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Topic: It Is a Victory When People in Hong Kong Carry On -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:香港人民不退场就是胜利 -- 魏京生


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It Is a Victory When People in Hong Kong Carry On

-- Wei Jingsheng



Today, on the 25th of November, 2014, people who were fighting for universal suffrage in Hong Kong were removed.  The police used pepper spray (including tear gas) to force people to retreat.  Leung Chun Ying, the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, supported by Xi Jinping, claimed that was the rule of law, that the police was carrying out law enforcement with the court's ruling.


What is the modern legal system?  First, it is a legal system of separation of powers.  Since there is a separation of powers, the courts cannot interfere with the legislative and law enforcement; that is politics.  That is because both the legislative and law enforcement agencies are elected, are directly legitimate institutions, while the judges are appointed according to certain procedures by legitimate institutions.  The court is only an indirect legitimate institution and a limited arbitration body.  It is illegal for it to interfere with politics directly.


Secondly, although the elections in Hong Kong are slightly better than those on Mainland China, they still do not really represent the people.  In comparison with Xi Jinping's "to rule the country according to (the Communists') law", it is the difference between 50 steps backwards and 100 steps backwards (as in the Chinese legend story) without essential differences.  When the people in Hong Kong demanded genuine universal suffrage to assert their fundamental rights, it was the semi-legal court that came forward to intervene, to prevent the exercise of the people's legitimate rights.  This is a serious offense; it is knowingly breaking the law.


Thirdly, is it illegal for people who strive for universal suffrage to occupy the streets?  No.  That is because whether in ancient or modern times, it is considered legitimate for people to express their wishes.  In particular in modern times we recognize that law itself is derived from the people.  Besides the people having rights to elect representatives who express their wishes, they also have the right to direct express their own will.  Moreover, they are simply demanding respect for the right to vote, which is not illegal.  Otherwise, that law enforcement is illegal.  The police and court in Hong Kong using violence to disperse the people is illegal.


During the British rule, the people of Hong Kong developed a good habit of compliance with law, to the extreme.  So when the court declared it was illegal, they thought it as illegal, to the degree that some older man of "Occupy Central" tearfully admitted himself as illegal, even tragically stated that he would go surrender.  This reaction is really thoroughly muddle minded -- he forgot that his original action was exactly to claim his rights that have been violated, the very rights that even the court does not have the right to deprive.


According to the prevailing practice of mankind, when people's basic rights have been violated, the people have the right to regain their rights with any means.  Petitioning through occupying streets is the mildest exercise of their rights.  Gun rights defined by the US Constitution are such kind of collective rights of self-defense.  These articles are made based on very basic human rights.  This is called natural law, not to be assigned by the people, nor changed by the people.


Now, some people there are inciting a so-called "retreat mechanism" in Hong Kong.  This protest has been the most gentle one and where is there to retreat to?  It is the Communist Party that is violating the Basic Law of Hong Kong that should retreat, while the people in Hong Kong have no way to retreat.  Another step of retreat will lead to that kind of abyss suffered by the people in Mainland China in the past 65 years.  In the name of strategy, to suggest the Hong Kong people to retreat at this time is to frame with a sinister smile.


People usually are more shortsighted, and sometimes very confused, to the degree that they could be fooled by crafty politicians and forget their true interests.  The Communist Party in China is this kind of real cunning politician.  It keeps repeating the so-called poll containing what percentage of people are against "Occupying Central", but does not reveal the percentage of people who are against the true universal suffrage.  Why?  The Communist regime does not dare to say it.  That is because most people in Hong Kong do support real elections and oppose faked elections, which is true dictatorship.  Taking people's shortsightedness and confused mind as its advantage, the Communist Party is fooling the people in the excuse of strategy.


So what should be the strategy in this situation of no way to retreat?  It should be standing firm without a retreat -- even one step of retreat will result a fall into the deep abyss.  This is the lesson we should learn from the failure of the people in Mainland China in 1989.  The people in Hong Kong should not learn from Zhao Ziyang and the students in 1989.  It will be bloody regardless retreat or not.  The wolf will always eat the lamb.  So the only way for the lamb is to stick its horns at the wolf for a desperate fight.  Then it might be able to win a chance of survival.


The people of Hong Kong should not think that after this removal, the Communist Party would only punish the leaders and leave the average people alone.  Look at what has happened after the June 4 Massacre in 1989.  After the removal of the students in Tiananmen Square, there was a nationwide manhunt, which was followed with examining everyone carefully, and then a big setback for the whole country until now which has been a step by step backwards towards the Cultural Revolution period.  The people already had no way to retreat.


The leaders have even less room to retreat.  They should not show timidness and become a vampire to help the evil.  Do not be afraid of the Communist jails.  You will be responsible for what you did, as heroes should be.  Should you regret now, why did you bother with the past actions?  After all, there is no way to retreat and one should not daydream about the benevolence of the Communist regime giving special treatment to the traitors who surrendered.  Just look at what happened to the student leaders of 1989, and do not bother with the illusions.


Why should one be afraid of a jail sentence?  Before I was put on trial in 1979, both Ye Jianying and Hu Yaobang warned that the Communist Party should not make a hero and idol for the opposition of the people.  Where there is some idol to follow, there will be a continuity of heroes and leaders from the people, one wave after another.  Throughout the 1980's, this truth was proven true.


Although you may suffer in prison physically, your career can continue to expand outside the prison.  For the eighteen years jail time I spent, I do not think it as a pain.  I had confidence with joy.  So what do you have to be afraid of?  Afraid of being heroes?  This psychology would be terrible.  What is a cultural desert?  When everyone does not dare to be the birds who streach their heads out, they become a group of egg-laying hens instead.  Even hens know that in order to protect their baby chickens, they must fight against the eagles.  If you do not dare to have this desperate fight for the happiness of your future generations, then you are no better than chickens.


Instead, now is the time for you to learn from the Beijing residents who had the desperate fight with the Communist army, after the students retreated after the June 4 Massacre in 1989.  They are the backbone of the Chinese nation, even though many took death as glorious.  They won ration and faith for the people, with their own lives and blood.  Unfortunately, the democracy movement of 1989 was not continued when all the leaders were in full retreat from the situation.  What people in Hong Kong should do now is to stop the retreat by these weak leaders -- to support their foothold without retreat.


Even if Xi Jinping has the courage of Deng Xiaoping, he does not have Deng's strength.  If Xi learned from Deng Xiaoping to clear the area with force, then to resign with an apology, he would not have an easy exit.  There are many wolves in the back waiting to make a meal of him.  We will see to believe.



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(Written and recorded on November 25, 2014.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A852-W546

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A852-W546


Release Date: November 30, 2014



Topic: It Is a Victory When People in Hong Kong Carry On -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:香港人民不退场就是胜利 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生









再其次,争取普选权的民众占领了街道,是违法行为吗?不是。 因为不管是古代还是现代,人民表达意愿都被认为是合法的。特别是现代,法本身来源于人民,人民除了有选举代表表达意愿的权利,也有直接表达意愿的权利。何况是表达要求尊重选举权,没有违法一说。否则你那个执法就是违法的,港警和法院使用暴力驱散人民就是违法的。



































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