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Release Date: September 5, 2010



Topic: The Way Out for China (Part XIX): The Lessons We Learn from the Former Communist Countries in East Europe and Taiwan -- by Wei Jingsheng

标题: 《中国的出路》之十九:从东欧原共产国家及台湾得到的经验教训 -- 魏京生


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The Way Out for China (Part XIX): The Lessons We Learn from the Former Communist Countries in East Europe and Taiwan

-- by Wei Jingsheng



After I said that the undercover agents of the Chinese Communist Party have only half a personality left, I received a lot of responses criticizing me of defending and vindicating these spies.  Back in 1999, when I was giving speeches in the Humboldt University of Berlin (German Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), I also received criticism by an opposition leader from the former East Germany.  He said that I was treading lightly on this severe issue of spies of the Communists.  They even stated that "if you as a leader of democratic movement view this issue so lightly, then there is not much future for the democratic movement in China."  I have become more and more convinced that his view is right.  In particular to our friends inside China striving for democracy, human rights, and religious activities, this is an issue of life or death.


There are friends who say: besides the former East Germany, we have not heard of that many spies elsewhere.  Maybe East Germany is an exception?  I asked Vaclav Havel about this issue in his presidential office and he responded to me with a smile: it was even worse.  Sure enough, later, I heard that even a senior opposition leader in Czechoslovakia, Milan Kundera, was an informer to the Communist Party.  In Taiwan, I heard a similar thing from Lin Yi-hsiung, then chairman of the DPP (Democratic Progressive Party).  The founding father of Taiwan's independence, Peng Ming-min, was secretly cooperating with the authorities under the table.


I asked them why didn't they expose these matters in public.  They sighed and expressed the same opinion: after all, in their hearts, these people are longing for democracy; when the dictatorial authority is gone, they will not be our enemy anymore.  What they meant is that these kind of people still have half of their conscience.  However, when the dictatorial authority was still in place, they were dominated by the other half of their heart which was manipulated.  Indeed, an individual's own living is often more important that one's conscience, including his own reputation in the opposition.  After all, this is their biggest achievement in their lifetime.  In an effort to protect their reputation, they had to let the spy agencies drive them.


Eventually, they ended up to be utterly discredited and had to rely the tolerance of the Havels and Lins who were sold out by them to linger on in a steadily worse condition.  Most of the former Communist countries did not make their Communist spies' files public, exactly due to this type of tolerant attitude to give these types of people a way out.  However, this does not mean that there were no partners of the Communist spy agencies.


Recently, Ms. He QingLian, the well-known economist in exile in the USA who could not bear any more persecution in China, had a debate with some so-called dissidents who claimed there was "no enemy" in the dictatorial China.  The trigger was when the people who claimed "no enemy" invited a former democracy leader in Poland to China to talk about a democratic future in China.  Meanwhile, the same people used this occasion to stir up a big wave in an effort to prove that there is no way to get a peaceful evolution without cooperating with the Chinese Communist government.  They advocated that resistance to the Communists would be useless.  The interesting thing was that when Ms. He criticized these peoples' moral quality, they were so excited that they claimed that they would beat her up until she got lost.


This indeed illustrates that these people still have half their moral quality left.  They are yet to become shameless people.  Confucius said: to know shame is to be near fortitude.  This is not always true.  Although one might know shame, staying living is more important, and fame is more important.  In comparison, one take the path less harmful to oneself.  After all, to sacrifice others in protecting oneself is the surviving way for little creatures.  Everyone can understand this.  But to the least, one should not take shame as a high moral position.  When one does so, then one is indeed a professional spy working for the Communists, instead of being a Milan Kundera or Peng Ming-min.  Such people are even less than real professional spies.  I know a few professional spies who are not so shameless with a thick skin.  At least in private, they would defend themselves as they were throwing stones at the authority back in the time when they wore plainclothes in the TianAnMen Square protest in 1989.


