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Release Date: June 14, 2016



Topic: Commemorations of the June 4th Massacre Held in the US Capital City Call to Redress the Evil Atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party (The Epoch Times)

标题:美首都纪念六四 呼吁清算中共罪恶暴行(大纪元)


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Commemorations of the June 4th Massacre Held in the US Capital City Call to Redress the Evil Atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party



The Epoch Times June 6, 2016 News] (Epoch Times reporter Lin Fan reporting from Washington DC) On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the June 4th Massacre, the "Exhibition of the State Terrorist Atrocities Conducted by the Chinese Communist Regime," initiated by democratic advocators in Los Angeles, arrived in Washington DC after touring more than a dozen cities in the USA.  Artist Chen Weiming's "Goddess of Democracy" sculpture was also part of the exhibition.  Chen Weiming said the exhibition is to show clearly to the world what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has done since its founding, including all its atrocities against humanity.  Former Beijing University professor, now Cato Institute visiting fellow, Xia Yeliang also said that the evils by the CCP must be recognized and made accountable.


The "Exhibition of the State Terrorist Atrocities Conducted by the Chinese Communist Regime" arrived in Washington DC on June 2nd and was displayed in front of the United States Capitol, a site which symbolizes freedom and public opinion.  On the evening on June 4th, it was publicly displayed in front of the Chinese Embassy as part of the commemoration candlelight vigil observing the 27th anniversary of June 4th Massacre.  The majority of the exhibition includes the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre, and the democrats and rights defenders currently persecuted and detained by the CCP.  In addition, there are some historical pictures of the Cultural Revolution and days before the Cultural Revolution.


Wei Jingsheng, Chair of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, said: "this exhibition symbolizes that the Chinese people will never accept this terrorist organization of the CCP.  Chinese people are resisting with their own lives and blood.  As a matter of fact the CCP itself is the greatest terrorist group implementing state terrorism."


People Born After 1980's Are Taking Up the Call for Chinese Democracy and Freedom


There were many young people born after 1980's who participated in this year's Commemorations.  One of them was the IFCSS alternate council member Chen ChuangChuang.  He said that in 2006 when he was still studying in China, he found out about the Freegate software, through which he opened up to a completely different world.  In the past, he thought the CCP evils were already the history with "past tense".  But through the Internet, he saw "crimes that are taking place now, including the cracking down on faith groups including Christians and Falun Gong, persecution of dissidents, and the suppression of farmers and laid-off workers".  He started to realize that the CCP's evils are all "in progress".  He knew he must not be complicit in this evil system.  After coming out of the country to study abroad, he resigned from the CCP on Epoch Times' website and dedicated his life towards advancing the freedom and democracy in China.


Guo Feixiong's Suffering Reflected Brutal Autocracy of the Communist Regime


Using her husband as an example, Zhang Qing, the wife of the human rights lawyer Guo Feixiong,  pointed out that there are no human rights at all under the Communist rule.  She said that her husband has been trying hard to help Chinese people gain human rights especially political rights over the years.  Because of that effort, he was locked up and subjected to the CCP's persecution.  Recently, in order to resist the physical abuse and personal insults to him from the prison authorities, Guo Feixiong was forced to fight with a hunger strike and his life is in danger.


Zhang Qing said that Guo Feixiong's experience has also ignited people's anger.  From Guo Feixiong's case, people see their own weakness and helplessness under a one-party dictatorship.  "State terrorism of the CCP can use the law as a weapon to put you in jail, and then use the prison to destroy your body.  It also uses the prison to destroy your dignity and personality."


If the CCP Does Not Perish, Then the Cultural Revolution Continues


Sun Yan, a dissident from Beijing, was also a witness of the June 4th Massacre.  When he was a child, the CCP took away his father on trumped-up charges, and he did not see him again for 11 years.  During the Cultural Revolution, his mother was forced to be paraded through the streets as a humiliation to her, and also was severely beaten by the Communist thugs.  He was only ten years old at that time.  He stood on the roadside yet did not dare to say a word for his mother.  Yet, the persecution experience that both his parents suffered made him long recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communist regime.  "After the Communist Party usurped the power, it began its atrocities and the Cultural Revolution.  If this evil Communist Party does not leave the stage of history, then the Cultural Revolution still continues in China."


We Must Not Be Condemned By Our Nation and History


Yao Cheng, who participated in this "Exhibition of the State Terrorist Atrocities Conducted by the Chinese Communist Regime", was a former Chinese Navy Command colonel staff officer.  He was brainwashed by the CCP and took the order to steal Western technology and aircraft back to China.  In the end he became the scapegoat.  Later he got involved with rights defending activities in Anhui, and was exiled to the United States last January.


