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Release Date: May 30, 2010



Topic: The Way Out for China (Part X) -- Wei Jingsheng

标题: 《中国的出路》之十 -- 魏京生


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The Way Out for China, Part X

-- Wei Jingsheng



In the previous 9 sections, we have roughly talked about the advantages of a democratic politics, as well as some special characteristics of democratic politics that make it different from other political systems.  Some friends are not so satisfied and complained.  They said that I did not talk enough about human nature; that there are corruptions and some officials are rotten and selfish, etc.  That lack of discussion would influence people to accept a democratic system, due to your flattery which is not truthful, etc.


This kind of criticism is different from the jubilant hails by the newspaper of the Communist Party.  Initially, whenever the Chinese Communist Party observed the dark side of Western democracy, it would speak in high spirit and with the force of justice: see, how dark is the Western society!  Do you not see the goodness of socialism?  Although the Communist Party grabbed your property and raped your wives and daughters, it safeguarded your rights of living.  You should be deeply grateful, like the dogs and horses are thankful to their owners.


However, nowadays, the common Chinese do not believe that anymore.  Although they were lied to for many years, they still think they are human beings, instead of draft animals.  They are not satisfied with their bitter lives, while watching the Communist Party members enjoy their lives of luxury and debauchery.  So they insistently ask the Communist Party: why can't we enjoy the equality, freedom and prosperity you have talked about?  Why do people under your so-called "faked democracy in the West" enjoy them instead?  We would rather have a true "faked democracy", instead of your false "true democracy".


The old Chinese said: laws could not be forced on what the common people believe.  So even with enforced military police, the Chinese Communist Party is still unable to solve the issue of ideology with the general public.  So its tune to propagate the dark side of the West has changed.  Instead, the Communist Party says: Do you not see that they are just as corrupt as us?  What we have, they have too.  So what hope do you have?  Just behave yourselves and be a good slave as Karl Marx said.


Some friends' criticism is obviously more thoughtful.  They have been studying Western democracy for many years with all their hearts and have observed a lot of problems as well.  So they discovered that these problems are associated with some basic faults of human nature, such as selfishness, greed, cruelty, and cunning, etc.  As long as these things are in existence, there will be internal fights and mutual massacres within the human race.  To summarize, there will always be unhappiness, a lack of freedom, and imperfection, which is not the ideal "Christian" society, and thus just as undesirable as the Communist Party and all the dictatorial governments.  If it is undesirable, then it is just as well not to have it.  Thus, the reached conclusion is to tolerate it regardless what happens, and live in the imagined world of God.  This kind of corollary is exactly the main weapon for the "United Front Department" of the Chinese Communist Party to "harmonize" the overseas churches.  It is said that it was quite successful to achieve what the military police could not solve by the shaft of a pen.  This itself once again proved the historic experience of the Communist Party that "a shaft of a pen is more important than a shaft of gun".


The prerequisite for the propaganda of the Communist Party that confused people is the "perfectionism" since the May 4 movement in China.  In particular, after the Communist Party took over the power, the "perfectionism" has almost excluded all the other factions, with esteem as a primary goal.  Because the description of Communism indeed sounds almost perfect, to touch the not-so-perfect democracy against Communism is almost like throwing an egg against a rock.  So the emotional youths have been one-sidedly leaning in belief in Communism.  


Yet, reality has cruelly shattered these emotional youths' dreams.  Why?  This is because the prerequisite of that perfection of a religion is the perfection of human nature.  Yet, in reality, there does not exist the perfection of human nature.  Religion has dealt with this inconsistency for thousands of years; after all, the prophets themselves have acknowledged their own failings.  So by designing a social system according to the non-existing perfection, will only result in what the Communist Party got, which is extreme imperfection.


If we understand this reason, then we know why the Western democracy is successful.  Although it is only a limited and relative perfection, even imperfect to the standard of perfectionism, its limited perfection is operable and realizable.  Its prerequisite is built on a base of reality, instead of a base of vain hopes.  This reality is that human nature is not perfect, but could be guided toward kindness as well as toward evil.  The social system is exactly the biggest factor which would guide for the better or to the evil.


When there is a good social system, then it could restrain the evil while promoting the goodness.  Then we can achieve a reality with relative and limited perfection.  Is it possible to realize a system designed according to vain hopes?  The shared state and religion during the Middle ages and the Communist countries from the last century have done experiments to reach that perfection.  The result is what we see, without much dispute.


Since the Western democracy is not perfect, it means there is room for improvement.  The more we get to know the Western democratic countries, the more we will find out that the system is not perfect.  Naturally we want to improve it and lose patience with that.  So when we are stuffed with the idea of its imperfection, some extreme people would think it as an extremely evil system with no difference from the Communist Party.  This is the reason that some friends were obsessed with that idea.


As they became disappointed, they wanted to improve human nature, so they went back to the origins of Christianity more than two thousand years ago to when the new religion was founded.  The experiment in the past two thousand years has proven that human nature could be improved, but not changed from its root.  There are multiple ways to improve human nature for the better: such as education, religion, etc.  All are indispensable and effective methods.  Yet, the most effective one is the political system.  After all, interests are more important than ideology.  This fact is one of the deeply rooted traits of humanity, which cannot be changed overnight.  Even as scholars still try to find an even better way to improve human nature, politics and reality do not stand still.



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(Written and recorded on May 14, 2010.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A546-W319

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A546-W319


Release Date: May 30, 2010



Topic: The Way Out for China (Part X) -- Wei Jingsheng

标题: 《中国的出路》之十 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生




































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