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Release Date: June 29, 2013



Topic: Hu Dehua's Speech Highlights Splits within the Chinese Communist Party (RFA)



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Hu Dehua's Speech Highlights Splits within the Chinese Communist Party

-- reported by RFA


(Wei Jingsheng: China's Current Situation is Extremely Delicate: The Vested Interests of the CCP Have Parted Ways from the Majority of the Chinese People.)


Hu Dehua is the son of former Communist Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang. A speech that he delivered and recorded in an internal meeting of Yanhuang Chanqiu magazine has recently gone viral. In the speech, Hu questioned specific content related to Xi Jinping's speech given on Xi's southern tour and revealed the presence of a high degree of faction among princelings (a term used for the senior Party officials' offspring who are now in power and influential) within the Communist Party. Some commentators believe that Xi Jinping is currently facing unprecedented political adversity.


The complete transcript of Hu Dehua's speech was first published by some of his friends on their Weibo (micro-blogs) and was quickly picked up by masses of Chinese netizens who forwarded it throughout the blogosphere. Hong Kong's Ming Pao newspaper reported that Hu himself confirmed the authenticity of the speech.


In his speech, Hu directed his criticism at the main points of Xi Jinping's previous speeches propagated earlier. Hu questioned Xi's views of "not being negative about the 30 years before Deng Xiaoping's economic reform, just because of the 30 years since the reform".  Hu stated that following that premise would mean Mao Zedong's overthrow of Xi Zhongxun (Xi Jinping's father) and the initiation of the Cultural Revolution should not be condemned.


The widely circulated speech of Xi Jinping included his "not one man was a real man," statement. The statement refers the fact that at the time of the downfall of the Soviet Communist Party no one stood up and fought for the old system. Hu Dehua believes that the Soviet armed forces who held fast to their position without opening fire on the masses were actually the "real men" in the situation. Furthermore, Hu appealed to the highest officials of the Communist Party to learn from Chiang Ching-kuo (of the Kuomingtang in Taiwan), and to seriously reflect on the errors of the Communist Party. Otherwise, he believes that the Communist Party will lose all its legitimacy to govern.


In addition, Hu revealed that at the most recent Beijing gathering of princelings a tense dispute broke out between two princelings of differing political opinions. The two debated whether or not political reform should be carried out and the argument was so intense that the princelings involved nearly broke into a physical fight.


Chinese sociologist Mr. Liu said to Radio Free Asia that Xi Jinping currently faces unprecedented political difficulties.


"Hu Dehua is also speculating when referring to Xi Jinping's speech, but from what I know, what Xi Jinping says in his speech should be true.  Xi indeed knows the dangers of the Communist Party, but he does not have a fulcrum outside the system [through which to push for reform]. His desire for the Communist Party to return to the golden age of the fifties is not realistic."


Mr. Liu said that there is currently a serious split within the Communist Party, especially at the highest political level of decision making. The fierce debate between CCP princelings is merely a concrete manifestation of this spilt.


 "Princelings have never been one solid block and have always been divided into difficult political groups of left, middle and right factions, with the great majority in the left and middle factions. These people are part of interest groups that put their own interests above those of the country and the people. They are also not known for their leniency. This group of princelings make up Xi Jinping's fundamental political base. Because of them, if Xi wanted push for reform or even make small changes, it would be extremely difficult."


Hu Dehua is the youngest son of former Communist Party General Secretary Hu Yaobang. Mr. Liu said that there have been reports of a close relationship between two of Hu Yaobang's sons and Xi Jinping. However, in his speech, Hu Dehua indicates that he does not have a close relationship with Xi Jinping.


Currently exiled and noted Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng is also a descendent of high-ranking cadres. Wei said that among the descendents of top ranking party officials there are many people who desire the ability to push for reform of the political system. He said that there are also those who have been active in recent years and desire to influence China's development in a positive manner.


"Within the inner circles, several years ago different voices already began to emerge that were asking firmly for the reform of the political system. Several years ago, these voices emerged and we have now reached a crucial point. As a result, if there is no reform the ordinary people will soon start to revolt and everything will be destroyed."


Some analysts believe that Hu Dehua's speech highlights the extreme disappointment towards Xi Jinping since Xi's rise to power from those within the inner circles of the Communist Party who desire political reform. Wei Jingsheng believes that Xi Jinping represents the dictatorial and authoritarian nature of the Communist Party and its system. For more than the past half-year now, there have been all kinds of indications that illustrate some kind of ongoing setback.


 "You can see that Xi Jinping's trend is backwards, whether economic or political. Instead of pushing for reform, he is falling back. Under this premise, division is very serious. The so-called 'struggle for the right route' has split the public to the point that many will do what they want without considering of the feelings of others in different political factions, even though they were very close friends. This resembles what Mao Zedong did to Peng Dehuai when Mao purged Peng."


Wei Jingsheng believes that China's current situation is extremely delicate because the vested interests of the CCP and ruling class have parted ways from the majority of the Chinese people. If Xi Jinping insists on protecting the Communist Party and the authoritarian system, China is likely to have social unrest in the near future and the Communist Party inevitably will be liquidated.


The above is a report by the Radio Free Asia reporter, Shi Shan.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A767-W487

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A767-W487


Release Date: June 29, 2013



Topic: Hu Dehua's Speech Highlights Splits within the Chinese Communist Party (RFA)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)
























































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