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Topic: Chinese Democrats Support Sydney Citizens to Safeguard Australia Values -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:民运支持悉尼人民捍卫澳洲价值观 -- 魏京生


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Chinese Democrats Support Sydney Citizens to Safeguard Australia Values

-- Wei Jingsheng



With the instigation from the Chinese Embassy in Australia behind them, a group of pro-communist Chinese overseas were planning to hold a concert in early September this year to commemorate the tyrant dictator Mao Zedong.  This event has caused great anger at home and abroad by the majority of Chinese.  The Australia branch of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition contacted some local Chinese in preparation to hold protests against the concert.  During the Third China Road International Symposium conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, representatives of different ethnic groups who are suppressed by the Communist tyranny decided to issue a statement in support of the justice move by the Chinese in Australia.


As the biggest dictator of the twentieth century, Mao Zedong's crime is uniquely huge, and has been harming the Chinese people and the peoples of the world for as long as three decades.  Till this day, its vestigial poison has yet dispersed.  Slightly modified Maoism still exists around the world, and is leading the current Chinese dictatorship to oppress and exploit the people.  The current Xi Jinping regime of the Communist government is trying to restore and operate Mao-style politics, trying to create new turmoil and disaster to the people around the world.


Long ago there were online comments said Xi Jinping wants to restore Maoist dictatorship, yet many people did not believe it.  Xi Jinping has been nicknamed as Xi Bun by Internet users.  His ability may not be very strong, and his level may not be very high, but to voluntarily become a dictator and be scolded forever?  He should not be such a fool.  It was explained that this is "an advanced blackening".  What is "the advanced blackening"?  After it was discussed for a while, I realized it means that your average folks would not understand.  It would be black as one claims so, even though it may not be real.


Some so-called insiders say: it's not right; in the past a couple years, Xi Jinping had said privately to learn from Chiang Ching-kuo (of Taiwan), to lift the bans of political parties and news media, and to take the road of a peaceful evolution.  How could he change so quickly?  This is an unlikely possibility.  As a matter of fact, people who are saying so are not the real insiders.  Now, a whole bunch of real insiders have turned around to openly criticize him, proving either Xi Jinping changed too quickly or simply tricked the others into supporting him to take the office and to gain a firm foothold.


In history, many people changed their countenance after they came in power.  I guess that Sichuan Opera artists deliberately created the art of Face Changing after watching too many of these kinds of episodes and feeling pitiful for the people who are gullible.  Its original intention was to remind people not to believe politicians' promises.  However there are too many ignorant people and the effect is not so good.  Of course, this view does not include those who deliberately appeared obtuse yet were secretly happy.


Why do people who looked good change their faces?  If they were not liars to start with, there must be some inevitability associated with this face change.  Human nature is freedom loving.  But is a limited freedom for everyone the better, or some people getting more freedom than the others the better?  There is a difference of people's responses.  The average people prefer the former, so they want equality, and associate freedom, democracy and equality together.  Those in power prefer the latter, and they want more freedom than the others, the more the better.  That take advantage of the others would never be too much is also a human nature.


Thus there are stubborn dictators in this world.  Thus there are also people who manufacture public opinion advocating dictatorship for the dictators.  For dictators and absolutists, it would be so cool to enjoy the greatest freedom and the freedom that is higher than the average person.  It is more fun than playing with a young woman or a lot of money, as described by a Chinese phrase "Shuang Waiwai" on the Internet.  This is the correct explanation of Xi Jinping's insistence to be Mao Zedong Jr.  The conspiracy theory of "the advanced blackening" can only be a supplementary explanation for speculation, which lacks evidence that could be recognized by the court.


When Xi Jinping just came to power, he was not relaxed, or to say did not have a firm stand of his feet, he did not dare yet to think of being a dictator.  This was very natural.  After all, dictator is a derogatory term in the modern public opinion; it sounds like a term of humiliation without any benefit.  Who is willing to be scolded at?  So at that time Xi looked relatively normal, from time to time he would say things such as "to lock the powers in a cage," etc.  It indeed caused some people and the moderate democrats to get really excited for a while.


