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Release Date: October 5, 2008



Topic: Tainted Milk Powder and Political Reform in China  -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:毒奶粉和政治改革 -- 魏京生


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Tainted Milk Powder and Political Reform in China 

-- Wei Jingsheng (Written on September 25, 2008.  Recorded on September 26, 2008.)



The tainted milk powder case in China is expanding.  The list of dairy products which have problems grows longer and longer.  According to reports, there is almost 8,000 tons of milk powder taken off store shelves already.  Not only inside China, but the whole international society has reacted strongly to the tainted milk powder.  After the developed countries of Europe and America, many countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have also forbidden the import of Chinese dairy products.  Although the US had always prohibited the import of Chinese dairy products, the government still warned its people that some stores which import Chinese goods may still sell Chinese dairy products illegally, and thus advise consumers to be cautious.


This tainted milk powder incidents have damaged the reputation of the Chinese goods more than any previous incident of faulty and faked products.  Even WHO and UNICEF have put out statements that demand to investigate the causes thoroughly.  Much criticism points to the information blockage system in China, suggesting the incident is a replay of the SARS incident a few years ago.  There are even reports that the Chinese government hid the truth for several months due to Beijing Olympics, thus causing harm to more babies.


These reports sound hard to be believed.  Yet, during the decades of the Chinese Communist Party's rule, this kind of hard-to-be-believed news has often proven to be true.  This fact has made people not believe any official news, and cost the Chinese society to fall into a crisis of trust.  Scholars and experts often use the words "trust crisis" and "confused minds", which make average folks confused.  As a matter of fact, these are the things happening around us and even on us.


One may shake the little red flag to support the Chinese Communist government while thinking that one has cheated the government and everyone else as well.  One may think that if one hid one's distrust of the government well, then the government would not be harmful to oneself.  But the tainted milk powder would not let your baby escape.  Various fakes, even poisonous food will catch you as well.  Ms. He QingLian said vividly: "This is the era that I am harmful to everyone and everyone is harming me."


People may think that cheating one's conscience would avoid being harmed, but the result is that everyone becomes the victim.  This kind of social system has been forcing people to cheat each other, in a way to survive.  On the surface it is the tainted milk powder that harmed people, but in reality it is the dictatorship that harmed people.  From the officials that blocked the information, to the social system that makes people lie, they are all the reasons to make disasters.  This is the true nature of the trust crisis.  This is the result of a social system that lacks mutual trust.


The SARS incident has made both the international news media and Chinese with breadth of vision to realize that the root reason responsible for disasters is the information blockage instead of the disease itself.  Even some Chinese officials with breath of vision realized that.  The modern medical situation could effectively control the spread of the disease.  But information blockage effectively helps the spread of the disease.


The tainted milk powder incident is very similar to SARS.  The truth gradually exposed has proven that tainting the milk powder intentionally is an open secret in the Chinese dairy industry.  Yet, it was covered by this dictatorial system.  Even when Chinese tainted pet food killed dogs and cats in America last year and thus importation was forbidden by the US government, the truth was still covered and even was labeled as "the American imperialism and Anti-China Conspiracy" in an effort to fan up extreme nationalism.


Did these "patriotic youths" ever realize that the sense of responsibility of "the American imperialism" to protect their pets far surpasses the sense of responsibility of the Chinese government to its own people?  You love the Chinese Communist Party, but the Chinese Communist Party does not love you.  Your children are harmed already, yet the propaganda organs of the Chinese Communist Party are still trying to dissolve this issue - it does not let you talk about the truth of the tainted milk powder, it blames the business and peasants while painting a pretty picture for the government.  This is the same situation as the time of SARS.


If people take in these lies and let the criminals pass again, there will be more disasters waiting for everyone.  For this reason, people with breadth of vision have been continuously calling and demanding the Chinese government to open free speech.  Not even for political reforms, but just for survival of the people, we need free press.  Otherwise, incidents like SARS and tainted milk powder will continue, cost the country without peace, and make the people hard to survive.  Nowadays in China, it is not safe everywhere, from drinks to food, even to breathe.  This kind of life should not be continued.


So we must have political reform, starting with the return of free speech to the people.


Whenever talk about political reform, many average folks think that it is an issue related to the officials.  But the incidents like SARS and the tainted milk powder repeatedly educate us that this is directly associated with us.  With the developing technology, the level of doing bad things have upgraded as well.  Without a modern political system to manager the society, disasters could come fast and hard, to such a degree that they could not be dealt with.  Political reform is not an issue that is unrelated to the average folks, for the modern social managing system is directly tied to the very survival of each of us.


A modern society must have a full modernization.  A crippled modernization may not be a good thing, but an even bigger disaster.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A415-W2224



Release Date: October 5, 2008



Topic: Tainted Milk Powder and Political Reform in China  -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:毒奶粉和政治改革 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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