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Topic: My Comments about the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:简评海外民运 -- 魏京生


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My Comments about the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement

-- Wei Jingsheng



Why do I think of this topic today?  To make my own assessment of this subject does lead to suspicions that we are praising ourselves.  But I am forced to do so.  There is this chief editor Hu of the Global Times by the Chinese Communist Party, who has been chattering endlessly that the overseas Chinese democracy movement has been marginalized, and that it will not be able to bring a big storm, etc.  Further, he even knows that the overseas democracy movement actually became the tiniest possible pawn among the Western anti-China forces without any influence, and so on.


Some people who understand the situation immediately rebutted this Editor Hu and asked him, "If the democracy movement is not important, why do you spend so much effort to demonize these people for democracy?"  Indeed, in recent years, the Communist Part has done a lot of work in this area, to the degree of even mobilizing its old spy agents and traitors who had been detached from the pro-democracy movement to write books to vilify the democracy movement.  This activity really made publicity for the democracy movement from the other side.


After so many years of lies and cheating by the Communist Party, people who have their own mind have mastered a rule: to interpret Communist propaganda in the opposite way -- when the Communist Party tries hard to badmouth the democracy movement, that is an indication of the thriving and importance of the democracy movement; however, when the Communist Party strongly praises its role models such as Lei Feng, then likely this Lei Feng story is false.


According to this rule, I guess that these books written for years by the propaganda and secret police of the Communist Party will not rouse too much of the people's interest.  Sure enough, a few days ago a friend within the Chinese intellectual circle visited me.  When we were talking about these issues, he started to laugh and told me: "Your guess is really accurate.  There was a Hong Kong writer who wrote a book about you with juicy sex scandals with the thought that the book would sell well, but the income from that book did not even pay for the expenses.  However a humorous essay about you that was written by the exiled writer Zheng Yi was widely circulated with a great influence -- people are still talking about it with great enjoyment.


According to the ancient Chinese: those who have morals will gain many people's hearts, while those who are immoral will be disgusted.  Actually, I am just an ordinary person not too much different from others.  I need to eat and drink like others.  Sometimes I might be angry and even make mistakes.  But why do the ordinary people like me and scoff at these scandalous rumors?  It is because of what I did and what I said, as well as what I sacrificed for; all that the ordinary Chinese mind about and hope for.  When you care about the people, people will believe you.


Conversely, all the Communist regime thinks of is to cheat and suppress the people, as well as to drain the blood and sweat of the people.  How can people believe the Communist regime?  Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany, has his theorem: "If you tell a lie loud enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."  This cynicism can be true within a certain range and certain time, with certain effect.  However, the Chinese people already have calluses in their ears from years of the Communist propaganda, to the degree that they do not even believe the Communist regime anymore even when it is telling the truth.


The editor Hu said that there are not too many people staying with the overseas democracy movement.  This is true.  However, some netizens immediately retorted to him that there were not too many people overseas with both the Communist Party and KMT party earlier in history, yet a single spark ignites the big prairie fire.  The overseas democracy movement has lasted even longer, with even more people, and thus is better off than the Communist Party back then.


Editor Hu stated that the overseas democracy movement is short in resources.  This is true.  The majority of the overseas democracy activists spend their own money for the benefit of the 1.3 billion Chinese people.  We rarely receive donations and assistance.  However, this indomitable spirit of arduous struggle is the positive energy that I admire and should be encouraged by the others.  This is the essence of our Chinese nation, which is totally different from the corruption of the Communist officials.  Just because of this, the ordinary Chinese will not believe in the Communist regime, but only believe the indomitable fighters of the democracy activists.


On one hand, this Chief Editor of the Global Times of the Communist Party claimed that the overseas democracy movement has been marginalized by the Western politicians.  On the other hand, he claimed that the democracy movement is fed by the Western anti-China forces.  So which hand should we believe?  Is he speaking paradox?  The Western politicians of course care about their own interests most; we Chinese people are also the same.  This is very natural.  In recent years, the Westerners have been trying to avoid giving pressure on the Communist regime about human rights issues in order to do business.  This is the reality.


But it is exactly under this trend that the overseas democracy movement has been firmly speaking out for the Chinese people, and creating obstacles for both domestic and foreign conspiracies of the Communist regime.  This illustrates that these poor revolutionaries do indeed have great energy and could create a storm.  Once, there was a French diplomat who asked me: Why is it that you one-man Ministry of Foreign Affairs has so much energy?  Can you give us some lectures in our Foreign Ministry?  There was no exiled person who could affect a country's foreign policy; yet you Chinese people are affecting the foreign policy of all the Western countries."


There was also a German diplomat who told me: you Chinese are not alone, our Western people are your grass roots.  Regardless of what politicians and business people may think, the Western people support your Chinese people.  This is the main power source that enables you to influence Western politics.


There have been friends continuously coming from China to tell me: although you to strive hard without adequate resources, it is exactly your spirit of selflessness and sacrifice that wins the trust from the people.  Most Chinese quickly accept what you say and your opinions.  This is your strength.  The Communist regime actually is very envious of you.  This is the reason that the Communist Party fears and thus will do everything possible to discredit and even destroy the seed of fire of the overseas democracy movement.


Netizens have spoken very well on this issue: a single spark can start a prairie fire.  With the spirit of these persistent and firm overseas democracy activists here, there will be hundreds of times more activists fighting valiantly in China.  With the example of this group of overseas Chinese who still struggle for others' interests even though the Communist party does not directly suppress them anymore, there is no reason that people inside China will not oppose the suppression and exploitation of the corrupted Communist officials.  This is what makes the corrupt officials afraid.  The power of our spirit and thought is worth more than the hundreds of billions of dollars for "maintaining stability" spent by the Communist regime.


The most ridiculous part is that this Editor Hu pretends he understands something that he really did not understand.  He claimed that the overseas democracy movement is marginalized due the battle in between the West and the Communist Party in China.  He is talking nonsense.  The Western businessmen and politicians may think that Chinese democracy impedes their business.  But the democratic politics does obey the view of the grass root voters.  Thus we cannot be marginalized.


There were attempts from the Western politicians who want to buy us out, to make sure that we do not speak out about the U.S. policy toward China.  But no matter how much money might be on the table, we would rather be poor than accept such a condition.  This is exactly the reason that the overseas democracy movement remains widely respected by Western politicians.  This kind of respect is totally different from what the Communist regime receives from the Westerners who want to make money.  I think the Communist officials themselves also clearly see it.  Editor Hu has too limited experience to know this, and thus makes a fool of himself.  So we will forgive him.



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(Written and recorded on August 15, 2013.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A776-W494

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A776-W494


Release Date: August 17, 2013



Topic: My Comments about the Overseas Chinese Democracy Movement -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:简评海外民运 -- 魏京生


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