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Release Date: December 5, 2015



Topic: "I Was Worried Before Everyone Got Worried, I Will Be Happy When Everyone Is Happy." -- Prize Dedication to Chen Shuqing as Recipient of the Twelfth Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" by the Wei Jingsheng Foundation

标题:先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐 -- 2015年第十二届"魏京生民主斗士奖"给陈树庆先生的颁奖词


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"I Was Worried Before Everyone Got Worried, I Will Be Happy When Everyone Is Happy."

-- Prize Dedication to Chen Shuqing as Recipient of the Twelfth Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" by the Wei Jingsheng Foundation


December 5, 2015



When I was seven years old, I secretly read the Chinese classic literature textbook my dad used during his college in Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province.  Of that difficult book, there was one sentence I remembered for the rest of my life: "I Was Worried Before Everyone Got Worried, I Will Be Happy When Everyone Is Happy."  That is because although I knew all the words in that sentence, yet I had a difficulty in completely comprehending it.  As the years pass, I am getting better at understanding this sentence that was written 970 years ago.  The people I know and experiences I have had helped me to understand the deep and profound significance of the selfless meaning of "for the others first, then oneself" of this simple sentence.  In fact, it is really not difficult for one to understand it; the difficulty is in carrying it out.


This famous sentence in the lasting "Yueyang Tower," which has only a few hundred words, was written by Fan Zhongyan, the famous statesman, military strategist, and writer of the Northern Song Dynasty.  It well expressed author's feeling of taking responsibility for the world.  He practiced his life with concern for the people and the country.  His outspokenness led to his several demotions and disgraces.  Even several colleagues including Ouyang Xiu, a famous scholar and statesman of the time, were demoted and put in exile because they spoke for Fan's grievance and in support of him.  Fan Zhongyan used his income to help people of poverty in his village, yet lived in poverty himself all his life; an exact reflection of practice of his sentence.  In the past and present, this sentence of his has inspired so many people with lofty ideals to resonate and even sacrifice.  However, in this materialistic society in China now, such people with lofty ideals have to not only bear all incomprehensible superciliousness, but also to bear the ruthless repression that dictators carry out against these pioneers who have foresight.  Sometimes the pioneers become martyrs paying the price of their own freedom and even their lives.


Over the long history of Zhejiang Province, a wealthy place with rich culture and outstanding people, there have been many pioneers with insight and braveness.  In this economically developed land of prosperity, many people who can lie back to enjoy their lives, are still concerned of the well being of the people and future of China.  Of them, many have sacrificed their otherwise better and stable material life to promote democracy and freedom for the Chinese people.  They include the members of Zhejiang Democratic Party, who have been the first to publicly organize an opposition party under the Communist regime and have been active for more than a decade.  One of their outstanding representatives is the awardee of this year's "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" - Mr. Chen Shuqing.


Chen Shuqing was born in September 1965, in Fuyang county of the Zhejiang Province.  In 1983, he was admitted to the Department of Biology of Hangzhou University with excellent scores.  He participated in the 1986 student protests and the 1989 democracy movement in China.  In the 1980's, he was accepted into graduate study and received a master's degree in July 1990.  In 1995, Chen Shuqing participated in the implementation of the constitution movement, in demanding the release of Wei Jingsheng, Liu Nianchun, and other political activists.  In 1998, Chen joined the Zhejiang Democratic Party.  Then in 1999, after the second wave of crackdowns on the Chinese Democratic Party by the Chinese Communist authorities, Chen Shuqing, along with Nie Minzhi, Wang Rongqing, Shan Chengfeng, and others took responsibility for the daily organizational work of the Zhejiang Democratic Party and the production of its "Opposition Party" magazine.  On September 24, 1999, Chen's home was raided by the Hangzhou police and he was secretly detained for more than four months under the euphemism "residential surveillance".  In September 2006, Chen Shuqing was again detained for "inciting subversion of state power" and was sentenced to serve four years in the prison.  In September 2014, Chen Shuqing was arrested again and now he is facing another sentence.


