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Release Date: October 30, 2010



Topic: Focus of the U.S. Mid-term Elections on China, Experts Analysis the Underlying Causes (the Epoch Times)

标题:美中期选举聚焦中国,专家析深层原因 (大纪元报道)


Original Language Version: Chinese (English at beginning, Chinese version at the end)



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Focus of the U.S. Mid-term Elections on China, Experts Analysis the Underlying Causes



By the Epoch Times, October 28 (Epoch Times Li Jia reports) We are less than a week away from the November 2 U.S. mid-term elections.  During this election, candidates' struggles have been intense, with overwhelming campaign ads all over the mainstream media and TV. Because of the voters' anxiety about the economy and employment, "China" has become a hot topic between the two parties candidates.


For his re-election, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid included images depicting Chinese workers in his ads, along with attacks on Republican rival Sharron Angle for supporting corporate tax breaks, leading to job losses to China and India. He criticized Angle as "a foreign worker's best friend."


Ohio Democratic candidate Zack Space also accuses his Republican opponent, Bob Gibbs, of supporting free-trade policies that sent Ohioans' jobs to China. As a giant dragon appears on the screen, the narrator sarcastically thanks the Republican: "As they say in China, xie xie Mr. Gibbs!"


In California, "China" has become an indispensable subject in every political debate in the two most important elections, governor and Senator. Because both female Republican candidates have experience working as CEO's of big companies, the Democratic candidates have repeatedly raised the issue of U.S. companies moving their production lines to China, resulting in Americans losing their jobs.


Senior Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, who has been struggling hard in her re-election, attacked Republican rival Carly Fiorina for a significant reduction of the American jobs when she moved factories to China and India during her time as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. She even has an advertisement with a picture of Mao Zedong accompanied by Chinese music.


In the fight for Pennsylvania Senator, Democratic candidate Joe Sestak attacked the Republican candidate Pat Toomey.  Referring to Toomey's relationship with a wealthy Hong Kong businessman, Sestak questioned Toomey's effectiveness as a person who once served for a billionaire in China. Other states are in a similar situation.


Republicans also use the "China issue" to criticize the Democratic Party. Recently, a Republican group called "Citizens Against Government Waste," launched a nationwide TV ad named "the Chinese Professor".  It features a lecture on the global economy in Beijing in 2030, wherein a Chinese professor discusses the demise of the great powers because they were behaving contrary to the principles which had made them successful before.  This ad raised the heat of the "China issue" again.


Why in this U.S. election is China a focus of controversy? With these questions, the Epoch Times interviewed the well-known Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng and the expert on China, Shi Cangshan.

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Wei Jingsheng: Schemes of the Chinese and U.S. Politicians Made People of Both Countries Suffer


Well-known human rights activist Wei Jingsheng of Washington, DC, said: "In the past, Chinese and some U.S. politicians have made a partnership of scheming together to use cheap labor in China and the high priced U.S. market to make big money.  For more than a decade now, U.S. capitalists and China's so-called capitalists, the state-owned enterprises, interest groups, CCP official Princelings, those in collusion between business and officials in China, have all made fortunes.  But, the Chinese workers' incomes did not increase, and the Chinese market is still very small.  And, many American workers have lost their jobs.  So average people of both countries did not get benefit in return."


Wei explained: "The scheme is the so-called "China model" that rose from the personal interests and the interests of small groups.  Many U.S. politicians supported granting China permanent Most-Favored-Nation (MFN) status.  Chinese goods can now freely enter the U.S. market.  But this situation is not bilateral, not free trade.  In fact, the U.S. unilaterally offered China the preferential treatment.  The CCP did not give the United States an open market.  The result is that American workers lost their jobs, while China is in serious inflation. Now, the Chinese workers get less and less money. Both Chinese people and American people are put at a disadvantage."


"However, the CCP's autocratic government will not raise Chinese people's wages because of the economic development.  It has kept the wages of Chinese workers very low, meanwhile not allowing trade union movements.  Capitalists can buy very cheap in China and sell high in the U.S. market, from which they earn large excess profits.  The excess profits exploit the Chinese labor, while harming the American workers as well."


Wei pointed out that in the past the Communists always claimed that these excess profits were taken by the American capitalists.  But in fact, the Communist regime, Chinese capitalists, mostly state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, all run by Chinese bureaucratic bourgeoisie, also made huge profits. So the profits are really shared by the capitalists of both countries.  Then, the Communist regime uses these excess profits to buy Western politicians.  This is what produced the current huge gap between rich and poor in China.  No matter how fast the products are sold, and how much money is made, the benefit will not fall into the Chinese workers' hands.  Chinese people cannot afford American goods either.

