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Topic: The Presidential Election in the USA -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美国大选 -- 魏京生


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The Presidential Election in the USA

-- Wei Jingsheng



The presidential election in the USA, which has attracted worldwide attention and concerns, has finally come to an end.  It won such a large degree of attention because it is like a drama that continuously brings surprises after surprises.  From start to end there was much that the people did not expect, which was a very good drama full of surprises.


It started with a surprise even at the beginning, when there was a socialist candidate who came out of the Democratic Party.  In the political ideology of the United States, socialism would be only just better than the National Socialism of the Nazi's.  At the first reaction, most people associate it with the Communist states.  But not only did someone make it a campaign platform, it also became popular, all the way into the final stage of the campaign within the Democratic Party.


The other drama was even more eye-popping: a billionaire candidate came out of the Republican Party who wanted to speak for the poor.  But he has no political experience, with an image that well fits what the Chinese people call "Nouveau riche"; one who is used to talking nonsense because he has money.  Although the Republican elite and news media absolutely dissed him, the results were that he was also very popular - he was able to overcome all the obstacles to reach the final stage of the campaign within the Republican Party.


At the beginning, everyone was not optimistic about these two non-mainstream candidates.  Even the people and analysts who liked and supported them were not optimistic about them.  They thought these two candidates are just like supporting actor roles, providing some extra spice for the drama to continue with their official leading roles.


Sure enough, under the attack of conspiracy and machinations within the black box operated by the political elite and the bigwigs, the Socialist Bernie Sanders of the Democratic Party had to exit.  The senior stateswoman, former First Lady, former Senator, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the party nomination, to run for the next president.  It seems that politics was still running along the old track, and democracy continued to run against its voters.


Then another surprise appeared.  The Republican elite and bigwigs put even more effort in an attempt to get rid of Trump, who really does not belong to the mainstream Republican Party.  But they actually did not succeed.  It seems all of Donald Trump's opponents had more political experience and better image and style than Trump, yet one by one they were defeated by this billionaire who seemingly had no hope.  Is it that people really like their own kind of ordinary people?  Why this was not discovered before?


What should have followed would have been the eloquent, experienced and well-funded Hillary Clinton easily defeating a civilian Nouveau riche Donald Trump who seems had difficulty to examine everything that came out of his mouth and also had a severe shortage of funding.  People had so evaluated, including Trump's supporters.  Very few public opinion polls were in favor of this "Nouveau riche" who had to take money out of his own pocket against all the other richmen and the news media.  According to statistics, the newspaper endorsement count for the 2 candidates was 57 to 2 -- a huge gap.


On election day, as the vote counts had gone through half way, the supporters of the lady president were still confident in their media commentary.  That was because these two rivals did not even match from any conventional conditions.  But as the counts went further, the media started to change its face.  Finally, Donald Trump won this election with an undisputed substantial lead, to become the forty-fifth president of the United States.  The elite and bigwigs of both political parties were shocked, and could not react to the reality for a while.


On the other side of the Pacific Ocean the elite and bigwigs could not react to the reality for a while either.  The elite and bigwigs of the Chinese Communist regime had wishfully predicted that Hillary Clinton would win because they like to deal with more modest and also more familiar adversaries. Even more, because a US President who receives unanimous support from the Wall Street will take better care of the common interests of Wall Street and the Chinese Communist regime.  Donald Trump does not look that reliable to them.


For more than two decades, especially the past more than one decade, the economic downturn that the USA experienced has its cause in the unfair trade with China.  This unfair trade that took away jobs of millions of Americans has not only fattened American capitalists, but also fattened China's bureaucratic capitalists and communist government, meanwhile making the Asia-Pacific region increasingly insecure.  It is increasingly clear to the American people and a wish to change was the will of the majority of the people.


Barack Obama's slogan was "change" when he became President.  Unfortunately, he did not do much.  All sorts of reasons are right.  The most important reason is that he belongs to the circle of political elite.  The officials are friendly and protective of each other, so he could not do anything.  This is the basic source of the difficult issues with dirty politics for thousands of years.


Now people are becoming more and more distrusting of the political elite.  So when they select an outsider who does not belong to that elite class, in fact, it is very logical and nothing to be surprised about.  Trump's advisors spotted the right remedy, and got the public support with this surprise move.


Will Trump honor his "change" slogan?  This is a matter of concern to all.  I guess he will,  because a handful of elite dominating politics and sharing their interests does not keep in line with the basic principles of democratic politics.  Under the conditions of one-party dictatorship, the Chinese people lost their rights, and have not gotten their chance to get them back.


But the United States has a mature democratic system, as well as voters who are responsible for their own rights.  Usually it seems the media and money are very important and are playing decisive roles.  But this system puts the ultimate right of choice in the hands of the people, and if not, as the last insurance according to the constitution, the people's right to take up arms against tyranny.


What happens in China when the Communist Party takes a monopoly of all resources and thus is free to misbehave will not work in the United States.  The most fundamental reason is that in the hands of the most vulnerable people lies the final decision.  The elite can fool the people sometimes, but it is impossible to fool the people forever.  Once the people wake up, there will not be other resources as good as the votes in the hands of the people.  This is the fundamental reason why democratic system is strong.  Only in this kind of system, the rights and interests of ordinary people can be guaranteed.


As to what extent Trump fulfills his promise, I am not worried.  That is because the reform of the unreasonable and unfair trade rules is what is in people's minds and will be carried out.  Such reform is disadvantageous to the very few Chinese and American rich people, but will be beneficial to the majority of the population in both China and the United States.  Why not?  Trump himself is not short of money, so the possibility of be bought out by Wall Street is much smaller.  This is an important condition for the people who are optimistic about his reform.


Why have not we seen such a figure in China?  The Chinese people need even more of such people to protect their rights and interests.  The difference here is the lack of a democratic system, and whether the people will have the responsibility to use this system.



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(Written and recorded on November 9, 2016.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A974-W626



Release Date: December 3, 2016



Topic: The Presidential Election in the USA -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美国大选 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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