Chen Shuqing has summarized himself as: "a member of the Chinese Democratic Party and a fighter.  I always know what is my mission."  He is dependable and hardworking.  He does hard and solid work, instead of boasting himself with only ambition.  Chen Shuqing adheres to freedom of speech as a constitutional right, and also has promised "to speak publicly, have the courage to speak publicly, to be good at speak publicly, to use wisdom to speak publicly," as a way to counter the persecution and attacks from the Chinese Communist regime.  He is open-minded and writes good articles.  He wrote many articles praising his fellow comrades, but without praising himself.  He is full of team spirit and often helped his fellow comrades including joining in an effort to help distressed friends and families, especially during the Chinese New Year time.  In one of the articles, he humbly wrote: "We, the members of the Zhejiang Democrat Party, are just the paving stones of the democratic process.  We want to build this party as a big platform that is inclusive and open.  We welcome and are willing to absorb every comrade who is willing to contribute to the advancement of the Chinese democracy, to display their talent and to realize the value of life.  When we have a growing number of paving stones, why should we worry of being unable to pave a broad road of democracy and freedom that would be beneficial to all the citizens and future generations! "


In order to promote the rule of law in China as much as he can, Chen Shuqing gave up his biology profession that he has studied for years and taught himself to study law in order to take the National Bar Examination so as to become a lawyer.  When talking about why he made such an important life choice, Chen Shuqing said: "There are so many talented people with lofty ideals such as Youcai, Yilong, Zhengming, Xu Guang, who took the initiative to suffer and sacrifice for a free China.  Yet we cannot even find a human rights lawyer to defend them!  What a sad bleak reality!."  Chen Shuqing passed his National Bar Examination in 2004, but the Chinese authorities refused to give him his "legal professional qualification certificate" due to his years of activity involved with the Chinese Democracy Party, his articles that promote democracy and rule of law against tyranny, and his protest against political persecution.  Despite this, he still provides a lot of legal advice to his fellow comrades and those in need, including seeking medical treatment, reducing the sentences of those in prison, and improving prison conditions, etc.


"I Was Worried Before Everyone Got Worried, I Will Be Happy When Everyone Is Happy."  For years, Chen Shuqing has been worried about the Chinese people and the fate of China.  He has not only said so, but has carried it out in his actions.  His persistence and tenacity received a lot of praise from friends.  They praise his goal aiming, his down to earth nature, his spirit of contribution, and his sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for China.  This attitude is also what I felt during my communications and cooperation with him in the past.  Now, as he is about to be sentenced to face yet another rough water of his life, I want to use the quotations that he once used of the US President Theodore Roosevelt: "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause..."


Finally, I want to finish my dedication to Chen Shuqing with the words of Wang Rongqing, his deceased fellow member of the Zhejiang Democratic Party, from Wang's article "Why we organized a party, who are we striving for?"  In that article, Wang Rongqing said: "We are participating in the democratic movement and organized the Chinese Democracy Party not for the purpose to help a 'savior' to achieve 'great achievements' and 'eternal fame'; not to look for a 'lord' to help him 'seize the political power and rule the world'; not to share and enjoy some leftovers at the offering of some great people, nor do we want to simply overthrow one political party, or cast someone with arbitrary punishment as the purpose; we are striving for the civil rights and dignity of being a human being for every Chinese including ourselves.  We want our own country to be under a good system, moving towards prosperity, loving peace in the world, and involved in hosting the World axiom."


Looking at the situation in China and the world now, I realize that our goals are getting closer than in 1990 when I participated in organizing an overseas Chinese opposition party against the Chinese Communist Party.  The hopelessness then has turned into optimism now.  The establishment of opposition parties is the first prerequisite to end one-party dictatorial rule, and to achieve democracy and rule of law.  We must follow the example set up by Chen Shuqing, to multiply our efforts, with the courage that dares to sacrifice in order to achieve this dream as soon as possible.


Thank you all!



Ciping HUANG (signed)

Executive Director

Wei Jingsheng Foundation



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A904-W585



Release Date: December 5, 2015



Topic: "I Was Worried Before Everyone Got Worried, I Will Be Happy When Everyone Is Happy." -- Prize Dedication to Chen Shuqing as Recipient of the Twelfth Annual "Wei Jingsheng Chinese Democracy Champion Prize" by the Wei Jingsheng Foundation

标题:先天下之忧而忧,后天下之乐而乐 -- 2015年第十二届"魏京生民主斗士奖"给陈树庆先生的颁奖词


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 2015年第十二届"魏京生民主斗士奖"给陈树庆先生的颁奖词

















最后,我借用陈树庆引用的已过世的浙江民主党人王荣清的《为谁而党,为谁而争》一文中的话来结束本颁奖词:"我们参加民主运动和组织中国民主党,不是为了成就哪位'救世主'的 '丰功伟绩'和'万世英名';不是为了寻找'主公'并为他'打江山,坐天下';不是为了将来能从'伟(伪)人'的恩赐中分享一点残羹剩渣;也不是以推翻哪个政党、恣意打倒和惩罚哪些个人为目的;而是为了争取包括自己在内每个中国人起码的公民权利和做人尊严;是为了我们自己的国家能在一个良好的制度下,走向繁荣富强、热爱世界和平并参与主持世界公理。"



















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