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"Politicians are Trying to Clean Themselves, While Pushing their Responsibilities onto Others"


Wei Jingsheng stressed: "They conduct this scheme of using the difference in prices, but behind this price difference many American workers jobs were taken away while the Chinese workers did not benefit either.  Now, the Chinese people cannot do much, they do not dare to speak.  But the American people dare; they dare to say they that they do not believe in this gang of politicians anymore.  So in this election, American politicians are trying to cleanse themselves."


"Now people realize that this trade imbalance is the root cause of the depressed U.S. economy and American workers' unemployment. In the past, the politicians had concealed this matter, but now people know. So the politicians are pushing the responsibility onto others. But In fact, the politicians of both political parties in the USA are responsible. The rise of the Tea Party in the United States is the result. Though not formal, it has been important. After people realized the politicians' role, they began to organize a new faction."

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"Political Attention on the 'China model', Makes the Politicians more Careful"


In addition to the increasing tension between the Sino-US economic and trade relations, are there any deeper background issues for this attention on China during this U.S. mid-term elections?  Wei Jingsheng pointed out that the "China model" is "to use the profits to buy Western capitalists, for them to profit and be able to buy the politicians.  Thus the politics of Western countries increasingly lean toward the Chinese Communist Party."


Wei Jingsheng said that when the U.S. politicians get too close to the Chinese Communists, it would be a negative asset.  Now, money cannot just buy direct votes given that the people are not happy. Having to take care of the interests of the people is the difference between the American democracy and the Chinese Communist dictatorship.  In China, people's appeals do not get attention.  In the United States, money cannot buy everything the politicians want when the people recognize and agree on the nature of the problem.  When the politicians lose votes, they have nothing.


Wei Jingsheng said that the reason for China becoming the focus of the U.S. mid-term elections also reflects issues such as the essential conflict of the Chinese Communist regime against free trade; the Chinese Communists' support for the terrorism of North Korea and Iran; and the suppression of the Chinese people as an essential confrontation of human rights, beliefs, and value of a free society.


But he believes that the most important and most fundamental problem during this mid-term election is the economic problem.  China has not opened up the market, yet meanwhile keeps the value of the Chinese currency RenMinBi very low.  The United States has opened its markets to China, yet the American workers do not have jobs.  The other problems are also important, but to ordinary people, the most important thing is the economy.


Wei Jingsheng said: "This election has publicly exposed this problem.  So if the U.S. politicians speak for the Chinese Communist Party while giving the interests and money of the people to the Communist Party, then to the least, they have to carefully think about it. If they speak too openly and too much for the Chinese Communist Party, then they will lose their election.   All candidates will pay attention to this problem.  They will be very careful. "


He expressed: "Through this election, there will be a change in policy about China.  Now as this information propagates, starting from the White House politicians will become increasingly hard-line against the Chinese Communist Party."

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Expert: the Impact of Globalization Greatly Increased the Influence of Multinational Business


But these practices also caused some controversy.  The "New York Times" recently had a report that China has become a scapegoat for American politicians running for election.  The view of the official media in Mainland China and pro-CCP media overseas immediately followed this opinion and asked: what does China have to do with the U.S. mid-term elections?


Regarding this issue, Shi Cangshan, China expert in Washington DC, expressed: "Since the nineties of the last century, globalization has accelerated noticeably. This big trend has produced important impacts on the world political structure.  One is the weakening of the traditional sense of the country and regime.  In the context of globalization, the traditional power of national governments in social impact has greatly decreased, while the multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, and religious movements across borders, and global movements based on the same concept of the world have greatly increased their impact. "


"Today, the U.S. is facing such problems. U.S. domestic issues, including economic, social, cultural, business development, and even traditionally very "self " issues such as unemployment, are closely related to other countries in the world.  Wages of workers in China and India, have a very important influence over the U.S. economy and employment.  Thus, in this U.S. mid-term election, more than before there are the concerns on international issues.  This is a trend, rather than, say, a 'scapegoat' problem."


Shi Cangshan stressed: "The United States is essentially a country with isolationist tendencies.  But now the situation has changed.  The wages of migrant workers in Shenzhen of China are closely related to the income of Silicon Valley engineers.  Therefore, this mid-term election, you will see more and more debate on international issues.  As China is the country with the fastest growing economy, the topic will be focused on China.  This seems to be unavoidable.  The poor human rights situation in China will certainly become more and more visible and concerning as well.  In fact, in the process of globalization, the relationship between human rights and sovereignty is changing.  Probably this will be a part of a large-scale restructuring of the world's political and cultural future."



