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Release Date: March 27, 2016



Topic: VOA Connection (with Wei Jingsheng): China's CCTV Attacks on the US Human Rights Record Are Laughable (Voice of America)



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VOA Connection (with Wei Jingsheng): China's CCTV Attacks on the US Human Rights Record Are Laughable



Voice of America -- China's Central Television recently aired a TV program "Human Rights Record of 'the Human Rights Defender'."  This mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party claimed that the featured program presents the real human rights situation in the United States "in detailed interviews, with a lot of data, and expert interpretations".  However, public opinion at home and abroad disapprove the Chinese authorities attacking Western countries and their human rights records just because China was angry at them.


Here, we connect to Wei Jingsheng, the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition.


Voice of America: Mr. Wei, Hello!


Wei Jingsheng: Hello!


Voice of America: Mr. Wei, why has China's CCTV taken this moment to attack the human rights record of the United States in such a big way?


Wei Jingsheng: I also watched that program.  The overall impression of the program is seems designed to fan up the sensation in China.  Some material was taken out of context, then pieced together to make it sensational.  Do the problems they described exist in the USA?  Indeed, they exist.  For such a big country with so many people, all kinds of situations can happen.  But what I feel is that the Communist regime in China is subject to strong pressure on human rights.  Recently 12 countries include the USA together just criticized Chinese human rights in the UN Human Rights Council.  Therefore, like you said, the Communist regime is defensive and angry.  It also engaged in national incitement to explain to the Chinese people that the human rights situation in the United States is just as bad.  The Chinese government has long been accustomed to this; when you say that there is anything wrong with China, it immediately says that it is wrong in the Western countries too.  This has become a fixed pattern and a promotional mode.  However, many people who have been to the United States can feel this argument of the Communist regime is clearly not justified.  For such a big country like United States, it is not immune to these bad things.  However, over all, the fundamental principles of the USA are the protection of human rights.  When there are actions that are in violation of human rights, they will be prosecuted immediately.  It is just the opposite in China, where most violations of human rights are government actions, under instructions from the central government, such as to suppress petitioning by the masses, to arrest human rights lawyers, and so on.  These acts are government actions that cannot be entirely equated to human rights violation by certain individuals.


Voice of America: Good.  Mr. Wei just mentioned that last week, 12 Western countries including the USA jointly condemned China's human recent rights record, which resulted in the angry reaction from the Communist regime.  Using the words of the Western media, it is an angry response due to embarrassment.  Mr. Wei, please tell us about the situation when the 12 Western countries criticized China's human rights situation.


Wei Jingsheng: In fact, we all know the human rights situation in China has been sustained as very poor for many years.  In the past, since the change of "the United Nations Commission on Human Rights" to "the United Nations Human Rights Council" in 2006, it has been difficult for NGOs to go to the Council to organize events, thus making it very difficult to organize some valid criticism.  I think in terms of human rights policy, the USA has recovered some.  On the one hand, they are now concerned about this problem.  On the other hand, the recent human rights situation in China has not only continued to be bad, but has further deteriorated.  The recent situation is really very bad.  Therefore, many countries that have human rights as a basic national policy feel it is intolerable anymore and have to stand up to criticize the human rights condition in China.


Voice of America: Good.  One last question, Mr. Wei.  In recent years, China's State Council Information Office also repeatedly published the US human rights record to criticize the United States on the basis of excusing its own deteriorating human rights situation, with no mean of improvement, by keeping finding faults of the human rights situation in other countries.  Mr. Wei, how do you view the argument of the Chinese government?


Wei Jingsheng: I think the Chinese government's own human rights work has been very poor, and its basic principle is to abuse human rights, to repress the people, and to maintain its own rule.  In this case, of course it will be self-defending, claiming the others are very bad so they could also be bad.  This tone speaks for itself -- that it does not want to improve human rights in China.  It took some of the unsatisfactory things of the others on human rights to defend itself.  This gesture demonstrates that the human rights situation in China does indeed need criticism from everyone.


Voice of America: Good.  We thank Mr. Wei Jingsheng, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, to accept our interview in Washington DC.



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A929-O258



Release Date: March 27, 2016



Topic: VOA Connection (with Wei Jingsheng): China's CCTV Attacks on the US Human Rights Record Are Laughable (Voice of America)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)











美国之音 --











魏京生: 我也看了那个片子了。那片子总体给人的感觉,就是一种煽情的片子。把一些材料断章取义,拼凑在一起来煽情。他们所描述的那些问题呢,你说在美国存在不存在,确实存在。那么大个国家,那么多人,各种情况都可能发生。但是我的感觉,中共可能是在人权方面受到了强大的压力,刚刚有在联合国的人权理事会的12个国家,在一起批评中国的人权。所以,中共就像你说的那样,恼羞成怒。反过来,他也搞一个东西来煽动,似乎是想向中国人民解释,美国人权状况一样很坏。中国政府很久以来都是这个习惯,你说中国有什么不好,他马上说,那跟西方国家也一样。这已经成了一个固定的模式了,一个宣传模式。但是,很多到过美国的人可以感觉到,中共这个说法是显然没有道理的。美国这么大个国家不出一点事情是不可能的,但是,总体来看,这个国家的基本原则是保障人权的。一有违反人权的事情,马上会受到处理。这在中国正好相反,是政府行为,从中央下指示,像打压上访的群众,抓捕维权律师,等等,这些行为,都是一种政府行为。这和某些人,个别人违反人权,是完全不能划等号的。








魏京生: 我想,中国政府自己的人权工作做得非常差,而且它的基本宗旨,就是以侵犯人权,镇压老百姓,来维持它自己的统治。在这种情况下,它当然要进行自卫,说别人也很坏很坏,所以我们也应该坏。这个口气本身就说明,它不想改善中国的人权。它拿别人在人权上的一些令人不满意的事情,来给自己做辩护,这种姿态本身就说明,中国的人权状况确实需要大家来批评。













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