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Release Date: July 22, 2017



Topic: The Truth During the 14th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:海外民运联席会议里的真相 -- 魏京生


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The Truth During the 14th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition

-- Wei Jingsheng



From July 26th to 29th of 2017, the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition held its fourteenth conference in the Rayburn House Office Building of the US Congress.  At the same time, in Rayburn's foyer, we displayed an exhibition about the Cultural Revolution and held the third "Human Rights and Freedom Defender" Award ceremony, to reward people who dedicated their decades to strive for human rights and democracy in China.


The first "Human Rights and Freedom Defender" prize was awarded to former US Congressman Frank Wolf.  The second "Human Rights and Freedom Defender" prizes were awarded to the Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and publisher Robert Bernstein.  The third "Human Rights and Freedom Defender," which is the current one, was awarded to the heavyweight Republican Congressman Chris Smith.  All these figures have made years of great contributions to human rights and democracy in China, so awarding them is to encourage more politicians and Americans to continue their focus and help the democratic movement in China.  We can see some of their public activities on Radio Free Asia and Voice of America.


The award ceremony was very successful; even Leader Nancy Pelosi showed up to praise the efforts and struggles of both Wei Jingsheng and Rep. Chris Smith.  Once again she expressed her admiration and support for human rights, freedom and democracy in China.  The atmosphere was very enthusiastic.  Many other Democratic and Republican congressional members also expressed their support and readiness to participate, but unfortunately due to an intense voting process they had to apologize for not being able to attend the event in person.


Meanwhile, the 14th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition was also very successful.  The delegates who attended were very satisfied and think that this was one of the most successful conferences in more than a decade.  One of the signs of success is the massive attack by the Internet police and "fifty cents" posters of the Chinese Communist regime, including slanders and abuse.  The enemy's attack shows that how much our success stung them and is the greatest reward for us.  Some friends had not seen such a violent attack for many years, and thus felt a little frustrated; some friends joining us on the Internet seemed a bit disappointed because their expectations were too high.  This is a normal phenomenon.  We thus have more confidence.


Some friends were disappointed by the intense discussion during the meeting.  In fact, this is the tradition of our coalition over many years, which is the display of a democratic atmosphere within the democratic movement.  This precisely defeats the rumors of many years by the Internet police and those "fifty cents" posters hired by the Communist regime, who have claimed that "the democratic movement was undemocratic", and "forever chairman", and "dictatorship within democracy", and so on.


The democracy movement is not a government system and it is impossible to engage in parliamentary democracy that represents voters.  Usually it is an action group, and a political movement.  It is sort of equivalent to a company and its executive branch, which must have a leader to guide and members that act in mutual consensus and cooperation.  But within, it still has a democratic atmosphere and procedure that is like a parliament.  We hold a conference and working meetings within each organization every year or so, which is a mechanism for democratic discussion and consultation.  This is similar to the meetings of a board of directors and an executive meeting within the White House.


Any opposition political movement should have such a structure.  During the early days of the overseas democracy movement, it had a system of discussing and voting on everything, which proved to be a failed structure.  Not only it was inefficient, but also it created complicated procedures for the Communist spies to use to breach.  Dictatorship cannot be agreed to by people in democracy movement.  The friends who are really engaged in the democratic movement all have to use their own money and time, as well as fend off complaints by their relatives.  As a matter of fact, I myself am a so-called "amateur democracy activist", instead of a paid professional politician.  With a circle of people of such hot and young blood, who will accept a dictator?  This is really an impossible fantasy.


During this conference, a topic that could not be avoided was the topic of Guo Wengui.  This topic cannot be without controversy.  If such a big topic were not controversial during our conference, then it would be dictatorship.  Many of our friends who were accustomed to the dictatorship of the Communist Party were dissatisfied with the controversy from the informal meeting before our conference.  They argued that these disputes should not be made public and in the media.  They believe that the image of democracy was thus destroyed.  I think exactly the opposite.  We should correct the kind of false and empty mode, so everyone is accustomed to the pattern of a democratic debate.


Recently, Xi Jinping had a meeting which exercised his dictatorship, which would not even allow high-level leaders to make notes or to record.  This is in fact a strong contrast to the democratic style of our democratic movement.  Democracy is not just the election and the so-called procedural justice; it is more about the people and the culture of a whole society, and a kind of thinking habit.  When one is not allowed to argue, and not allowed to voice opposition, it would have already developed a culture of dictatorship.  When there is the soil of the dictatorship culture, it is conducive to establishing and maintaining a system of dictatorship.


But democracy should not take an extreme form; not to do whatever you want, as then it is called mischief.  Democracy would allow full discussion, but there is also a collective responsibility after reached a consensus.  Even the minority after the vote, should still be responsible for the resolutions which were passed by the majority.  For us who live in the West, this is the essence of democracy, the basic principles of democracy, which is like the habit of the common sense.


This time Professor Xia Yeliang achieved a noble democratic quality.  After the meeting, he gave up his dispute with Mr. Guo Wengui and said that he would not publicly criticize him.  Even though Mr. Guo said that he was against the Communist Party for a while, then said that he had no objection to the Communist Party, he would no longer openly criticize this.  This is the personal strategy or plan of Mr. Guo as an individual, for his own reason.  We cannot ask all the people to be the same as us.  After all, we are not all the same even among ourselves, thus no reason to ask others to be the same.


Our policy is to unite all forces that can be united, and to target our attacks against the dictatorship of the Communist system.  Mr. Guo Wengui also showed noble democratic qualities, and immediately called his fans to stop attacking the democratic movement, and target their spearheads against what he called "the Pirates Clique of China".  This is the correct attitude of the allied forces of democracy and freedom, which is common sense in a democratic society.


Democrats and Republicans in the United States are often very antagonistic, and sometimes even hate to gnash.  But in support of the Chinese people for democracy and freedom, we can say that the two sides have been very close and even praising of the other side.  This is the so-called "noble quality" that the Chinese people now love to say.  I hope that the Chinese people can quickly improve our own quality, to avoid self-attacks within the allied forces in a trench.



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(Written and recorded August 1, 2017.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1037-W676



Release Date: July 22, 2017



Topic: The Truth During the 14th Conference of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:海外民运联席会议里的真相 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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