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Release Date: November 15, 2015



Topic: Henry Kissinger’s Wrong Thinking -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:基辛格的错误思维 -- 魏京生


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Henry Kissinger’s Wrong Thinking

-- Wei Jingsheng



As an international political activist Henry Kissinger's thoughts are mainly of international relations.  Recently, a fellow of Harvard University, Mr. Yang Peng from China, gave some reviews of Kissinger's views that were quite pertinent.  But the review was not in deep enough, and seems to have had some mercy.  To be a visiting scholar in the land of Kissinger, it is understandable to be gentle and restrained when talking about him.  So, let me give some in-depth criticism of Henry Kissinger's thoughts that would be very important to both Chinese and Americans.


In the book ("World Order") he recently published, Henry Kissinger explained his vision from his diplomatic experience and reflection accumulated in the past several decades.  That vision was really in the same track, or say carved from the same mold, as the "Asian Values" of Jiang Zemin (of China) and Lee Kuan Yew (of Singapore).  Both assume that the diplomatic thought or the traditional way of thinking between the Westerners and the Chinese people is not the same.


That theory says that Westerners use legal thinking, e.g. maintaining the relationship between countries according to the law, and have so since the Peace Treaties of Westphalia in the seventeenth century.  The Chinese people are used to thinking in accordance with the law of the jungle, only acknowledging the relationship between the sovereign state and tributary states.  According to Mr. Kissinger's relatively euphemistic way of expression, the law of jungle is said to be thinking in terms of historical development.  Over all, the principles of the East and West are different, which is a special concept of Asian Values.


Is it really true historically?  Mr. Yang Peng politely gives an example of the opposite.  In China during the sixth century BC, there was the "Big Conference to Cease the Wars" after the war between the countries of Jin and Chu.  The "Big Conference to Cease the Wars" (included more than one dozen countries and) was the first international peace treaties in the world.  It maintained more than one hundred years of peace, in a total area that was much bigger than the German-speaking area.  That was more than two thousand years earlier than the Peace Treaties of Westphalia that Kissinger was so proud of.


Is it true that in the more than two thousand years following this "Big Conference", China only had the relationship between the sovereign state and tributary states, as stated by Kissinger?  I have to say Mr. Kissinger does not read books and makes blind comments without knowing the history.  Besides the relationship between China and its tributary states, treaty relationships between China and its neighboring countries have continued to exist for more than two thousand years.  The Chinese who were educated by the Chinese Communist Party remember the famous peace treaty between the Tang Dynasty and Tibet, which was carved onto 3 stones publicly erected in three locations include the Chinese capital of the Tang Dynasty Chang'an and the Tibetan capital Lhasa.  The treaty stone in Lhasa (Lhasa Doring) has survived till this day, and has been available for all the public to view freely all the time, without restriction.  Could the public view your treaty written on the parchment so freely? 


Now let us look at the history of European thought according to Henry Kissinger again.  Let us not talk about the relative peace maintained by the religious authorities during the Medieval ages.  Was Europe in peace after the Peace Treaty of Westphalia?  The wars within Germany stopped.  However, the law of the jungle was still in force among other countries.  There were several wars that broke out between Germany and other countries.  Even the two world wars in the last century were initiated by the Germans.  Where was the thinking of any treaty law?  To the best it was equal to the Chinese.  Human nature is the same.  There is no such thing as so-called "Special Values."


The first to affect peace among nations is the historical development.  Affected by the domestic ups and downs, the balance of power among nations will be broken.  More powerful countries will have the motivation to breach the peace, which is most of the reason for war.  The Peace Treaty of Westphalia came out because everyone was exhausted from the wars, and with their nations in recession they had to withdraw the motives of aggression.  Laws and treaties were just excuses.


The reason that the "Big Conference to Cease the Wars" was successful in China more than 2,600 years ago is because the situation was the same as what is in the world since the last century.  Like today, it produced overlords, so-called "international police" to maintain order.  That is, with relatively fair refereeing and punitive measures, they stop wars that could occur anywhere.  The so-called "international law" of today is just like that.  Instead of being real, it depends on the willingness of the law enforcers to take responsibility.  As a matter of fact, the United Nations is just a decoration, without practical significance itself.


This is just like other laws around us -- if there are no punitive measures and law enforcers, it really would be an unknown number of how many people would abide by the law.  If offenders go unpunished and even awarded with the benefits, I am afraid that most people would not comply with the law.  The current situation in China is an example.  And now the international society is also developing toward this direction.  When weak people cheer the USA's decline, they have forgotten what kind of catastrophe the village will suffer when it lacks a sherrif.


So where did the rising mind of aggression of the current Chinese rulers come from?  That is exactly the common feature of all tyranny.  Where did the tyrannical thinking of the Chinese Communist Party come from?  It exactly came from you in the West.  It is not the thinking of the Chinese traditional legal treaty.


Put in this way, the traditional thinking of China weights more on laws and treaties, while the traditional Western thinking weights more on the law of the jungle.  It was only in modern times that the situation has reversed, when the law of the jungle is applied by the Chinese Communist Party in China, while most Western countries are more likely following the new ideas of the law and treaties.


Why did the West change its traditional thinking?  That is because the people of the democratic states like peace, and are accustomed to thinking in accordance with the law and treaties.  So they often ended up make a mistake, thinking that other people were just like themselves, without understanding that other people might be different.  In particular, they do not understand that the thinking of the tyrants is not to comply with the law and treaties, but to bully with the law of the jungle.


The old friends of the Chinese Communist Party such as Henry Kissinger argued loudly for these tyrants: they said that they want to "Tao Guang Yang Hui" -- to keep a low profile.  Americans have failed to understand the real meaning of this famous Chinese idiom, thinking it means to put the weapons in the warehouse and to release the warhorses into the mountains.  In fact, the real meaning of this idiom is: to hide arrows in the pouch pretending peace and wait until the right time to kill the enemy.


This is the fundamental difference of the two thinking ways.  Right now, Xi Jinping's hand is reaching that poisoned arrow in his pouch, eagering to give a try to the neighboring countries.  Indeed, he cannot wait much longer.  It is not that he cannot wait due to the international environment, but due to the plight inside of China.  If there were no international police force willing to take responsibility for peace, the peace would already have disappeared.


By now, we should already know who these big international liars are helping by advocating appeasement.  If they really are sober minded scholars, then they are betraying their own people for personal gain.  Of course, another tradition of modern American politics is: it is the better traitors who are admired.  That tradition makes these scholars, who have lied to the American people, become fashionable.



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(Written on and recorded on November 12, 2015.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue:A900-W581



Release Date: November 15, 2015



Topic: Kissinger's Wrong Thinking -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:基辛格的错误思维 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生



















和我们身边的法律一样,如果没有惩罚的措施和执法者,有多少人遵守法律,那确实是个未知数。 如果违法者不受惩罚而且得到了好处,恐怕绝大多数人都不会遵守那个法律。现在中国的情况就是如此。现在国际间的情况也正在向这个方向发展。弱者们在欢呼美国日渐衰落的同时,忘记了没有警察的乡村是什么样的灾难。

























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