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Release Date: December 5, 2015



Topic: The Wei Jingsheng Foundation Announces the Twelfth Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" Award



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The Wei Jingsheng Foundation Announces the Twelfth Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" Award


December 5, 2015



Since 2004, the Wei Jingsheng Foundation has awarded the "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" every year on December 5th.  In the last eleven years the awarding of this prize has had reverberations around the world.  Those people persisting in the fight for freedom and democracy in China, who are at any moment in danger of persecution of the dictatorial regime, have thus been encouraged and consoled.


As can be expected, those who nominate a candidate believe the person they have nominated has made a great contribution to the cause of Chinese democracy and freedom.  Nominating someone in and of itself is a way to commend all champions of democracy, including those unknown, untiring democracy heroes who do not concern themselves with fame and fortune.  We have great respect for their strength of spirit and the sacrifices they have made.  As in the past 11 years, we received many excellent recommendations from our friends inside China and overseas.  All the 6 qualified recommendations are excellent candidates and it was as ever a challenge to distinguish and select the best.  Just as we did in the past, this year's award gives greatest consideration to those individuals and groups who have persisted in their work on the democracy movement inside China, especially those people who gave up their own freedom and even their lives for the others.


For the more than 3 years since Xi Jinping took over the power in China, the Chinese economy has been brought to its knees, with an increasingly grim political environment, to the degree that even the communist leaders had to worry about the legitimacy of the ruling of the one-party dictatorship.  Yet, such a difficulty only promoted the Communist regime to intensify repression against human rights, which has made the environment for the dissidents became even more sinister.  Under these circumstances, those democracy activists who dare to continue perseverance over many years are even nobler.


The recipient for this year's "Wei Jingsheng Democracy Champion Prize" announced by the Foundation's Wei Jingsheng Democracy Champion Prize Judging Committee is exactly such a person.  For more than one decade, he has not only adhered to the democratic concept, but also worked to put it into action.  He is the outstanding leader and member of an opposition party, Mr. Chen Shuqing.  The 51-year-old Chen Shuqing participated in the democratic movement in 1989 and is a member of the Zhejiang Preparatory Committee of the China Democracy Party. Since 1998 Mr. Chen has been repeatedly detained by the Communist regime for promoting democracy and freedom, include a 4 years sentence imposed in 2007 for "inciting subversion of state power".  After his release, he was continuously monitored by the Communist authorities, including 24 hour daily surveillance during the "sensitive" period.  In September 2014, Chen Shuqing was again taken away by the authorities, and later formally arrested in October 2014.  In September 2015, the Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court of Zhejiang Province put Chen Shuqing on trial under the "subverting state power" charge.  After the trial, according to Fu Yonggang, defense lawyer of Chen Shuqing, Chen is facing a maximum life imprisonment according to Chinese criminal law.


For more about Chen Shuqing, please read the relevant dedication by Ms. Huang Ciping: "I Was Worried Before Everyone Got Worried, I Will Be Happy When Everyone Is Happy."


Our award to Chen Shuqing this year means also to encourage all democracy advocates who support democracy and freedom and put the ideal into action.  Especially, we want to encourage those persons who believe organizing the opposition party as the most basic condition to end one-party dictatorship and to construct democratic institutions.  Of these people, these who were nominated multiple times in the past 12 years are these who were the first to publicly organize an opposition party in 1998, the members of the Zhejiang Preparatory Committee of the China Democracy Party are the most outstanding and prominent.  Mr. Chen Shuqing has been an outstanding figure who worked quietly and took responsibility, yet without asking for the credits he deserves.  After several pioneers and leaders of their group passed away, such as Wang Donghai (the 2012 "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" Awardee), it was due to the sacrifice and contribution from people like Chen Shuqing that the democracy activists in Zhejiang could carry on to be a powerful force in the freedom and democracy movement in China for the past more than one decade.  Chen Shuqing stressed that all his expressions and actions to promote democracy are innocent; that the freedom of thought, speech and association should all be guaranteed by the Chinese constitution.  What he said is also what Mr. Wei Jingsheng and the Wei Jingsheng Foundation deeply believe.


The total prize pooled together this year is $5,000.  Those who donated money are donating their passion and belief in Chinese democracy.  For this passion we want to express our deepest gratitude.  In addition we also want to express our appreciation to all those people who recommended nominees for our twelfth annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize".  We thank all of you for your support and encouragement.


Wei Jingsheng Foundation "Wei Jingsheng Democracy Champion Prize" Judging Committee:

Huang Ciping, Chen Xingyu, Liu Jijie, Chen Bangzheng (signed)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A903-W584



Release Date: December 5, 2015



Topic: The Wei Jingsheng Foundation Announces the Twelfth Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" Award



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)




































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