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Release Date: Feb. 19, 2012



Topic: Assessment of the Ideals and Opportunism of the Chinese Communists -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:评中国共产党人的理想和投机 -- 魏京生


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Assessment of the Ideals and Opportunism of the Chinese Communists

-- Wei Jingsheng



There are two most common descriptions of the ideals of the Chinese Communists.  One comes from Communist Party's own Marxist-Leninist propaganda, with examples as "to serve the people", and so on.  Now no one believes the Party follows these ideals.  Another description is to completely deny communism and consider it an evil faith.  About the Chinese Communist Party, this latter description is correct.  That is because its practice in the past six decades has proven this conclusion.  But about various Communist Party members, this conclusion may have some bias.  The "quit the Communist Party" movement initiated by the Falun Gong practitioners has proven that the ideal of many communist members, or at least their original intention, was not the one-party dictatorship of the Communist Party.  So these members have the motivation to quit the Communist Party now.


Moreover, the behavior of many communists in the past decades has proven that a large fraction uses the ideals of the Communist Party for speculation.  In fact, it does not matter to them who believes it or not, they merely treat it as a sheep's head while selling dog's meat, as a disguise to lie.


For example, people agree that the Chongqing model that is being debated recently is a tool for power struggle.  Both sides of commentators do not believe that model as an expression of the ideal, but it is only used for speculation.  It is just as in 1949 when the Communist Party won its victory, it used some small favors of robbing the rich to help the poor in an effort to gain the support of the deceived people.  Of course, now they are dealing with the people who were already cheated once.  This time the effect is greatly discounted.  Especially noticeable is that there isn't a group of passionate young people ready to sacrifice their lives for it.  Chongqing's "sing praises for the red and hit the black society" movement was totally driven by the interests of high salary.  Once the interests were damaged, there was immediate betrayal.  This betrayal did not happen to the communists in the Party's early days.  Then, people stayed loyal to the Party even when they were met by the injustice of the Party.


Why were there so many people who would sacrifice their lives for the Communist Party a few decades ago, yet there are not any now?  We need to know that from the beginning, what the Party used to cheat for trust.  Without statistics data, we know that the ideal of most people who joined the Communist Party then was for the happiness of the people and the prosperity of the country.  It was due to their anger against social injustice and yearning for freedom and equality.  This inherently human nature will inevitably produce ideals like that.  People in any culture and any country will naturally produce these ideals.  The publicly announced ideals of the Communist Party were precisely these, so there were many people willing to shed blood for and sacrifice their lives for this ideal.


But the Chinese Communist Party is a political party with great deception: its actions do not match its words.  It is also a Mafia-style political party.  It is deceptive because its real political guiding principles do not match the ideals it propagates, but instead are precisely contrary.  Its political guiding principles are to create an autocratic political system and to concentrate the wealth of the whole society into the hands of a few, and then rely on those people to operate in this system to create a free, equal and happy communist society.


When such an extreme and beautiful scene was accompanied with sensational propaganda, it was like any advertisements now that are able to attract the "deceived masses".  Back then, whether in Russia or China, there were a lot of people were taken in.  Especially as the premise of this authoritarian regime had not become a reality, people who opposed it could not use facts to convince the masses who were blinded.  So there were a lot of passionate young people willing to sacrifice their lives for this beautiful ideal.  There was the opportunity for the Communist Party to take governing power.


All of the communist regimes were produced during the period after World War I to after World War II.  Now, China and several other Communist states in Asia may be the last holdouts.  Beginning in the 1950s, the reality of the communist dictatorship gradually became known over the world, and the likely deceivable masses became fewer and fewer.  The opportunity to seize the governing power in a country by deceiving some people is smaller and smaller.  This awareness is the root reason that the last Marxist revolutionary leader Che Guevara died in a siege of the masses.


There is no shortage of speculators in any revolution or movement.  In this movement where the ideal is exactly the opposite of its guiding principles, the role of speculators becomes very important.  They see it as a scam very clearly from the beginning and their level of using the fraud is often higher than that of the bigots.  Especially after a movement seized power, almost without exception speculators usurped the leadership.  The reason that this usurpation is without exception is because the so-claimed social model of communism cannot exist in reality.  What can exist in the name of communism is a modified version of the feudal social model, which is not the model identified by the passionate but deceived youth.


Thus, the idealists had to be purged in order to adapt to reality and continue the regime's operation.  This process was more prominent in Russia.  After the revolution, as the devout communists were purged, the deceived masses were purged in large numbers as well.  Only the opportunists such as Stalin and Khrushchev could lead this system to continue on its path.


China's situation is somewhat similar to Russia's.  Peng Dehuai, Liu Shaoqi, Lin Biao, and a group of communists who insisted on their ideals against the guiding principles of the Chinese Communist Party were purged gradually.  The middle and lower idealistic cadres were also purged.  The communist cadres who pleaded for the people shared a common characteristic.  It was not because they did not believe in communism, but they were more inclined to lean toward their ideals when there was a contradiction between the ideal and the Party, and to lean in favor of people emotionally.  Those people remaining after the purges were either bigots whose stubbornness overcame their emotion, or opportunists who participated in the movement for personal interests from the start.  Only these two kinds of people can adapt to the communist regime and to adapt to the reality when slogans and reality are in contrary.


After decades of practice, all the Chinese people have seen the essence of the communist regime.  People who once sincerely believed in communism have been cleaned out by the reality of the Communist Party and constant purges.  So anyone still uses Communist propaganda of "singing praises for red" and "hitting the black society" as a way to bribe people's hearts can only be careerists who struggle for power and wealth, instead of politicians who are fighting for people's happiness.  The "new leftists", as one of political forces in China, are precisely the "deceived masses".


Alternatively, many of them are also "conspirators" trying "to use the red flags to go against red flags".  On the road to overthrowing one-party dictatorship and establishing a people's democracy there will be their share of credit as well.  They are not the same people as the opportunists who are manipulating that "sing praises for the red and hit the black society" movement.



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(Written and recorded on February 16, 2012.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A693-W432

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A693-W432


Release Date: Feb. 19, 2012



Topic: Assessment of the Ideals and Opportunism of the Chinese Communists -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:评中国共产党人的理想和投机 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生



最常见的对中国共产党人的理想的描述有两种。一种是中共自己的宣传,什么马列主义呀,为人民服务呀,等等。这个现在已经没有人相信了。还有一种就是全面否定, 认为是罪恶的信仰。这个评论对共产党来说是正确的。因为六十年来的实践证明了这个结论。对共产党人来说就有失偏颇了。法轮功人士发动的退党运动,证明了很多共产党人的理想,或者说初衷,并不是共产党的一党专政。所以他们才会有退出共产党的动机。




















经过几十年的实践,所有中国人都已经看清了共产党政权的实质,真诚信仰共产主义的人已经被共产党的现实和不断的清洗消灭干净了。现在还把共产主义的宣传唱 红,用打黑来实行共产、收买民心的,只能是争权夺利的野心家,不可能是为了人民的幸福而奋斗的政治家。而目前国内政治势力之一的“新左派”,恰恰就是“被蒙蔽的群众”。














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