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Release Date: June 2, 2014



Topic: Opening Remarks at the Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre Hosted by the IFCSS (Ciping HUANG)



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Opening Remarks at the Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre in Front of the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC

-- Ciping HUANG, IFCSS council chair



Dear friends,


Thank you very much for coming to today's commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the June 4 Massacre hosted by the IFCSS (Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars, USA).  A very sad day that is marked by the lives and blood of thousands of Chinese people who were yarning for democracy and human rights.  That enthusiastic 1989 movement was put down by the Barbarian Communist regime and for years it has seemed that there is no hope for China.


That was what was in my mind 15 years ago, during the 10th anniversary of the June 4 Massacre.  At that time, I was also serving as the IFCSS president and made opening remarks in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington DC.  I was very sad and could barely speak.  What I did not talk about that day, was that the desperation I felt as the darkness ahead of us and it was hard to see any light and any hope.


I think that my mentality was similar to many others, including many IFCSS friends, at that time.  Please think about 25 years ago, at the time when there was such a strong call for human rights and democracy for China by the young students and citizens.  Yet many of these young students and citizens who called for democracy and anti-corruption were naive enough that they never expected to be responded with the sound of gunshots from machine guns in the tanks of the People's Liberation Army!  That was because they still had the illusion from the teaching of the Communist regime that the Communist regime was a government "for the people", and the People's Liberation Army would be on the side of the people, instead of gun them down!


Although the 1989 democracy movement was put down at that time, the yearning for freedom and human rights cannot be stopped.  These years, the resistance of the people against the brutal suppression continued, as they know more clearly of the true nature of the Communist regime.  Looking at this sculpture of "courage" we unveiled here today, it not only reminds us of the young man who stood in front of a row of tanks in 1989; it also illustrates the courage and bravery of our Chinese people.


Now, the political suppression in China is so severe that you see that even the simple words "June 4" can not be spread and are forbidden words in many alternative forms, including on the Internet - the Communist regime wants to make sure that young kids do not know about the June 4 Massacre when human blood was running like river in Beijing!  However, a dictatorial regime maybe able to block the truth for some time but it cannot block it forever.  It may deceive the Chinese people and give them the illusion for the time being, but people cannot be fooled forever.


Why do I feel completely different today from what I felt 15 years ago?  That is because the blood and lives of the June 4 victims have awakened the Chinese people and made them realize the nature of the Communist regime.  This makes me feel more and more confident of the positive future for China.  Now this awakening process fermented with blood of June 4 is maturing and baring fruit.  Despite that the suppression intensified especially in recent years, we see people's conscience and sense of a just society awakened and maturing, especially in the form of anti-corruption and rights defending movements in China.  When the Chinese people realized the wolf nature of the Communist regime, they do not want to be the slaughtered lambs of 1989.  People are getting clearer in their goals of  freedom, democracy, human rights and equality.  They resist the prosecution and oppose the suppression.  Now the Communist regime spends more money on "maintaining stability" than on its military.  Without change to a democratic system governed by the people, the suppression by the Communist regime is just like using paper to wrap up fire - the more the paper of suppression is used, the bigger the fire is going to be.  This fire of hope will burn down the dictatorial regime and bring the ray of opportunity for a free and democratic future of China!


In the past 25 years, the members and friends of the IFCSS have been holding the annual commemoration of the June 4 Massacre every year.  It was not just for the purpose of a remembrance of the past, but more for the future of a brighter China when there is a guarantee of freedom, democracy, human rights, equality, and rule of the law.  We all know that we have the duty to keep the history alive, and thus maintain the flame of hope and seek justice, for us, for the victims and families of the June 4 Massacre, for those who were persecuted, and for all the Chinese.


Yes, we have this duty.  Here I am very pleased to see our members and friends who are here today to carry it on - it is our responsibility for the society.  It is our responsibility for ourselves, and our responsibility for the future generations.  We must tell the truth in the history.  We must keep the dream of democracy alive.  We must maintain the ideology of human rights alive.  We must seek the justice for the victims and families of the June 4 Massacre, until the day China is free and democratic!


Again, I want to thank you all for your participation and support to join us today; to support the victims and families of the June 4 Massacre, as our way to keep our conscience; and to support the truth.  Besides our guest speakers for tonight, I want to give particular thanks to our members who come to today's event from far away places in the USA, including Los Angelos, San Francisco, Little Rock, Atlanta, Charlotte, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Delaware, and all the other places.  Thank you all for your courage against the totalitarian regime and for your contribution towards freedom and democracy in China.  Let us work together, to promote and encourage the positive progress in China!



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A820-O232



Release Date: June 2, 2014



Topic: Opening Remarks at the Commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the June 4 Massacre Hosted by the IFCSS (Ciping HUANG)



Original Language Version: English (Chinese version at the end)









-- 全美学自联理事会主席黄慈萍

























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