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Release Date: September 25, 2016



Topic: From "to Broaden the Trade and to Undress" to Who Could Fool the People -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:从“通商宽衣”到谁能忽悠老百姓 -- 魏京生


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From "to Broaden the Trade and to Undress" to Who Could Fool the People

-- Wei Jingsheng



When the foreign media paid attention of the G20 Hangzhou Summit, it was focused on how China could benefit the world economy.  But what the netizens in Mainland China and overseas Chinese paid most attention to is the funny error Xi Jinping made when he read (the ancient Chinese quotation of "To broaden trade and to relax the agriculture" as) "To broaden trade and to relax one's clothes (i.e. to undress)".  (Note: The character of "agriculture" in simplified Chinese looks similar to the character of "clothes".  But "To broaden trade and to relax the agriculture" was a governing policy for thousand years in China, while "to relax one's clothes" are more likely appear in pornographic parts of the novels.) 


Xi Jinping was repeatedly trying to overstate himself yet was self-defeating himself, which illustrates that he lacks self-confidence.  Yet these flatters who know how to brown their noses from him made him unable to retreat.  Lack of self-confidence yet taking the courage to go forward resulted in such a joke which really is the least harmful result.


One of my old friends loves to label Xi's act as "victimized by being uneducated," but I would say that he was victimized by these flatterers.  By flattering, they could earn a lot of what they want.  But they really do not care if they pushed the spine of their boss forward and caused him to lose his face.  We must keep vigilant to this type of royalty which are really acting out of their own selfishness.  Both my mom and the ancient Chinese had been educating me to be alerted of those who exaggeratedly flatter you, because they would be the ones who hurt you most and make you a miserable person.  So now I became particularly vigilant of hear people flatter me to the degree of growing goose bumps.  Even though, occasionally, I would inevitably fall in the trap.


It seems that the mother of Xi Jinping is not a good mom in this respect.  Her husband was also taken a lot of advantage of, yet she did not teach the lessons to let her children avoid the pitfalls.  This led her son to such an embarrassment, enough to catch up with the Chinese emperor in history who asked why the starving people who did not have rice did not simply eat some meat.  For sure Xi Jinping will be well known for his words and will be a joke to become part of history.  This would not be a glory to his ancestors. 


In fact, errors in words alone would not be an extraordinary joke.  Even old pedants inevitably read wrong or write typos.  When I was young before I took the graduate exams, the old professors taught me a trick: If I made a mistake in my writings, then humbly say I am sorry.  There were a lot of complicated characters in ancient Chinese books that we had to make an intelligent guess, and when not careful enough thus made mistakes.  Not only it is the admission indeed the case, but also it made us seem properly educated.


Alas, there are no flatterers who taught their boss Xi Jinping this brilliant approach.  And I guess the flatterers do not have this level of education either.  All their intelligence is used for the profound level of nose browning, thus they do not have time to read books themselves.  This is the root cause of the modern Chinese elites who are lacking in education: those who do read books and understand the culture do not flatter and thus cannot be the elites; while those who flatter and become elites do not really heartedly study hard - even half-hearted study will not work, because then they would lose to these modern elites who have heartedly studied nose browning techniques.  This is the reversed law of elimination in a despotic system.


Yet I would think that these flatterers themselves are not the biggest risk.  Often there were flatterers, thus often there were fatuous and self-indulgent rulers.  The important question is: is it possible for us to get rid of fatuous and self-indulgent rulers.  The elites in China had guessed for more than 2,000 years but did not get it.  Yet the elites in the West go it, which is to establish a ruler without true power or a democratic system without a ruler after all.  Not only did they separate powers, but also they let the people and the opposition have oversight over the government officers.  So it became difficult to be a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler, or at least not last very long if there are few of them.  Soon there will be the opportunity to make up for lost time, without making a complete mess.


