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Release Date: July 4, 2017



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Went to Germany, to Speak Out for Liu Xiaobo and Chinese Human Rights During the G20 Summit (VOA report)



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Wei Jingsheng Went to Germany, to Speak Out for Liu Xiaobo and Chinese Human Rights During the G20 Summit

-- Xiao Yu, Voice of America

July 4, 2017 07:18



Washington --

Xi Jinping, the Chinese president who just visited Hong Kong in an attitude of "an emperor is ruling the world," had just attended the 20th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong's sovereignty and gave a speech of harsh words.  He will visit Russia and will travel from there to Germany to attend the G20 in Hamburg on Friday (July 7)  for the two-day long summit.


But Xi Jinping's trip to Europe will continue to be covered in the shadows of the protests by overseas activists.


An ocean away, Wei Jingsheng, the well-known Chinese dissident residing in the USA arrived in Germany ahead of Xi Jinping.  As the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, Wei Jingsheng will work with a number of European organizations and individuals that promote the Chinese democratic movement, and to prepare for the visit of Xi Jinping.


"It is a traditional activity for the pro-democracy organizations," Wei Jingsheng told VOA as he was preparing to leave for Germany on Monday (July 3).  He said that since 1999, whenever Chinese leaders visited , the overseas pro-democracy activists would be organized, "protest the dictator, and ask to release the political prisoners.  This time Liu Xiaobo will be the focus of the release request, since he has been very ill."


Talking about protesting in 1999 during Jiang Zemin's visit to six nations in Europe, Asia and Africa, Wei Jingsheng is still in high spirits: "We have been following him from England to France, finally to Lyon.  The protest in Lyon was the most exciting.  When the French police blocked the roads, we leaped over the walls, like the guerrillas, while the local council members and parliamentary members went with us.  There were also our people in the square.  Just as they were about to hold the ceremony, we used megaphones to call out in Chinese and French.  The police were very nervous and sirens went on.  When the siren stopped, we continued our shouting, and their welcoming ceremony was not completed".


At that time, many French media reported this action with the subject line of "Wei Jingsheng Calls Out to Jiang Zemin."  Wei Jingsheng said: "Even now, people in Lyon people still remember this, saying that when our French President welcomed the dictator, the Chinese people protested."  After that incident, the local parliament passed a resolution naming the traboule (secret passage way) of human rights for Wei Jingsheng.


However, Wei Jingsheng, who went through the "Democratic Wall" era and witnessed more than 30 years of wind and rain of the Chinese democratic movement, said that despite that the overseas democracy activists have been working hard, political environment in China has deteriorated.


"Over the past more than one decade, the Western government has continued to make concessions to China, while China's strength continues to grow, so now the human rights situation in China is even worse than a decade ago during the Jiang Zemin era.  Recently, the Chinese Communist Party has been really suppressing the freedom of speech, especially media on the Internet, and so on," he said.


Wei Jingsheng said that the influence of the democratic organizations is far less than the Western governments, so these years they have been applying the pressure on the Western governments.  Besides protesting to the G20 Summit in Hamburg, on their visit to Germany this time they also plan to hold a press conference, and invited German lawmakers to participate in the hope that they can indirectly apply pressure on Xi Jinping regarding the human rights issues.


"Now that there is already the suggestion that Angela Merkel may talk with Xi Jinping about human rights issues," Wei Jingsheng said.


The overseas democratic organizations that will participate in the G20 summit protest include the Chinese Democratic Front, the Forum that Globally Supports Democratization in China and Asia, the Independent Chinese PEN, the Inner Mongolia People's Party, World Uyghur Congress and other organizations.


Dolkun Isa, the secretary-general of World Uyghur Congress, headquartered in Munich, Germany, told the Voice of America that he expected at least 40 or 50 Uyghur people living in Germany go to Hamburg to protest.


"Since Xi Jinping came to the power, the human rights situation in the East Turkestan is getting worse, not only for the Uyghurs, Tibetans, but also the Han people," Dolkun Isa said.  "We protest against the authoritarian policy of Xi Jinping.  We call to let Liu Xiaobo to go abroad for medical treatment, and we ask for the release of all political prisoners, such as Ilham Tohti".


The 20 countries of the G20 international economic cooperation forum hold two summits annually, each of which attracted protesters who are concerned about various issues around the world.  This year's demonstrators are expected to reach 100,000 to 150,000 people.



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Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition News and Article Release Issue Number: A1023-O291



Release Date: July 4, 2017



Topic: Wei Jingsheng Went to Germany, to Speak Out for Liu Xiaobo and Chinese Human Rights During the G20 Summit (VOA report)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









2017年7月4日 07:18

-- 美国之音 萧雨



华盛顿 - 









谈起1999年抗议江泽民出访欧亚非六国,魏京生依然兴致昂扬:"我们从英国一直跟到法国, 一直跟到里昂。在里昂的抗议是最精彩的。当时法国警察把道路都封锁了,我们翻墙跃起进去,跟游击队似的,电视台、当地议员陪着我们一块。前面广场上也有我们的人,他们刚要举行仪式,我们就拿大喇嘛用中文和法语喊话。警察很紧张,警笛都响起来了。警笛一停,我们接着喊,他们的欢迎仪式后来都没搞成。"
















"东突厥斯坦的人权状况越来越差,不仅是维族人,藏人、还有汉人老百姓的人权状况在习近平上台后越来越差," 多里坤说,"我们抗议习近平的专制政策,我们呼吁让刘晓波到外国就医,我们要求释放伊力哈木等所有政治犯。"
















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