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Release Date: March 12, 2011



Topic: China's Inflation and Jasmine Revolution -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:中国的通货膨胀和茉莉花革命 -- 魏京生


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China's Inflation and Jasmine Revolution

-- Wei Jingsheng



Recently, there have been a lot of developments in the Mideast and North Africa.  So, the youths in China also started to copy the Jasmine Revolution.  Within only a few days, there were people claiming that it would not be successful in the official tune of the Chinese Communist regime.  There were also people eager to come out to grab credit, who ended up being ridiculed by the others.  However, there are very few people noticing the same or similar conditions between China and countries like Egypt.  The differences are the root cause why a mere copycat by the Chinese will make success hard.


Nevertheless, a copycat may not be unsuccessful.  There are cases where copied uprisings got even better results.  One such case was in 1989, when the people of the former Soviet Union and East Europe revolted following in the footsteps of the Chinese people.  The Chinese people failed, while the people in the former USSR and East Europe were successful.  Why?  That is because the goals of these people in the former Soviet Union and East Europe were clear and their actions were determined.  From the very beginning, they had no intention to make compromises with the Communist Party.  If the people of the former USSR and East Europe also followed the fashion of walking on the streets, if the people of Tunisia and Egypt also silently followed or observed from far away, the former Soviet Union and East Europe would not have changed, and Mubarak would not have stepped down.


However, some so-called "dissidents" in China have been too deferential to the people in power.  Their minds of compromising in an effort to get into Chinese Communist regime's "Political Consultative Conference" is so overwhelming, and thus they guide the Chinese people into a trap.


If one should not consider those people in power, then what needs to be considered?  If one is considering the true interests of the Chinese people, then one must not only eye the Western news media and simply shout some slogans of democracy and human rights.  Why do petitioning groups of people dare to sacrifice their own lives with the police who try to stop them, yet they do not participate in the so-called "Jasmine Revolution" in China?  That is because this "revolution" seems irrelevant to them.  There is no one telling them the relationship between this revolution and their needs and desires.


Some people say that the petitioners groups are too small, with too limited a scope of rights defending, which is not enough to launch an effort to start a revolution like that of Egypt and Libya.  However, what initiated Egypt and Libya?  Indeed, the petitioners groups defending their rights are relatively small and not enough to initiate a revolution by themselves.  However, petitioning is only part of a revolution.  The main driver of revolution is inflation and unemployment, as well as corruption and wealth distribution.  Most of these conditions are related to the survival of the majority, and are also what forces them to dare to fight with their lives.  Upon reviewing all these conditions, China is in a similar position as Egypt and Libya prior to their revolutions.


China's inflation has been so extreme that it is seriously threatening the survival of the general population.  The official figures are always purposefully reduced by technicalities.  Yet, in reality, the real purchasing power felt by the people has fallen to the level of the Cultural Revolution.  A small portion of people who do not have elderly and children to take care of are feeling better than during the Cultural Revolution period.  However, housing has not only exploited all their remaining savings, it also made them carry a heavy debt.  The families with elderly and children to take care of are even more miserable.  Education and health care are so expensive in China now, to the degree that people cannot afford to pay at all, much less struggle for these essentials.  There are intelligent children who cannot afford to go to school.  There are elderly who are sick but have to wait for their death instead of getting cured with proper care and hospitalization.  This kind of pain is only comparable to the Cultural Revolution era.


Why are the Chinese people so poor?   Is not China already the second richest country in the world?  Even with the cruel exploitation by the capitalists, should not China be better off than the Arabic people carrying on a revolution?  No; the Chinese are even poorer.  Why is this?  It is because the Chinese Communist regime has been using methods beyond the economy to exploit all the Chinese for a long period of time.  The core measure of that exploitation is the manufacture of inflation, with two measures.


