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Release Date: April 28, 2012



Topic: The 10th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition (OCDC) in 2012 -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:2012年的第十届民运海外联席会议 -- 魏京生


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The 10th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition (OCDC) in 2012

-- Wei Jingsheng



The 10th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition was held in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA, on March 24 and 25, 2012.  More than two dozen representatives of various organizations and groups from Europe and the United States, and eight representatives from the two largest overseas Tibetan organizations attended this conference.  Older veterans from the 1970's Democracy Wall time, outstanding leaders since 1989, and younger generations called "born after the 1980's" have all actively participated in this coalition conference of the overseas Chinese democracy movement.


The conference first reviewed the past 14 years since the founding of the coalition and its guiding role of public opinion both in China and overseas.  In the past during conferences or demonstrations by the overseas Chinese democratic groups, if someone shouted "Down with the Communist one-party dictatorship", there were some who hesitated and expressed disgust stating that such outbursts were a violation of the principles of tolerance and reason.  However, now all the pro-democracy groups in China and abroad, true or fake, do not hesitate to hold the banner against one-party dictatorship.  Even Communist members having breadth of vision ask for true democracy and nationalization of the military.  This fundamental shift in ideology is the basic condition for a future revolution and the establishment of a democratic system.


Before the establishment of the OCDC, the overseas pro-democracy groups generally did not accept the idea of independence for Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Taiwan, etc.  Also there were few people sympathizing with the Falun Gong and other faith-based groups.  The malicious propaganda of the Chinese Communists occupied a strong position in the minds of people.  In the past 14 years, the OCDC colleagues braved tremendous pressure of ignorance in both Chinese and overseas societies, and did a lot of explanation and advocacy work.  They completely changed the way people view these issues, and learned to respect the rights of others.  This work has laid a good foundation for the future establishment of a democratic and free society, and a foundation to form an united front for the groups which are against one-party dictatorship both at home and abroad.


Comments we have received from Western politician friends say there is no precedent like the overseas Chinese democratic movement, under extreme hardship from both lack of financial and political support, to achieve such a great success despite the increased compromises made by the Western politicians and the media.  In comparison to big propaganda overseas and soft power supported with hundreds of billions of dollars spent by the Communist government, the Chinese democratic movement has always occupied the dominant and active position in public opinion.  This miracle was created by colleagues who are yearning for democracy both at home and abroad with a lot of effort contributed by our OCDC colleagues.


Emphasizing these achievements encourages the confidence of all the Chinese people who aspire for democracy and freedom.  The agents of the Chinese Communists have been reviling and belittling the pro-democracy movement, saying the participants only know infighting and refuse to do real things and besides they are only a few people without much influence, etc.  Yet, it was these "few people" who have not only withstood the pressure and blockade of the appeasement of the international community, but also worked tirelessly to guide the public opinion of internal resistance and accumulate favorable conditions to build a future harmonious society in China that is free and democratic.  When they learn this history, the freedom and democracy-loving friends do not have low self-esteem.  Should not we farm despite others being against it?  The crops of democracy and freedom are growing now, and the harvest season is in the near future.


The second focus of this OCDC conference was to discuss the current political situation in China.  Some colleagues represented by Wang Juntao think the incidents of Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai mark the final break up of the Chinese Communist Party.  The situation is excellent, and the overseas democrats should prepare in advance and be ready to return to China to participate in the overthrow of the Communist Party and the process of establishing democracy.  There even were friends who proposed the establishment of a command system in order to avoid being caught unprepared at the last minute.


More of our colleagues believe that we cannot simply believe the slogans of the minority such as Wen Jiabao.  So far, they only have the slogans without real action and thus we need to be wary if they are being deceptive.  But the participants also agreed that the incident of Bo Xilai indeed resulted in a further split of the Communist Party and created the conditions for political reform and revolution.


Even if the Chinese Communists finally settle the Bo Xilai issue, the cracks will be hard to bridge.  The instability of the Communist Party will remain favorable to conditions of revolution and rebellion.  That will also be the opportunity for political reform that moves towards democracy by peaceful means.  The pro-democracy movement shall support any form of revolution and political reform.  No matter the means, as long as it moves it will end as the inevitable emergence of a democratic political system.


The conference thought that besides the need to strengthening the public work inside China, it is also needs to strengthen the work with the Western society.  Although there are some Western politicians and scholars consciously distorting the facts and propagandizing for the Chinese Communist Party, most of the Western politicians and the public who make wrong judgments about China affairs do so due to the misinformation of the Communist Party or because they do not understand the truth about China.


This situation is very unfavorable for the future political reform and revolution in China.  Strengthening the association with the Western public, the media, and politicians, as well as strengthening the dissemination of correct information is among the most important work that the overseas democracy movement must carry.  From the history of the Jasmine revolution in the Middle East and North Africa, the Western people's understanding of the truth affects the attitude of the Western politicians toward revolutions.  Western attitude is one of the key conditions for the revolution to be successful.  Therefore, this work must be strengthened.


The representatives of the Tibet organizations reiterated their firm stand of being anti-communist and in favor of Tibet independence.  They also reiterated their stand of long-term cooperation with the Chinese pro-democracy organizations.  Delegates also exchanged views regarding the details of the cooperation and precautions, and formed a consensus.  Both sides agreed that such cooperation is a good basis to resolve the Tibet issue in the future.  Participating Chinese representatives believed that respecting Tibetans' rights for independence is an undisputed premise.  The future Tibetan polity is a decision by the Tibetan people after we have a true democratic future, instead of a matter that could be decided now.


After the end of the tenth OCDC conference, some of the participants observed an extended board meeting of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation.  The board reviewed the annual financial report in detail and budget, as well as a detailed work report on a variety of activities, and made plans for the following year.  In addition, it decided to set up a support group to solve financial distress with self-reliance.  The OCDC friends were very caring about the operation of the Foundation and wanted its work to be more effective.



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(Written and recorded on March 29, 2012.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A704-W442

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A704-W442


Release Date: April 28, 2012



Topic: The 10th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition (OCDC) in 2012 -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:2012年的第十届民运海外联席会议 -- 魏京生


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