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Release Date: June 2, 2013



Topic: Wei Jingsheng: the CCP Once Again Steps Up to Disintegrate Overseas Pro-democracy Forces (Voice of America)



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Wei Jingsheng: the CCP Once Again Steps Up to Disintegrate Overseas Pro-democracy Forces


Reported by Shen Hua, Voice of America

June 2, 2013


WASHINGTON -- On the eve of the 24th anniversary of the June 4 Massacre, overseas Chinese democracy activists said that recently the Chinese Communist regime has tried to intensify its differentiation and disintegration against the overseas democracy movement.  This trend illustrates that the Communist regime still fears the presence of the overseas democracy movement.  However, they say, it is a common phenomenon that the young people both overseas and inside China know little about the history of June 4 Massacre.


Right before June 4, on Saturday evening June 1, the Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars (IFCSS) held commemoration activities in front of the new Chinese embassy in the USA.  A number of people from all walks of life who made special trips from different parts of the USA, and even some who came from outside the USA, braved the sun to hold this June 4 commemoration in front of the new Chinese embassy location for the first time.


* CCP's New Trend Towards Overseas Democracy Movement *


Wei Jingsheng, the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, told VOA at the commemoration site that the CCP seems once again stepping up efforts to disintegrate Overseas pro-democracy forces: "I think that the CCP has recently started to pay attention on the overseas pro-democracy groups again.  You see, in addition to apply more suppression inside of China, the CCP got some people who were confirmed to be their spies and have already left the democracy movement for more than 10 even 20 years to reemerge to write books claiming themselves to be democracy celebrities, and to discredit the democracy movement with some fake stories. "


Wei Jingsheng said that these people took actions after they were bribed.  He said that these trends indicate a renewed emphasis on the overseas democracy movement by the Communist regime.  He said: "This indicates an issue, that in recent a couple years the Communist Party has paid great attention on the overseas democracy movement.  In the past, the Communist Party claimed that the overseas democracy work is irrelevant, but now it is very seriously taking a variety of tactics to divide and differentiate us, and then to discredit us.  If the overseas democracy movement is of no use, why should the Communist regime spend such amount of effort? "


Wei Jingsheng said that overseas democracy activists are human too, thus with their weaknesses.  But they are improving themselves.  In any case, the essence of pro-democracy activists is better than that of the Communist Party.  All these people have insisted on their ideal for so many years abroad.  This itself is a treasure.


* Without Vindication of Redressing June 4, I Will Come Here Every Year *


Ping Wang, an IFCSS council member told VOA: every year as June 4 approaches, there is always a sense of responsibility in the surge.  He said: "As long as the June 4 (1989 democracy movement) is not vindicated, we will come here every year.  As long as murderers are not held responsible, we will come every year.  When there is not an explanation of the June 4 Massacre, when it was not investigated, nor were the murderers punished, I feel difficulty in my heart.  If I do not participate in this commemoration event every year, I will feel uncomfortable in my heart!"


* American and Chinese Youth Do Not Know Much about June 4 Massacre *


How many Americans know about June 4 after all?  Professor Lawrence Anderson of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Toledo in Ohio, who is attending the commemoration, told the Voice of America: "The answer will depend on the age of the respondents.  Every adult at that time still remembers the Tiananmen events even now, and also knows a lot.  However; a child at that time does not know anything today, as is in parallel to today's Chinese youth knowing little about June 4."


However, he said that history is history, forgetting and covering up cannot change historical facts; history stands the test of time.


* Zhu Chengzhi Wins the "Spirit of Freedom Award" *


In addition, during the June 4 Commemoration on the evening of June 1, Zhu Chengzhi, a democracy advocator of Shaoyang City in Hunan Province, was awarded the 2013 IFCSS "Spirit of Freedom Award."  Zhu Chengzhi had cared for the June 4 hero, Mr. Li Wangyang.  However, Mr. Li died mysteriously when he was in the hospital and being monitored by the police 24 hours a day.  Mr. Zhu insisted to expose the truth of Li's death.  Thus, Mr. Zhu himself was under long term monitoring by the authorities and imprisoned for seven months.


The IFCSS organized these June 4 commemoration activities, which were approved by the Washington DC police.  The police officers were nearby to monitor and to stay alert.  No one in the Chinese Embassy came out to respond to this commemoration.



Photos from the 2013 June 4 Commemoration in front of the Chinese embassy in USA (phote credit: Shen Hua of VOA):

1. IFCSS Holds June 4 Commemoration in Front of the Chinese Embassy:


2. Wei Jingsheng gives a speech at the commemoration:


3. Dr. Ping Wang, IFCSS council member:


4. Professor Lawrence Anderson, University of Toledo:



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A761-O212



Release Date: June 2, 2013



Topic: Wei Jingsheng: the CCP Once Again Steps Up to Disintegrate Overseas Pro-democracy Forces (Voice of America)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)








-- 美国之音 申华 报道




华盛顿 — 1989年六四事件24周年前夕,中国海外民运人士表示,中共近来在加紧分化和瓦解海外民运。这种趋势表明,中共还是惧怕海外民运的存在。不过,他们说,对六四历史知之甚少在海内外年轻人中是一种普遍现象。






中国民主运动海外联席会议主席魏京生在纪念现场对美国之音说,中共最近似乎正在加紧分化和瓦解海外民运力量:“我觉得中共最近又开始注意海外民运组织。你看,中共除了对国内的打压以外,最近一些被认证是特务,已经退出民运十几到二十几年的人现出来写书, 称自己是民运名人,然后来诋毁民运,讲一些假故事。"
























1. 中国驻美使馆前全美学自联六四纪念会现场:


2. 魏京生在纪念会上讲话:


3. 全美学自联理事王平博士:


4. 托莱多大学教授劳伦斯.安德森:











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