The first core measure is to junk the Chinese currency by issuing too much.  When there is more money in circulation, the ratio between money and goods changes.  Specifically, the price of goods goes up.  I.e. there is inflation.  Inflation not only changes the relation between goods and currency, but also changes ratio between money in people's pockets and in the hands of the Chinese government.  People are still making the same wages, so where is the extra currency issued by the government?  It went to the pockets of the government, namely the Communist Party.


Did the Communist Party increase the welfare of the people with this money?  No.  Instead, it dumped the very limited welfare of the past as a burden, in the name of "reforms".  The "education reform" by the Communist Party resulted in the children of the poor not being able to go to schools.  The "health care reform" by the Communist Party resulted in the poor not being able to afford any coverage.  The "real estate reform" of the Communist Party turned the middle class into poor people who do not have money left to eat comfortably, while creating a group of rapidly rising real estate tycoons.  These people are the solid foundation of the new Communist Capitalism, or Bureaucratic Capitalism.  The method for them to get rich is to skillfully take away the property of others, and the reason that they can do so is because they are holding the power of an unreasonable dictatorship.


For these people, taking away the property of the Chinese people is not enough; even relying on the support of the Chinese capitalists is not enough.  Nowadays, even the dictators in the third world know the importance of buying out the capitalists and politicians of the big Western countries, so of course the Chinese Communist Party is "advancing with the times".  The Chinese Communist Party sold the interest of China to buy the Western capitalists, then further to indirectly buys the Western politicians and media.  It uses its second core measure by devaluating the Chinese currency, artificially lowing the value of the Chinese labor, meanwhile giving all sorts of preferential treatment to the foreign capitalists in the form of tax exemptions, and so on.  When the Western capitalists are enjoying the benefit of exploiting the Chinese people with measures beyond the economic means, naturally they will help the Chinese Communist regime by speaking in its favor with their full hearts and they have money to influence the Western politicians to speak for the Chinese Communists.  Is not that a smart idea to assure that the one party dictatorship of the Communist Party will last for many more years?


However, this type of calculation is a typical calculation by the elite.  It is characterized by an assumption that the common people count as nothing.  Both the common people in China and in the West are deliberately ignored, or to the most are viewed as a factor for production, to be compared as a small screw in a big machine.  The elite think the common people are unneeded and everywhere, too many to be in existence.  If the common people could not produce profits for the upper class, then they are superfluous, even an unnecessary burden that should disappear.  This kind of scheme by the elite is the root cause for the rebellions by the people in the third world countries.


From the rebellions in Egypt and Tunisia, we can see that the leaders of the movement were able to seize this factor that people resent, to take non-traditional modern means to launch this wave of democratic reform.  If the rulers in China do not solve the issue of inflation and RMB devaluation, if the Jasmine Revolution in China could not happen in the way of Egypt, then it will happen in the way of Libya.  The cruelty of the tyrants has never frightened the rebellious people and is only enough to intimidate the intellectuals who seem to be smart in their calculation yet ready to make compromise with the regime.



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(Written and recorded on March 4, 2010.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A617-W380

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A617-W380


Release Date: March 12, 2011



Topic: China's Inflation and Jasmine Revolution -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:中国的通货膨胀和茉莉花革命 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生























这种算计是典型的精英式的算计。它的特点就是老百姓算个屁。中国和西方的老百姓都被有意地忽略不计,在他们看来仅仅不过是生产要素,或者说是螺丝钉:可有可无, 随处都有,已经过剩。如果不能为他们生产利润,就是多余的,甚至是应该消失的多余的负担。这种精英计划,正是导致第三世界人民暴动的根本原因。


从这次埃及和突尼斯的暴动我们可以看出,运动的领导者们正是抓住了这个人民深恶痛绝的因素,采取了非传统的现代化的手段发动了这一波的民主浪潮。中国的统治者们如果不能解决通货膨胀和币值过低的问题,中国的茉莉花革命如果不能按照埃及方式解决,也必然会按照利比亚方式解决。暴君们的残暴从来也不足以吓倒造 反的人民,只能吓倒那些貌似善于精明算计的妥协派知识分子。













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