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Topic: In Memory of the 1989 Democracy Movement -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:纪念六四民主运动 -- 魏京生


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In Memory of the 1989 Democracy Movement

-- Wei Jingsheng



The 1989 Chinese democracy movement encountered the massacre by the Chinese Communist army in the early morning of June 4, 1989.  The order to massacre was given by Deng Xiaoping, and the decision to massacre was made by a large number of communists.  Did not these people know that the massacre of the Chinese people is wrong?  Of course they knew.  So in recent years there have been some people coming out to argue that they were not responsible criminals for the June 4 Massacre.


The two most well known self-excusers are then Premier Li Peng, who ordered the martial law, and the commander in Beijing who executed the massacre, Communist Party Secretary Chen Xitong of the Beijing City.  Although these two did not share the same fate later on, they share one thing in common -- that is they both bear the shame of executioners to themselves and their families.  Unless they change their names, this humiliation will always be with them and their offspring.


To try to wash away this humiliation, they all came out to write their memoirs.  Li Peng stated that the commander of the Beijing massacre was Chen Xitong, while Deng Xiaoping made the decision; meaning it was no responsibility of Li Peng.  Chen Xitong got anxious and also wrote a book.  Chen said that only after twenty years, he learned that he was appointed as the commander in chief for the massacre.  Then, he wrote a lot of detail about situations at that time to prove he was not the commander in chief.  So Bao Tong, Zhao Ziyang's secretary, commented: this is good, when the argument continues, the truth about the June 4 Massacre will be more and more clear.


Beyond the 1989 Massacre, a lot of historic truth about the Chinese Communist Party in the past 60 some years is vague.  A lot of events in China were either concealed by the Communist Party, or were obfuscated because of rumors released by the Communist Party.  Not only were the ordinary Chinese deceived, even the majority of the Communist Party members and cadres did not know the truth.  To find out the truth really is a very important task.  It is not only very important for a correct history, but also very important to nail the sinners on the column of public opinion.


From another perspective, before we know every detail, cannot we make some judgment?  It is ok if there is sufficient evidence.  What is sufficient evidence?  That depends on each individual's intelligence level.  The bottom line required by a court is relatively high, for it must adapt to the average intelligence range of the society.  So we still need to get more evidence for exactly how much Li Peng and Chen Xitong need to be responsible for the crime.  Their own words are not totally trustworthy.


However, the general requirement to judge these star leaders who enthusiastically stood at the frontline of the June 4 Massacre as responsible or not, it is enough for people to see the evidence from the newspapers and on television.  Evidence includes those soldiers who got award medals that were stained with blood, and those leaders who covered up and made excuses for the massacre.  These people cannot deny their crimes.  They cannot take advantage of the people's kind tolerance, to escape the trial of public opinion.


Average Chinese are very kind.  So these wicked people take advantage of the Chinese.  These wicked people could easily escape punishment for the evil they did, by simply dropping a few crocodile tears.  The tolerance of Mr. Dongguo who "forgave the wolves who did harm", precisely convinced the thugs to do evil.  In particular, there were the accomplices to the evil, who faced the choice of either losing for not doing evil or benefiting from the evil things they did.  This is the important reason for these evil assistants to decide to do evil, in expectation of gaining forgiveness later.


Of course, Deng Xiaoping is the culprit of the massacre in 1989.  But we cannot ignore the evil accomplices.  Without this running dog kind of accomplice who did not have a conscience, how could a few villains like Deng Xiaoping and Li Peng suppress millions of people?  After the June 4 crackdown, how could those few be able to quell the anger of hundreds of millions of ordinary people?  To those people who actively stood on the stage to perform during the massacre, to those who used weapons to directly massacre the people, to those who helped to cover up the truth afterwards, also those who made excuses for the massacre and even found a theoretical base for the massacre, along with so-called elitists who are now strongly advocating for unconditional reconciliation, we must firmly remember these people's names and nail them in the column of shame in history.


There are still people in favor of vindication for the victims of the June 4 Massacre.  There are some kind people, especially the former Communists who were the followers of Zhao Ziyang and thus were persecuted by Deng Xiaoping.  These people still hold illusions about the Communist Party.  They hope the Communist Party will have a vindication on the June 4 issue, so they can return to the embrace of the Party and continue to be Communist officials.  These unrepentant former Communists do not know or understand the Communist Party.  They were confused because they were brainwashed by the Communist Party for many years.


After the death of Stalin and Mao Zedong, there were indeed vindication movements to redress some officials wrongfully treated, by rehabilitating their reputation and restoring their official titles.  This was because these people were indeed wrongfully treated from the Communist Party's stand.  These people were essentially loyal to the Communist Party's authoritarian system and should not be subject to the punishment, only because they had different views on the specific incident of repression and fooling the people.  So they were indeed wrongfully treated by the Communist Party, thus can have a vindication, or at least with the possibility of vindication by the Communist Party.


However, the democracy movement of 1989 was not really a student movement, but a movement demanding change of the political system that had a coincident rise with the student movement.  Even more broadly speaking, it was an outbreak of the democratic movement that rose at the end of the 1970s, and continued throughout the entire 1980s.  The main body of the movement was not just students, but more of ordinary people, including the grass roots Communist Party members.  It was mainly these brave heroes who faced tanks and machine guns during the bloodshed, not people dragged out of a shameful existence who would surrender themselves after major stage shows and who would cover up the truth for the villains.


Chinese people should not only remember those heroes, but also remember those executioners and accomplices.  When evil goes unpunished, good deeds will not be highlighted.  If a society cannot punish evil criminals, then there will be more and more wickedness, and people who would do more and more evil things for lack psychological pressure.  Society will morally decay into disorder, especially when the officials who do evil go unchecked, then the result will be more serious.


Is not that the reality of today in China?  Do not think that politics has nothing to do with us.  Do not think we have escaped the June 4 Massacre.  The consequence of tolerating this massacre is the reality that the Chinese people are oppressed and exploited today, and the reality of moral bankruptcy and chaotic order in China today.  People did not really escape this disaster.  Only by overthrowing the system of one-party dictatorship that created this disaster can China truly treat this June 4 Massacre as a past history.



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(Written and recorded on May 31, 2012.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A720-W451

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A720-W451


Release Date: June 19, 2012



Topic: In Memory of the 1989 Democracy Movement -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:纪念六四民主运动 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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