At that time, I was in the minority with skeptics.  Understanding the ugly side of human nature, even if Xi Jinping really had very good intentions, could he withstand the temptation of power?  Even if he could, could his relatives and friends around him who are waiting to share the power and super freedom to be able to withstand the temptation of doing so?  So my responses were: not only listen to his words but also observe his deeds.  No matter whether what he says is true or false, we have no evidence to judge until it happens.  So it is more important to observe his deeds -- to see what he does is more important than to listen to what he says.


As I expected, once Xi Jinping gained a firm stand, he carried out a large-scale suppression.  Not only did he arrest disobedient opponents within the Communist Party, but also he arrested many rights defending lawyers and dissidents.  He also became mean to common people and displayed a lack of kindness: giving less and less security and protection to the people with increasingly tough suppression.  His economic policy caused a mess, with increasing exploitation.  Now we see a dire picture of the results in China with big capital fleeing and small capital withdrawal; the middle class downgraded to poor; while the poor cannot even survive.  It seems that Xi Jinping really wants to be the Mao Zedong Jr.  Although he does not have that much authority, he has brought such a disaster, or at least a sign of disaster in China.


To realize Xi's ideology, earlier this year some writers and artists for hire by the Communist regime attempted to hold a concert to commemorate tyrant Mao Zedong in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.  This attempt was met with criticism and protests from all the people across the country so they had to shrink their plans.  Now they have moved to foreign countries in an effort to create a public opinion overseas, with the intention of turning the export into an import later to deceive the Chinese people.  In using the international media which the Chinese people trusted better to cheat the Chinese, such a conspiracy of the villains is obvious to the general public.


As the European branch of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition was having a conference in Copenhagen, the Overseas Chinese in Australia were ready to resist and to protest this perverse farce.  When this news reached the conference in Copenhagen, it was agreed strongly to support our fellow Chinese people in Australia to resist and protest these concerts.  We all agree that our brothers and sisters in Australia are true heroes.  As the representatives of different ethnic groups abroad, we will stand with them.


Those who participated at the conference and signed support to our fellows in Australia include: the World Uyghur Congress, Inner Mongolian People's Party, Chinese Democratic Front, Chinese Socialist Democratic Party, Chinese Republic Party, and the Chinese Democratic Party, etc.



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(Written and recorded on August 27, 2016.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)


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How could this Xi Bun who only has primary school learning understands the real meaning of "to lock the powers in a cage"?  I think his understanding of that phrase is "to lock people's power into the cage of one party dictatorship and one person's dictatorship".  Has not this type of action of copying the constitution of the Communist Party and copying the textbook prove that he was well punished during his elementary school years, thus being able to have such a good memory and unable to forget about it.

2016-09-04 05:58


2. Anonymous visitor:

My highest salute to the respectable action of the anti "Mao Zedong Concert" by the most lovable Australian Chinese!!  We cannot tolerate the lackeys of the Communist Party to erode the last pure land of our survival.. !!!

2016-09-02 12:33


3. Anonymous visitor:

... If we do not get together to oppose, then where else can we hide (from the tyrant) ??

2016-09-02 12:20



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A952-W609



Release Date: September 11, 2016



Topic: Chinese Democrats Support Sydney Citizens to Safeguard Australia Values -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:民运支持悉尼人民捍卫澳洲价值观-- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生









































只有小学水平的习包子,哪里懂得 “把权力关进制度的笼子里” 的真正含义是什么.估计他理解的是 “把人民的权力关进,一党专政,一人独裁,制度的笼子里” . 抄党章,抄课文,这种只有在小学发生的事,不就证明了吗.他小学时应该没少被罚,所以才这样记忆深刻,念念不忘.

2016-09-04 05:58


2. 匿名游客:

向最可爱的澳洲华人反颂毛音乐会的可敬行动致以最崇高的敬礼!! 不能容忍中共的走狗侵蚀大家赖以生存最后的净土..!!!

2016-09-02 12:33


3. 匿名游客:


2016-09-02 12:20







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