What is worse than a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler, is the tyrant.  In history, the tyrants were often people who were very smart and studious.  They are often thoughtful, well educated, with skills, and also good at fooling the people, to the degree of letting the fools walk toward the abyss on their own with no regrets.  This is like the Red Guards and rebels during the Cultural Revolution time, when they were like slaves to be sold to the others yet helping to count the money from this transition, until finally going to jail to redeem their own sins.


Unlike the fans of Mao Zedong back then, today Mao fans display their banners of anti-corruption and anti-Communist Party in its Chinese character, which indicates that they are not stupid, nor lackeys of either Deng Xiaoping, or Jiang Zemin, or Hu Jintao, or Xi Jinping.  But the Chinese Communist Party is not stupid either, which considers these Mao fans as one of four major scourges, and suppresses them only after the pro-democracy activists, Falun Gong practitioners, and Christians in china.


So who is a likely tyrant?  Who is smart and studious, a person who is thoughtful, educated, and well capable of fooling the people?  There were Mao Zedong and Bo Xilai.  But one is dead, while the other is in jail and lacks influence now.  The most dangerous one is the one who is active, smart, and yet short on receiving attention.  This person is Wang Qishan.


Wang Qishan has been smart and studious since his childhood.  He read numerous books and was good in thinking.  He was a young and promising member of the think-tank team of the former Prime Minister.  Not only his abilities now cause bureaucrats to shudder, but also he won a reputation as the captain of the firefighting.  He is not an ordinary official and has made the other flatterers unable to match.  He belongs to the type that was described by the ancient Chinese as "If he cannot win a good reputation forever then he will be notorious forever."


Most importantly, he has climbed to the crown prince or prime minister position: under one person, but above all the others.  Yet this one person above him is really a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler who would "to broaden the Trade and to undress."  Only through a little more effort, him could be another Emperor Suiyang who become an emperor after killing his own father and elder brother.  He is the most fearsome potential enemy and a potential crisis to China even to its Communist officials.


The kind-hearted people will say that Wang Qishan's thoughts are very advanced and very modern, and he might be the possible candidate to promote democratization in China.  In particular, Wang Qishan was friendly with reactionalists such as Ren Zhiqiang, Hu Shuli et al, which made him to be unlikely to become an authoritarian tyrant.  Well, there is a famous quotation by the well-known author Mr. Lu Xun, which is "honesty and kindness are the aliases of useless".  I like these kind-hearted people, but I often do not trust their judgment.


There are two things done by Wang Qishan which arouse my vigilance, which have illustrated him fooling the people to prepare himself to be a dictator in the future.  One is that he fanned up a wave of thought a few years ago when he just came to power.  He called on everyone to read Alexis de Tocqueville's book, and even gave a reading guide - the main idea was that the reforms by the French kings were too radical and too fast, and resulted in the French Revolution, which was messy and chaotic.  This argument is very suitable to meet the psychology of the capitalist and bourgeoisie classes which fear chaos, thereby he created a public opinion of anti-reform, and gave himself the opportunity to get the throne.


Another reason is that while he had an economic think-tank background when he was young, now he is in charge of reins of life and death, instead of economy.  As the modern saying goes: it must be a demon when it is unusual.  So where is it so unusual?  First, let the Chinese economy fester faster, then inevitably people would think of replacing the emperor.  To be in charge of reins of life and death would build up his authority, which is the essential road toward a tyrant.


One has to feel the chill when one discovers this plot.  I will give further analysis in the future.



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(Written and recorded on September 13, 2016.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A962-W616



Release Date: September 25, 2016



Topic: From "to Broaden the Trade and to Undress" to Who Could Fool the People -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:从“通商宽衣”到谁能忽悠老百姓 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生





























王岐山有两件事情引起了我的警惕,说明他在为成为独裁者忽悠老百姓,为将来做准备工作。一件是几年前刚上台时忽悠起一股思潮,号召大家都看看托克维尔的书, 并且给出读书指南,说是中心思想就是法国国王的改革太激进、太快,所以革出一个法国大革命,一塌糊涂,天下大乱。这很适合大小资产阶级怕乱的心理,从理论上为反改革制造舆论,给自己保留了登基的机会。




















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