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Release Date: November 23, 2014



Topic: The Nobleness and Shameless of Politics -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:政治的高尚和无耻 -- 魏京生


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The Nobleness and Shameless of Politics

-- Wei Jingsheng



Politics is the most important profession in human society.  A nation and a society may be in normal existence without any profession, except politics.  Thus it produces this essential profession and professional politicians.


Just like other professions, politicians have uneven characteristics, as well as good people and bad people.  This is a normal phenomenon one need not be surprised about.  However, when bad guys enter politics, it tends to have more serious consequences.  This is because this profession has more serious issues at stake than other professions and thus could produce even more serious consequences.


For example, recently the Hong Kong people's movement for true universal suffrage is in full swing.  This movement is a demonstration of the peaceful "Occupy Central District".  Being a peaceful demonstration, it is necessary to avoid violence.  Unless it is a self-defense as a last resort, the party that uses violence first is bound to lose.  To lose the support and sympathy of the world, would be very unwise.


On the principle of peaceful demonstrations, the sense of propriety grasped by the people in Hong Kong was very good.  Although the Chinese Communist Party and their lackeys used police violence and Mafia gangsters to suppress the demonstration, the young people of "Occupy Central" were still unmoved.  They adhere to a peaceful protest against the tyranny, and win the support and sympathy of the world, thus trapping the unjust Communist Party and their lackeys in the swamp.


So the Chinese Communist Party resorted to their traditional tactics and planted disinformation.  The Communist regime in China claimed the movement for universal suffrage in Hong Kong is provoked and supported by foreign anti-China forces, and even spread rumors that the US government is hiding behind it.  It has spread this rumor for a while, which suffers for lacking of evidence and cannot convince either the people in Hong Kong and Mainland China, nor people with breadth of vision within the Communist Party who oppose a violent repression.


So how to accomplish it then?  There is an oratory by the Chinese Communists that is called: to go when the conditions are ready; however, when conditions are not ready, create the conditions for going.  Thus there are some people who, in the name of the overseas Chinese democracy movement, with their funding from Americans, came out and openly declared that they had trained thousands of people to conduct peaceful protests and that they were talking to the protesters in Hong Kong on an hourly basis, even boasting themselves as the overseas think tank of the "Occupy Central" movement.


Now situation gets serious.  The Hong Kong people's spontaneous fight for true universal suffrage became a conspiracy of foreign hostile forces to subvert the Chinese Communist regime.  It seems to be emphatic, with evidence.  First, this statement itself is enough to confuse many people in Mainland China and Hong Kong, and gives sufficient excuse for the Communist regime to suppress this peace movement.  Second, it blocked what the people within the Communist Party who are against the suppression might say - with the excuse of foreign subversion, there is not sufficient excuse to oppose suppression in the context of the Communist Party.


How insidious and vicious this is.  It is designed to put the pure and innocent students of Hong Kong at risk.  It is to put a peaceful and rational protest in injustice.  It is to put the open demonstration into a conspiracy.  What is called "framed"?  This is a clever political way to frame.  This is not only framing the people of Hong Kong, but also framing those people who are sympathetic to the people of Hong Kong.


There is an Aesop fable called the wolf and the lamb.  The wolf wants to eat the lamb, and uses the excuse that the lamb muddies the water from the river that the wolf wants to drink.  The lamb responds with 'how could I muddle up your water, when the river runs down from you to me?'  The wolf says no matter what, I'm going to eat you.  This story is indeed in the same line with the Communist regime's oratory "when conditions are not ready, create the conditions for readiness".


The so-called "trained thousands" from overseas, "directed by a think tank", and conspiracy by "the hostile forces", etc., are purely fictitious.  Democrats in Hong Kong had very little dealing with the overseas Chinese democracy movement.  The situation within the overseas Chinese democracy movement is very complicated, and outsiders who do not know the situation indeed do not dare to deal with it.  As a matter of fact, even insiders often have a hard time to understand what is really going on.  Even many people within the democracy movement were fooled.


The complications have several reasons.  The first is because of deficiencies in the Chinese overseas democracy movement.  Although there were true patriots fighting for democracy who fled China after the 1989 democracy movement crackdown, there were also many former Communist officials who were deposed since then, as well as the inevitable infiltrated Communist spies and informants.


The second, during the years of natural selection, those people with lofty ideals who strived hard for democracy, had hardship that is not comparable to the spies and informants who are very well funded.  So there is this phenomenon that false ones are expelling the real ones.


The third, there are spies and informants who have time and energy without needing to work their own way to make a living.  Yet, they are able to provide lip service to gain favor from the media.  Now and then, they are able to feed the media what they need, in return for tout.


The fourth is that over the years, the Communist strategy of buy out the media has gradually gained effectiveness.  Touted spies and informants also become more effective.


This situation results in people noticing chaos and confusion when they observe the Chinese overseas democracy movement through the media.  Further, usually people underestimate the capacity of the spies, thus naturally think that the democracy movement cannot accomplish anything.  In fact, this is an illusion caused by the media culture.


I remember once delivering a speech at the Humboldt University of Berlin, the university where Karl Marx studied.  A former East German opposition leader told me: when you talked about the interference by the Communist spies, you did not give enough emphasis on of the problem.  After the unification of the two Germanys, we found out from the archives that 2/3 of the people in our organizations who were spies or acted as informants.


With such complex internal relations, then it is not surprising to produce evidence according to the Communist Party's need.  Regardless whether taking the initiative to help the Communist Party, or being deceived to help the Communist Party, the reality is to provide good excuses for the fraction within the Communist Party that wants to suppress, and create a dangerous situation for the fight for universal suffrage movement in Hong Kong.


How to eliminate the danger to fight and how to carry on the universal suffrage movement until the victory is what the various forces in Hong Kong and outside need to work out with wisdom and courage, according to their own conditions.  Exposing the fact that the Communist repression faction manufactured evidence and distorted the truth is an important job that needs to be done.


The Chinese Communist Party controls most of the media in the Chinese language.  In comparison, media of foreign languages rarely are so controlled and maintain good reputation.  So to disseminate the most important facts through media of foreign languages is an effective means to deal with rumored offenses.


It is necessary to include a positive interpretation, like what the National Endowment for Democracy had done with the facts and reasons.  It is also important to include the self-justification by these rumor distributors afterwards.  Various facts have different functions for people of different status.  We should not view all the people in the same mold, with the same faces.


The world is complex.  Politics is even more complicated.  Those who want to reap harvest without complicities, just as well should wish meat pies fall from the sky to feed you.  I wish our democrat friends in Hong Kong to have enough wisdom to achieve victory after riding out this storm.


I also wish the Chinese Communist leaders have enough wisdom not repeat the mistake of 1989.  Last time the Chinese Communist regime did not die when it was so threatened, does not mean it will be that lucky this time.



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(Written on October 27 and recorded on October 28, 2014.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A850-W544

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A850-W544


Release Date: November 23, 2014



Topic: The Nobleness and Shameless of Politics -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:政治的高尚和无耻 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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