民在政治上和道义上的支持。纵观这些年来“德国之声”、“法国国际广播电台”、“英国广播公司”、“美国之音”甚至“自由亚洲电台” 的节目内容,时常使我失望和气愤。有些人自作多情地主张 “经济交流带动政治改革”,甚至为了保持与专制政府的联系,而不惜迁就专制政权。对专制政权践踏人权的行径低调处理。严重的伤害了中国人民争取人权和自由的信心。


三、 现在中共政权对人权的践踏越来越加剧。这充分证明,所谓“经济交流带动政治改革”的理论已经彻底破产。与中共专制政权的“交流”,事实上推动了中共更加专制化,使中共更加肆无忌惮地镇压中国人民。中共利用其所掌握的财富,以巨大的资金投入军备而威胁亚洲和平;以“订单外交”来阻止民主社会对中共暴政的谴责。他们雇用几十万网警来封锁互联网。更有甚者,他们投入巨大的资金,以各种形式封杀或收买海外的华文媒体。所以“德国之声”的张丹红事件不是一次偶然的事件,是中共渗透媒体的一次大暴露。在事件被德国媒体《焦点》揭露后,中共就掀起一场网上抗议运动,以民族主义情绪来煽动中国人对西方的仇视情绪。这是一种非常危险的征兆。经历中共60年的暴政,社会矛盾和社会冲突不断加剧,所谓“共产主义”连中共自己都已经完全抛弃。于是民族主义就成为中共唯一可以利用的精神武器,以此来转移中国人民视线,减缓国内随时都可能爆发的社会冲突。人们应当还记得,第二次世界大战中民族主义曾经给世界带来多么深重的灾难。现在这一灾难性的炸弹就掌握在中共手上,并和二次大战前一样,得到一些西方政要的支持。


四、 我们从来没有对一个专制政权寄予希望,我们把希望寄托在中国人民的身上。就像东欧的那场和平革命一样,没有中国人民的觉醒;没有国际社会的声援与支持,中共政权不可能做出任何政治让步。中国也不可能和平地实现民主与人权。因此我们更感到国际社会的声音对中国的民主与人权运动的重要性。人权与民主的理论和经验,应当成为国际中文广播和中文网站的主题。非常遗憾的是,“德国之声”、“法国国际广播电台”、“英国广播公司”、“美国之音”、“自由亚洲”等做得非常不够。尤其是“德国之声”电台,靠德国纳税人的钱来供养的机构,本以为中国人能从中听到更多真实的信息,以便补充因为共产党的封锁而造成的信息不足和偏差。但事实结果是,中国听众听到的仍然是变了味儿的声音,是替共产党暴政的辩解,是在帮助中国政府封锁信息。并且使中国听众误以为德国在支持中共的暴政。


















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