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Release Date: February 21, 2015



Topic: Voice of America: Wei Jingsheng Talks about Hong Kong's Future (includes VOA introduction transcripts and comments from the viewers)



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Voice of America's "Issues and Opinions" Program: Wei Jingsheng Talks about Hong Kong's Future (includes VOA introduction transcripts and comments from the viewers)



On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the Chinese Lunar New Year's Eve, Mr. Wei Jingsheng was invited to the Voice of America "Issues and Opinions" program to talk about Hong Kong's future.  During the live broadcasting on TV, radio and the Internet, he also answered questions from the listeners and viewers.  This program was hosted by Bao Shen and Yu Zhou of VOA.  The program received enthusiastic comments and responses from listeners and viewers even after its broadcast.


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The following is the transcript of this program from VOA's website.

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"Issues and Opinions" Program: Wei Jingsheng Talks about Hong Kong's Future

-- Bao Shen and Yu Zhou, Voice of America'


18.02.2015 23:20


Recently, several universities in Hong Kong conducted student elections.  Some candidates put forward propositions to no longer participate in the rally commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing in 1989.  These propositions received repercussions.  Some analysts said that this showed the candidates were being manipulated by the Beijing regime, while other analysts said it showed an awakening of Hong Kong's local consciousness, and even the rise of the Hong Kong independence conscience.  What far-reaching impact will the recent vigorous Sunflower Movement in Taiwan generate for the democracy and future of Hong Kong?  What changes have Hong Kong's younger generation had with self-awareness, self-identity, and political aspiration?  Is the "One Country, Two Systems" proposal about Hong Kong already dead and existing in name only?  What direction is the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China moving toward?  Is there the possibility for Hong Kong's future to be like Taiwan?  Or, is Hong Kong the possible future of Taiwan?  The VOA continues its invitation for Wei Jingsheng, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, to talk freely of his views.


Wei Jingsheng told VOA's "Issues and Opinions" that it is not a well thought out proposition to no longer participate in rallies commemorating the Tiananmen Massacre in Beijing in 1989.  That is because refusing to show solidarity with the democratic desire of the Mainland Chinese absolutely does not mean that Hong Kong will be free from the harm of the Communist dictatorship.  During the process of pursuing democracy, everyone should support all the others.  The Communist regime has been using its mouthpiece of official media to provoke and exaggerate the conflicts between the people of Hong Kong and Mainlanders.  Its purpose is to split the forces striving for democracy.  Wei Jingsheng also pointed out the pro-independence slogan that was proposed in Taiwan was not for independence but for the purpose of realizing democracy.  And now Taiwan has realized that democracy.  

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The following comments from the viewers were posted under the VOA video link (http://www.voachinese.com/content/voaweishi-20150218-voaio-1/2648680.html)within 25 hours after the show.


Comment 1: by "Eliminate the Communist Party"; at 19.02.2015 21:48:

Undoubtedly, the democracy movement in Hong Kong is a good start for people in Mainland China.  However, I think they have made a great mistake strategically, by not sufficiently dealing with the Communist Party that is shrewd and astute.  They should seek out or organize some experts and thinkers to conduct analysis and guidance, instead of doing something that could be harmful to the democratic movement.


Followed comment by Chen; from Guangzhou; at 20.02.2015 12:57:

Absolutely right!  Mr. Wei talked very reasonably!  Now the Communist bandits are provoking Mainland Chinese to hate Hong Kong, just like they have been encouraged to hate Xinjiang and Tibet.  In this way, when the Communist bandits take harsh measures agains the people in Hong Kong, they will have no worries.  For the purpose of seizing power and protecting power, these Communist bandits will use any smothering measures.  The democrats in Mainland China are looking at Hong Kong.  This is what the Communist bandits worry about most.  So now these Communist bandits use some bad habits that the Mainlanders have to sow discord between people in Mainland China and Hong Kong.  I hope the compatriots in Hong Kong will see this clearly and do not get fooled.  Listen to the views of related experts in the world and thus do not get capsized!


Comment 2: by "Looking Clearly at the Communist Party"; from Mainland China; at 19.02.2015 19:52

We support a democratic constitutional road for China.  The problem is that there is no organization that can oppose the Communist Party now, or be able to support China after the Communist Party and thus avoid turmoil in China without damaging people's safety.  Of course the reason that there is no such organization is because of the intensive suppression the Communist Party has done against the civil society in not allowing any force to grow in the past several decades.  The Communist Party grew into a prairie fire from a single spark, so they are very experienced and will do whatever it takes to prevent any other sparks.  This is sad for the Chinese nation; how do we have a self-rescue after we got on the pirate ship?


Comment 3: by anonymous author; at 19.02.2015 19:49:

Wei Jingsheng might be the first president in China after it realizes democracy.  That is because his mind, insight, vision and grace are all ready for it.  The Chinese people would be able to have pride in this kind of president.  This is the style a world-class leader should have.


Comment 4: by Liang; from Canada; 19.02.2015 14:06:

As a person from Hong Kong, I am very concerned about the democracy movement in China.  I also understand that if there were no democracy in Mainland China, it would be impossible for Hong Kong to expect anything different.  But the general people in Hong Kong are too realistic.  I have contacts with a lot of friends in Mainland China, and find they have gone through years of brainwashing, do not know the West much, and are infected with corrupt habits.  They are discontented with the society and think that China will be strong in the future, but lack the ability to analyze.  Of course there are some intellectuals that have insight of the current situation, but that was just a few.


Reviews of 5: Author: anonymous 19.02.2015 11:48:

China is right at the dawn like the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989.  It is very difficult to reverse now.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A862-W555

魏京生基金会新闻与文章发布号: A862-W555


Release Date: February 21, 2015



Topic: Voice of America: Wei Jingsheng Talks about Hong Kong's Future (includes VOA introduction transcripts and comments from the viewers)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)



























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