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Release Date: July 23, 2017



Topic: Dissidents Overseas Oppose Meng Hongwei Taking Charge of Interpol (RFA Cantonese report)



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Dissidents Overseas Oppose Meng Hongwei Taking Charge of Interpol

-- RFA Cantonese




The Overseas Chinese democrats question the Chinese Vice Minister of Public Security, Meng Hongwei, becoming the president of Interpol.  They are concerned that Interpol will become a tool for the Chinese government to persecute democrats.  Wei Jingsheng, the dissident from the USA, together with a number of overseas democrats, recently went to the German Federal Criminal Police Bureau (Bundeskriminalamtes) and demonstrated in front of it.  They asked Interpol to protect Chinese democrats from interference and persecution. (Wu Yitong / Cheng Wen report)


Interpol, headquartered in Lyon, France, has 190 member states.  It was initiated by detectives in France, Belgium and other Western countries.  Its original intention was for the police to pursue transnational escape criminals.  Germany is one of the main founding members of Interpol, and the German Federal Criminal Police Bureau (Bundeskriminalamtes) is also an important member of Interpol.  At the end of last year, Interpol appointed the deputy minister of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, Meng Hongwei, as its chairman, which had sparked protests from overseas democrats and human rights organizations.


The Wei Jingsheng Foundation and the Association of Students and Scientists in Germany launched a demonstration against Interpol to protest on Monday (July 10) in front of the Bundeskriminalamtes in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Wei Jingsheng, the democracy activists from the USA, and Qian Yuejun, chairman of the Association of Students and Scientists in Germany, as well as more than 10 democrats from European countries participated.  The protest lasted for 2 hours.  A responsible person from the German Federal Criminal Police Bureau received the proposal submitted by Wei Jingsheng.


Qian Yuejun, chairman of the Association of Students and Scientists in Germany, pointed out to the Radio Free Asia reporters that there are dual backgrounds of history and reality for the overseas democrats to select Germany as their second protest location against Interpol.  During Germany's Hitler era, the German secret police took over Interpol, which became a division of the Gestapo.  It had four Nazi presidents during this time; one of the most well known was Reinhard Heydrich.  Today, Interpol's current Secretary-General, Jurgen Stock, was a former deputy director of the German Federal Criminal Police Bureau.


Earlier Wei Jingsheng had contacted Stock, but Stock refused to listen to the proposal to prevent Interpol being abused.


Qian Yuejun: Germany is also the earliest creator of Interpol.  It played a leading role in the early years of Interpol, with several of Interpol presidents sentenced as Nazis.  So regarding this Interpol issue, Germany has some guilt, concerning it helped the Nazis to arrest people.  Jurgen Stock was originally the deputy director of the German Federal Criminal Police Bureau.  He was elected as the Secretary General while Meng Hongwei was elected chairman.  Wei Jingsheng tried to talk to Jurgen Stock but he refused, saying that we do not engage in politics.  So it left us only the choice to protest.


For most Chinese people, Interpol and its mysterious "red arrest warrants", have a strong international power and legal deterrent.  In April this year, right before Guo Wengui, the wealthy Chinese businessman now in the USA, released explosive news on a direct broadcast of Voice of America, the Chinese government suddenly claimed that Interpol has issued a "red arrest warrant" for him.  Later on, Guo Wengui explained in the social media the real name of "red arrest warrant" in practice is "Red Notice", which the international organization releases on behalf of the related country.  While the member country also has to pay a release fee, it is not an "Arrest Warrant", and implies no coercion.


Qian Yuejun explained to the RFA station that theoretically after the release of the red notice, the member states have the obligation to assist the issuing country in tracking the individual.  In order to avoid the political persecution by the member countries, Interpol has regulations explicitly prohibiting any country to pursue people due to political, military and religious reasons.  But there are still authoritarian states that use other charges to threaten and persecute overseas democrats with "red notices".


Qian Yuejun: In fact, Interpol is equivalent to an association.  It is not a power body, but in terms of its size is only after the United Nations.  However, it is also independent, with the periphery having no way to monitor it.  Thus it is also easy to be used.  If a person of a country was named in a Red Notice, then Interpol itself can explain that it just released a notice and it is up to any country to decide do anything with it or not.  For example, authoritarian countries will use Interpol to put people that they are not comfortable with on the order of "red notices" in an attempt to gain assistance in tracking and/or apprehending or detaining.