Talking about how he learned of the June 4th Massacre, he said: "I was in Hong Kong.  Friends of Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China took me to watch a movie, which was called "Tiananmen".  It lasted four and a half hours.  I was full of tears during the movie.  Even though at that time I was in active duty, I vowed never to do anything for the Communist Party again."


He also reminded those who are still in the Chinese military system to wake up soon.  "In this critical period of historical change, each of us bears the historical mission for the righteous cause of our nation's future.  We should never become a criminal of the nation and history for serving this brutal Communist regime."


Evil Will Receive Justice


Former Peking University professor Xia Yeliang also talked about his own experience during June 4th commemoration.  As the 1989 Democracy Movement was taking place in China, he was studying abroad in California.  At that time, he watched the Tiananmen Square protests through CNN live every day and was always concerned about the situation in the Square.  He felt that the fate of the nation was at an important historical junction.


His younger brother was studying at a domestic university inside China then.  Concealing from his father, he secretly borrowed money from his sister-in-law and boarded a train to reach Tiananmen Square and joined the student movement.  On the night before the June 4th Massacre, his brother was among the first group of the out-of-state students to withdraw from the Tiananmen Square; but before they had completely the withdrawn, the lights on the Square went out, followed by the sounds of the gunfire of the Communist regime.  Many well meaning nearby Beijing residents opened their doors and sheltered these students in their homes when these students were running in a panic.  More than one month later when everything had calmed a little, these same citizens helped the students by buying train tickets to send them out of Beijing.  When Xia's younger brother arrived home safely, their father, who never wept, hugged him and cried.


After the Tiananmen massacre, Xia Yeliang and many overseas Chinese students and other Chinese people went to the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco to protest.  He witnessed many CCP diplomats declaring to resign from the CCP with anger.  "At that time, a Second Secretary in the Consulate General in San Francisco and several diplomats announced on spot that they could not work for the Communist Party any more and would never go back to China."


Xia Yeliang said that since the CCP took over power, more than one hundred million Chinese people have been persecuted to death over the past more than 60 years, while its crimes were kept covered up.  He emphasized, "Every one of us Chinese people have a responsibility to record the historical reality of these evils, to record every detail of these atrocities.  As people who experienced them, we should tell the future generations of all these atrocities."


In his view, the essence of the CCP is against humanity, is uncivil, and counters progress.  In the future, we should absolutely not allow the communist evil to wipe out China, and its evil must be accounted for.  Politically, economically, and morally, in all aspects, this accountability will continue.


The Collapse of the CCP Will Be Much Faster Than Imagined


Participating in the June 4th commemoration, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Chairman Lee Edwards said that back in 1989, East Germany's Communist Party leaders pointed to the Berlin Wall and vowed that that wall would last one hundred years.  But just 10 months later, the Berlin Wall collapsed.  The collapse of the CCP will happen for sure, and also much faster than most people imagine.



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A949-O275



Release Date: June 14, 2016



Topic: Commemorations of the June 4th Massacre Held in the US Capital City Call to Redress the Evil Atrocities of the Chinese Communist Party (The Epoch Times)

标题:美首都纪念六四 呼吁清算中共罪恶暴行(大纪元)


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)








美首都纪念六四 呼吁清算中共罪恶暴行





这次"中共国家恐怖主义暴行展"6月2日抵达华府﹐在象征自由与民意的美国国会山前进行展示。 6月4日晚﹐他们又在中共驻美大使馆前公开展示﹐作为"六四"27周年烛光纪念活动的一部分。图片中﹐以中共"六四"天安门屠杀和目前被中共关押迫害的民主人士﹑维权人士为主﹐另外也包括文革和文革之前的部分历史图片。






今年的纪念活动中有不少是80后年轻一代﹐其中全美学自联候补理事陈闯创说﹐2006年时他还在国内读书时﹐接触到自由门翻墙软件﹐并由此打开了一个完全不同的世界。过去﹐他认为中共的罪恶都已经是历史﹐是"过去式"了﹐但是通过网络﹐他看到了"那些正在发生的罪恶﹐包括对基督徒﹑法轮功等信仰团体 的打压﹐对异见人士的迫害﹐对农民﹑下岗工人的打压"。他开始认识到中共的罪恶是"正在进行式"。他明白自己绝对不能在这个罪恶体制下同流合污。留学来到海外后﹐他主动上《大纪元》网站退党﹐并投入到促进中国自由与民主的事业中。








中共不灭亡 文革就仍在继续


























参与"六四"纪念的共产主义受难者纪念基金会主席爱德华兹 (Lee Edwards)说﹐回首1989年﹐东德的共产党领导人曾指著柏林墙﹐信誓旦旦地说﹐这座墙还会存在一百年﹐但短短10个月后﹐柏林墙就倒塌了。中共的崩溃必将到来﹐也将比人们想像的要快得多。














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