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Release Date: April 23, 2017



Topic: Is it an International Notice or an Arrest Warrant? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:是国际通告还是通缉令? -- 魏京生


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Is it an International Notice or an Arrest Warrant?

-- Wei Jingsheng



Two days ago, the Voice of America broadcast live a program featuring a Chinese businessman Guo Wengui talking about the scandals between Chinese businesses and powerful men in China.  After the announcement of the program and before its broadcast, the Chinese government issued a "red notice" through Interpol, trying to prevent the program from being broadcast and to prevent Mr. Guo Wengui exposing the scandals of the Chinese bureaucracy.  It also resulted a premature end of the program during broadcasting.


This matter immediately caused a sensational effect in the international media.  Including Internet users and listeners, people are guessing reasons for this premature end, while focusing on two issues.  The first question is who ordered the director of the VOA China branch, to give the order to stop the live broadcast?  The second question is did the Chinese government through Interpol really issue a "red notice" or "red arrest warrant"?  What kind of effect did it really have in the end?


The first issue remains to be investigated and is temporarily unable to be answered.  Now I gave a rough analysis on the second issue for everyone


The Chinese government has always described Interpol as an organization of international police, and translated a "notice" issued by Interpol into an "arrest warrant".  This is a great misleading, and can be considered as deliberately misleading the Chinese people, in an effort to create a climate of terror.


First, Interpol is a non-governmental organization.  This is the nature of its registration.  It does not have the power of any national police, nor does any country grant it any level of judicial power.  Thus Interpol has no authority to issue any level of arrest orders, including detention, and so on.  It can only issue a notice to be circulated to its member states.


However, Interpol is indeed different from other non-governmental organizations that have charitable purposes, or with human rights protection.  It aimed servicing clients are the national judicial institutions, including the police.  A couple days ago, the Interpol responded to Voice of America with the following official explanation:


"Many of INTERPOL's member countries however, consider a Red Notice a valid request for provisional arrest, especially if they are linked to the requesting country via a bilateral extradition treaty.  In cases where arrests are made based on a Red Notice, these are made by national police officials in INTERPOL member countries.


INTERPOL cannot insist or compel any member country to arrest an individual who is the subject of a Red Notice. Nor can INTERPOL require any member country to take any action in response to another member country's request.  Each INTERPOL member country decides for itself what legal value to give Red Notice within their borders."


The contradiction between this interpretation is that it is beyond the boundaries of the notice of its own nature, that it admits that "red notice" is an effective request for temporary arrest, thus has a transnational judicial effect.  This is why I, as well as the international judiciary and public opinion, have been strongly criticizing it.  In early April this year, we organized a series of activities in Lyon, France (where the headquarters of Interpol is) hoping to constrain Interpol's activities which have gone beyond its authority.  The experience of history proves that the power without restriction is bound to become a disaster.


During the Second World War, Nazi Germany was like China now.  It used various illegal means to obtain the presidency of Interpol.  Reinhard Haydrich, the head of Nazi's secret police Gestapo, and 3 other Nazi's heads, became presidents of Interpol.  During this time, the Interpol played an important role in assisting the Nazis to pursue members of the resistance movement and the Jews.


Interpol has not stopped since then.  I myself have been notified by the Interpol as a "terrorist" and detained for search.  This kind of "arrest warrant" has resulted in me often being detained for a long time at the customs when I cross country borders, and even Western countries do not give me long-term visas.  Some years ago, famous Chinese democrats Dr. Wang Bingzhang and Peng Ming were arrested overseas and were sent back to China for life imprisonment.  Mr. Peng Ming ended with a bizarre death in Chinese prison just a few months ago.  These activities are all directly associated with Interpol being used by the Chinese government.


Recently, the Chinese government has increased its control of Interpol.  While it still uses Interpol to fight against exiled dissidents overseas, at the same time, it has begun to use it as a tool to combat dissidents within the Communist leadership.  As we all know, the anti-corruption movement of the Communist regime has become a movement of cleansing within the Communist Party, specifically to crack down the dissidents within the Communist Party who disagree with Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan.  The Sky Net action of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission of the Communist Party that put the Interpol "red notices" on its website, is to tell all the opposition, even if you fled to the ends of the earth, we can arrest you through the Interpol.


Such uses of Interpol have become a tool for Xi Jinping to create his dictatorship; it has seriously intervened in China's internal affairs; it has also seriously transcended the authority of a non-governmental organization.  It is also moving quickly to the old path when it was an instrument of Nazi terrorism.


This is exactly what I and the international community are worried about.  This is also the reason that the political circles, academics, and the media of various countries need to strongly criticize Interpol and ask it to reform its system.  We do not want Interpol to become a tool for Fascist dictatorship again.  We hope that it will reform its system and institutions, to continue play a positive role in combating criminal offenses and establishing an effective monitoring system.


In the current situation, with the head of Chinese secret police being its president, the Interpol are resisting and rejecting years of criticism and supervision from various directions.  The Interpol continue to adhere to being the tool of these dictatorial countries in order to obtain the funds they need to maintain their existence and in fact to become an organization for profit.


According to many news media reports, Interpol's credibility and funding has been declining year after year.  Many of the democratic countries have reduced their contributions because of their dissatisfaction with its behavior.  China has become a major contributor to Interpol, which is suspected of being the main reason for the Interpol becoming a political tool for Xi Jinping.


As this situation continues, the credibility and funding of this organization will be further reduced, until it becomes the vassal of the Chinese police.  I believe by then there will be a new organization with its own rules to be followed to replace the positive functions Interpol has now.  The organization of Fascist tools will disappear.  I will continue my hard work with the comrades of justice of every country.



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(Written and recorded on April 20, 2017.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1004-W653



Release Date: April 23, 2017



Topic: Is it an International Notice or an Arrest Warrant? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:是国际通告还是通缉令? -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生















































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