Wei Jingsheng said in an interview with the RFA Cantonese, that he himself was included in the list before due to the Chinese government.  He was detained briefly when he went to Switzerland to participate in activities.  However, the Swiss released him after it understood his background.  But even now, he cannot enter Qatar and other countries.  Wei Jingsheng also revealed that overseas Uyghur and other dissidents were also arrested by some countries because they were on the "red notices".  One of the tactics the Chinese government used is to name some dissidents as terrorists and ask Interpol members to assist in the arrests.  The much-criticized Turkish President Erdogan also used Interpol to arrest journalists who criticized him.


Wei Jingsheng thinks that there are all kinds of facts showing that the Chinese authorities manipulate and abuses the function of Interpol -- by holding a criminal offense as a pretext to abuse the use of a "red notice" as a way to pursue dissidents and human rights activists globally, as well as to create obstacles to the actions of the overseas dissidents and human rights activists.  So this time the democrats have come to the German Criminal Police Bureau to protest, to hope Interpol will remember the lessons it learned when it was abusively used during the Nazi era and prevent the Chinese government from manipulating Interpol as well.


Wei Jingsheng: Now Interpol has begun to be infiltrated by the authoritarian regime in China.  Over the years, it has helped China to put enormous pressure on exiled dissidents.  They have made an excuse by calling these overseas dissidents, including ethnic minorities, as terrorists.  The Chinese Communist Party has done a lot of bad things with Interpol.  When the Vice-Minister of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security became the chairman, Interpol itself slipped into the direction of becoming a Nazi helper as during the Second World War, by becoming the minions of the Chinese Communist regime.  We hope that they will not become the thugs of authoritarian regimes.  Interpol should have the discernment, instead of speaking for whoever gives it money.  If so, then it has become a Triad organization [Chinese transnational organized crime syndicate].


HUANG Ciping, the executive director of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, expressed to RFA Cantonese that their continued protests are effective.  Recently, the official website of Interpol has removed its presidents who were Nazis from 1938 to 1946.  After they learned that Wei Jingsheng would attend a press conference in Lyon, France, in April of this year, Interpol's website removed hundreds of Chinese names from its "red notices", keeping only some violent criminal offenders on that list.



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A1028-O294



Release Date: July 23, 2017



Topic: Dissidents Overseas Oppose Meng Hongwei Taking Charge of Interpol (RFA Cantonese report)



Original Language Version: Chinese (English at the beginning, Chinese version at the end)









-- 自由亚洲电台粤语部




中国公安部副部长孟宏伟出任国际刑警组织主席,受到海外中国民主人士的质疑,担忧国际刑警组织会成为中国政府迫害民主人士的工具。旅美异见人士魏京生联同多位海外民主人士,日前到德国刑事局门前示威,要求国际刑警组织保护中国民主人士,免受干扰和迫害。(吴亦桐 / 程文 报道)






德国学联主席钱跃君向本台指出,海外民主人士将第二次对国际刑警组织的抗议地选在德国,有其历史和现实双重背景。德国希特勒时代,德国秘密警察曾接管国际刑警组织,成为盖世太保辖下的一个分部,先后有4任主席是纳粹党员,其中最知名的为莱因哈德·海德里希;国际刑警组织现任秘书长施托克(Jurgen Stock),曾担任德国联邦刑事局的副局长。




钱跃君:德国也是Interpol最早的创建人,早年的时候是主角,几任主席都是被判为纳粹的,德国在Interpol的问题上还是有些负罪感的,等于也协助过纳粹去抓人了。Jurgen Stock本来就是德国联邦刑事局的副局长,孟宏伟选为主席时他被选为秘书长,魏京生找到Jurgen Stock,他一概拒绝,说我们不搞政治,我们只能选择抗议。


对于大多数中国人来说,国际刑警组织与神秘的红色通缉令,具有强大的国际权力及法律威慑力,今年4月,旅美富商郭文贵在美国之音的直播节目爆料之前,中国政府突然称国际刑警组织已向他发布红色通缉令,其后郭文贵曾在社交媒体上解释红色通缉令的英文名字为Red Notice,国际组织代当事国发布,当事国也需缴纳发布费用,但其并非逮捕令,也不具强制力。





























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