However, why are there so many people who believe that there are no CCP spies?  That is because the CCP spies have tough work to do.  The first important work for themselves is self-protection, which is a well-planned and well-organized group effort.  Sometimes, average folks are like lambs.  When lambs see their own kind eaten by wolves, they might feel fortunate that it was not themselves who were eaten.  To the most they make some wails expressing sympathy, instead of using the horns on their heads.  Yet, these CCP spies are like wolves.  They know to attack together when they run into a strong opponent.  Otherwise, it would be their turn next.  Now we are in an era that the Chinese people cannot tolerate anymore and have to revolt.  We must be alerted to these swindlers who try to convince the Chinese who already have become tigers to change their ways to become docile lambs.  These swindlers could be the wolves in lambs' skins, or the already docile lambs used as bait. 


The important work of the wolves and the wolves in lambs' skins is to tell the lambs: the best and only way to protect yourselves is not to resist.  The lambs who resist are not the same kind as us.  They are a different species.  They are far away from us, because they have already become tigers.  They do not know China.  Only lambs like us, who can travel freely, with a freedom of speech under the Communist rule, are the intellectuals who understand lambs like you.  Come follow us.  To be the informers to the wolf pack like us, is the true way of surviving.


The important function of making this little lamb theory is to popularize various absurd theories in protecting these CCP spies.  When watching the lambs ran behind these baits for their lives, while laughing at these lambs who were eaten up after opposition; when watching tens thousand African wildebeests run madly for their lives from a few lions, most of human viewers would ridicule their stupidity.  However, when it is human's own turn, how much smarter are we in comparison to these animals?  There are people who brown their noses on the CCP spies and claim no CCP spies exist, meanwhile advocating that the only way out is to cooperate with the Chinese Communist Party.  This is the success of the CCP spies' self-protection.  


Inside China, there are opposition groups who lose their battles each time.  They were eliminated at the germinating season, mostly due to the credit of the CCP undercover spies and agents.  In the collapse of the Communist Parties in the former Soviet Union and east Europe, the opposition movement was a main reason, yet not the key reason.  When the camel of the Communist Party could still carry the weight of the people's opposition, it was the strong pressure from the international society that became the last key straw to crush the camel.  However, in current China, we do not have this straw and thus are unable to crush the camel yet.  The Chinese people are forced to use non-peaceful means for a revolution.  After all, people are not animals.  They know that they should use the horns on their heads.


It would be useless to argue against people's rights to choose their means, or spread rumors that the horns on sheep's heads are useless.  If these kinds of people are not amateur observers, we could only say that they are swindlers or undercover agents.  Would professional spies be that silly?



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(Written and recorded on August 13, 2010.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A565-W333

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A565-W333


Release Date: September 5, 2010



Topic: The Way Out for China (Part XIX): The Lessons We Learn from the Former Communist Countries in East Europe and Taiwan -- by Wei Jingsheng

标题: 《中国的出路》之十九:从东欧原共产国家及台湾得到的经验教训 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生





有朋友辩解说:除了东德以外,其他国家也没听说有那么多特务呀。东德应该是个例外吧。我在哈维尔总统的办公室里问过他这个问题。他微笑着告诉我:还要严重一 些。果然,后来听说捷克的老牌领袖米兰昆德拉也是共产党的线人。在台湾,民进党的主席林义雄也说过同样的话。台独运动的老前辈彭明敏也在暗中和当局合作。
















国内的反抗组织屡战屡败,总是在萌芽状态就被消灭,主要是特务和卧底们的功劳。苏联和东欧国家共产党的垮台,那儿的反对派运动是主要的原因,但不是关键的原因。在共产党这只骆驼还能扛得动人民反抗的这一堆包袱时,国际社会的强大压力,就是压倒骆驼的关键的一根稻草。现在的中国没有这一根稻草,就压不倒骆驼。 人民被迫只能用非和平的手段革命了。因为人毕竟不是小动物,应该知道利用自己头上的角。















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