Link for the original report: http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/10/10/28/n3067638.htm



Readers' comments:


Comment 1:

'The American people must wake up. Those black-hearted politicians obsessed by money and bought by the Communist Party, should be all dismissed.  We need push the politicians with a conscience onto the platform, for the American people, to revive the prestige of world unity.  Only in this way, we have the better life, the world's people have a better life!! The free American people, go!! Go!!!!'


Comment 2:

The 'Chinese Communists' corruption has far surpassed the early dynasties.  However, these Communist bandits have a variety of advanced weapons in their hands, so that we the people cannot do much.  We wish the United States can continue to pressure the Chinese Communist Party from all sides, to prevent its aggression!! It is best for us to collaborate together between inside and outside to overthrow this corrupt Communist government!!'


Comment 3:

'The so-called "China Model" is the CCP's bigwig clique collaborating with the foreign unscrupulous politicians to cruelly oppress and exploit Chinese workers, and jointly getting rich by sucking others' blood, which also resulted in foreign workers' sufferings and unemployment. What Wei Jingsheng said makes sense. '


Comment 4:

'Buying American politicians, bringing down the American companies, having American workers lose their jobs, this is the corruptive way of the regime plundering other countries' economy!'


Comment 5:

'To buy on my terms, the death of the Chinese Communist Party'.


Comment 6:

'Support the people, wish the success of Tea Party election.'


Comment 7:

'Whoever gets close to the Chinese Communist Party, will be close to death and to bringing their own nation grave disaster, it is certain. People can only have a future following the will of God.'


Comment 8:

'Therefore, only relying on the democratic institutions of the United States, could we rout this world's largest transnational corruption machine.'


Comment 9:

'Wei's analysis hit the nail on the head. Insiders say that all the last eight U.S. trade representatives to Beijing were bought by Beijing. Oh.'


Comment 10:

'Very convincing. Chinese corrupt officials to buy U.S. politicians.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A581-W349



Release Date: October 30, 2010



Topic: Focus of the U.S. Mid-term Elections on China, Experts Analysis the Underlying Causes (the Epoch Times)

标题:美中期选举聚焦中国,专家析深层原因 (大纪元报道)


Original Language Version: Chinese (English at beginning, Chinese version at the end)













争取连任的美国参议院多数党领袖里德在广告中放上一幅幅中国工人的画面,攻击竞选对手共和党籍的安格尔(Sharron Angle)支持的企业减税计划,导致工作机会流失到中国和印度。他批评安格尔是"外国工人的最好朋友"。


俄亥俄州民主党候选人斯佩斯(Zack Space)也在竞选广告中,指责共和党对手吉布斯支持自由贸易政策,使俄亥俄州民众的工作流向中国。他的电视广告中最后出现一条巨龙,旁白以极讽刺的语气和中文说道:"'谢谢'吉布斯先生!"











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原文网址: http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/10/10/28/n3067638.htm




1. 美国人民该醒醒了。把那些被钱财迷了心窍,被共党的钱财收买了的黑心政客,统统罢免了,把具有良知的政治家推上台,为美国人民,为世界大同重振威风。只有这样, 我们才有好日子过,世界人民才有好日子过!! 自由的美国人民, 加油!!加油!!!!


2. 中共的腐败早都超过了历朝历代,只是共匪手中有各种各样先进的武器,所以我们老百姓把它没办法,只希望美国能持续给中共以各方面的压力,这样才能不让共匪太嚣张了!!同时最好里应外合推翻中共这个腐败政府!!


3. 所谓中国模式就是中共的权贵集团勾结外国无良政客残酷剥削压迫中国工人,共同发血财的方法,害的外国工人也失业受害。魏京生说的有道理。


4. 收买美国政客搞垮美国企业,美国工人失去就业机会,这就是特色国的掠夺他国经济的腐化方式!


5. 要收买我的条件,中国共产党亡.


6. 支持百姓茶党选举成功


7. 谁跟中共走得近就是死亡和给自己的民族带来深重的灾难,这是一定的,人只有顺天意才能有未来.


8. 所以只有依靠美国的民主体制去击溃这架全球最大的跨国腐败机器。


9. 魏京生的分析一针见血。内部人士透露说,美国过去驻北京的8任贸易谈判代表,无一不被北京收买。呵呵


10. 说得很有道理。中国贪官们收买美国政客。










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