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Release Date: October 11, 2008



Topic: The Chinese Communist Party Found a Problem in Defining Its Own Role -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:中共发现自己的角色定位有问题 -- 魏京生


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The Chinese Communist Party Found a Problem in Defining Its Own Role

-- Wei Jingsheng



The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took over China and established the People's Republic of China for almost 60 years.  Even its economic reform since 1978 is 30 years old now.  However, after nearly 60 years, the CCP just found out that there is a problem in defining its own role.  Is it not a huge joke?  But indeed it is so.


Recently, after a decision approved by layers of higher officials in the CCP, Xi JinPing, the second in line of the standing committee of the CCP politburo, published this joke at the opening ceremony of the CCP's Central Party School.  It was officially announced that the CCP has discovered that it is not a revolutionary party, but a ruling party.


Immediately, a gang of old and useless "professors and scholars" used some most fashionable words to accomplish their analysis.  They talked about "roles", "positions", "characters", browning their noses like the traditional intellectuals.  To summarize their contents, the boss must be right: the one with antlers is a horse instead of a deer, coal is white as snow.


As a matter of fact, how could the CCP not know if it is a ruling party or not?  Since the end of the 1940's from the time of Mao ZeDong, the official documents and official meetings had been continually discussing: "what to do after we start to rule, the position of ruling, the difficulty of ruling", etc.  The well known "sugar coated canons" by Mao ZeDong, speaks of the greater difficulty of managing a ruling party than a revolution party.  Now the CCP is repeating Mao's words in a way of their own invention.  Is not that teasing on their older generations?  We do not know if it is the older generation's lack of intelligence or the newer officers who are retarded.  At least the older ones recognized the problem.  To a normal person, all of these are like a big joke.


But to make a joke so serious is a little overdone, and not quite possible as well.  This kind of serious yet weird expression must have some real substance, and predict some sort of trend.  According to the consistent ways and conduct by the CCP, it is making a preparation for its next round of action and public opinion.  But because this generation is less than the last generation, so its rhetorical level is too low to maintain a "trustworthy lie" and thus produced this kind of joke.


So what action is behind this kind of preparation of public opinion?  We need to examine what is the biggest crisis that the CCP is running into, which induces them to try to solve it by making up a new set of theories.  This crisis is corruption plus autocracy that makes a group of people rapidly wealthy while the majority of people fall into survival crisis, thus gradually escalating the people's opposition determination and means.  Inside China, violent activities have gradually replaced the moderate actions of appeals and rights defense, which is forcing the country to gradually move towards civil war.


This kind of perspective has reached to a point that you could see even if your eyes are blindfolded.  The problem cannot be solved simply by playing ostrich anymore.  So what method could solve the problem?  The solution is democracy -- to let politics and all sort of activities happen under effective supervision, to let the people be the judge - this is the only legal way to solve these problems in the modern society.


But is the CCP willing?  Maybe the majority of party members are willing, but not the CCP leaders who got rich because of their power.  Thus within the CCP, the disparity has produced different classes just as in the society as a whole.  The central government is not even representing the popular will of the grass roots party members, not to mention the popular will of the whole country.  The recent case of Yang Jia attacking the police is an example.  The attack not only won cheers from the average folks, but also the support of grass roots CCP members.  The development of this kind of clash between classes both within CCP and outside of the CCP will evolve into a civil war.  It is indeed worrisome.


The bureaucratic capitalist class that does not want to have democracy, yet has gradually failed in its suppression, can only follow the old route of Mao Zedong: to kill the corrupted officials in massive numbers as an effort to ease the anger of the masses, then in addition to take the measure of faking democracy: to lie to the whole party, thus to cheat and suppress all the people of the country, in an effort to reach their goal of stabilizing one-party autocratic governing power.


More than a decade ago, there was some smart intellectual who already made such a suggestion to Jiang ZeMin.  Now the CCP has reached a point that a hungry man would take without choosing his food - it swallowed the whole thing.  It did not notice that was not a new invention.  You will realize that was indeed an old trick if you read through selected articles by Mao ZeDong.


Will this set be effective?  Examining CCP's own history you will find an answer.  Under the 27 years of Mao ZeDong's rule, the problems were not really solved, because the mass movement under one-party autocracy has no comparison to the supervision in a democratic system.  If Mao's tricks were effective, then there would have been no "economic reforms" by Deng XiaoPing.


Even if Hu Jintao and his clique were smarter than Mao ZeDong and Zhou EnLai, the result would still be pretty much the same.  This is not due to lack of effort, but due to the root characteristic problem of a system.  When the system is still the same, all the varieties have the same root.  A government of the minority could only serve the minority; it will not bear the fruit of a democratic system.


If one wants a democratic fruit, one must plant a democratic tree.  Besides this way, there is no other shortcut.  This new round of Mao ZeDong style anti-corruption could only end with a result more miserable than the Cultural Revolution.



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(Written and recorded on October 9, 2008.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A416-W225



Release Date: October 11, 2008



Topic: The Chinese Communist Party Found a Problem in Defining Its Own Role -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:中共发现自己的角色定位有问题 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生



中共建国将近60年了。1978年的改革开放到现在也30年了。经过了这60年的时间,中共才发现自己的角色定位有问题,这不是个天大的笑话吗?但确实如此,如假包换。最近经中共高层审批决策,由排名第二位的政治局常委习近平,在中央党校的开学典礼上发表了这个笑话: 正式宣布,中国共产党发现了其属性不是革命党,而是执政党。










这样的前景,已经到了遮住眼睛也看得见的地步。想当鸵鸟也当不成了,必须得到解决。那么有什么方法可以解决呢?那就是民主 -- 使政治和各种活动都处于有效的监督之下,由人民来作裁判,是现代社会解决这些问题的不二法门。

























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