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Topic: The Underlying Causes For the Yanhuang Chunqiu Event -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:炎黄春秋事件有深层原因 -- 魏京生


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The Underlying Causes For the Yanhuang Chunqiu Event

-- Wei Jingsheng



As everyone's attention has been drawn to the South China Sea dispute, an important event in China has been ignored; namely, that the Yanhuang Chunqiu magazine was forced to discontinue.


In the course of this event, the Art Academy of China, which has been affiliated to the Yanhuang Chunqiu Magazine, suddenly took over the magazine with appointments of a number of senior management.  The purpose of completely changing the magazine is very obvious.


Of all newspapers and magazines in China, Yanhuang Chunqiu has a very special place.  Although its circulation is not the biggest and its articles are not the most intense, its publication style has dared to be honest and truthful, leading the wave of freedom of speech in China and marking a degree of freedom of expression in China.


The reason why Yanhuang Chunqiu has such features is because it is organized and published by a group of veteran Communist cadres and "the second generation of the Communist leaders", the so-called "people with backgrounds".  It is not against the Communist Party, but promotes the ideals the Communist Party advocated in its earlier days, and corrects distorted historical truth.


In comparison to the Capitalist position of the current Communist Party, Yanhuang Chunqiu has been standing on the side of the poor Chinese masses.  In comparison with the modern Maoists on the left side, it is against Maoist tyranny and hopes to implement the democracy, freedom, and human rights that the Chinese Communists advertised in their earlier days.  If we count it having true red color, then the Maoists on the left would be in a distorted purple, while the current Communist Party can only be counted as gray.


Because of the moderation of its color and its background of high-level officials, Yanhuang Chunqiu gained greater understanding, and more room for speech.  However, as it gets purged now, it shows that the ruling authorities have tightened the room of speech.  The objects of the purge include all media in China.


As the Chinese saying goes, there are tall people to hold the sky when it falls.  The purge of the Yanhuang Chunqiu is a warning to all media: now the sky has officially fallen down, we should quickly scale back our speech, to avoid hurting ourselves and colleagues' jobs.


There is a conspiracy theory saying that there are other senior officials engaged a sophisticated plot to frame Xi Jinping.  I do not think so; rather I think it is designed to provide some sort of relief to Xi Jinping, to trick the people, in an attempt to reduce the backlash from the public against the authorities for their suppression of freedom of expression.  This is one of the 36 old military strategies in China, called "catching the fish in the muddy waters".


The evidence I have is that recently the official media is hyped with its main goal to attack: the so-called historical nihilism.  However, the main force that urges a restoration of the truth in history and the interpretation of the modern history in China, is a group of modern historians represented by Yanhuang Chunqiu.  To gun down Yanhuang Chunqiu, this "bird that dares to stick its head out", is for the effect of "killing the chicken to scare the monkeys", which is the expectation.


Yanhuang Chunqiu has not only been famous for the historical truth it published, but has also gathered a large number of democrats who are "the second generation of Communist leaders".  They hold high the big banner of democracy and freedom which was promoted by the Communist Party in its earlier days, and are against the dictatorial tyranny of the Communist Party that broke its promises after taking over power in China.  Therefore it has been widely recognized both inside and outside of the Communist Party, and has resulted in the greatest resentment from the Communist regime that is representing bureaucratic capitalists now.


A few years ago, these so-called "second generation of the Communist leaders" who represent the liberal democrats in China, were suppressed by the senior Communist leadership of the so-called civilian background that represents the newly emerged bureaucratic capitalists in China.  Before Xi Jinping came to power, they put their hopes on him due to the democratic awareness Xi had in his younger days.  They pushed him to power, and hoped to be able to promote him to learn from Chiang Ching-kuo, who lifted the ban on freedom of speech and freedom of association, resulting a peaceful evolution towards democracy and freedom in Taiwan.


Unfortunately, this hope was dashed.  Did Xi make a private commitment to them?  We do not know.  So we cannot claim treachery on his part.  But it is more and more obvious that he has moved from a despotism into a dictatorship.  To Xi Jinping, former allies have become enemies.  Yet, to these democrats within "the second generation of the Communist leaders", they feel the same.


But it is not really that Xi Jinping turned his back to his former allies.  It is these democrats within the Communist Party who could not tolerate it anymore and took the lead against Xi.  From the organizing of the so-called "New Rightist Wing", which openly challenging the tyranny as it become more and more obvious, to the Ren Zhiqiang event, until the recent open letter by Ma Xiaoli, all illustrating that the democrats within the Communist Party had started their counterattack as Xi Jinping slid into his personal dictatorship.


Under this premise, it is logical for Xi Jinping to purge these democrats with a ruthless hand.  The reason that Xi Jinping was emboldened to purge the democrats within the Communist Party, is because over the years, the media in Hong Kong and Taiwan has been in cooperation with the propaganda of the Communist Party, using the family origin of "the second generation of the Communist Leaders" as a reason for mischief, which forced the democrats within the Communist Party to lose most of the support of the public opinion and international support.


Although Xi Jinping and authoritarian fraction within the senior level of the Communist regime do not have the strong support of public opinion, they get strong support from the bureaucrats in the lower and middle levels.  In the reality of widespread corruption among officials in China, these middle and lower officials are most reluctant for a reform into a democratic system and least willing to implement a real rule of law in China.


If democracy and rule of law are realized in China, they will not only lose their power to domineer and bully while exploitating the people, some of them will also be punished for legal offenses.  So a few years ago, when some bookworm democrats set up a so-called think tank for reconciliation as a way to stage pardons in advance in an effort to let the corrupt officials put down the burden and allow peaceful evolution towards democracy in China, it became a big laughing stock.


The responses from the Communist officialdom were surprisingly consistent: turning up their noses with contempt.  From the deity of the Communist Party, they are all the reneging masters of treachery.  When you play this game with the Communist Party, will it believe you?  You think you are sincere, thus the others should believe you, but it is a mistake to think the others as yourself.  Only sincere people will believe your sincerity.  When do the liars ever believe in good faith?


From the current situation where the democrats within the Communist Party are being suppressed and purged, the hope of a peaceful evolution from top to bottom for the Communist regime is getting slim.  As the whole society in China is more and more in need of democracy and freedom, the Communist regime is moving more and more towards the authoritarian direction.  This is called reactionary.


A regime that unswervingly takes the reactionary road must meet a very tragic result.  The better result would be to take the initiative to step down, to keep a full body, without hurting the others.  If one waits until people could not tolerate it anymore and rebel with mob politics like the French Revolution, then the result would be that mud and sand will come down altogether, and jade and stones will all be burned together.  By then, not only Xi Jinping would not have a good end for himself, it will also hurt the whole bureaucratic class.  Just as the old Chinese saying: "When the city gate caught on fire, even the fish in the river surrounding the city will be in trouble".  Or as the Communist general, Luo Yuan, said: "We can not even get a place to bury ourselves."



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(Written and recorded on July 27, 2016.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A952-W609



Release Date: July 31, 2016



Topic: The Underlying Causes For the Yanhuang Chunqiu Event -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:炎黄春秋事件有深层原因 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生




















































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