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Release Date: September 13, 2017



Topic: To Make a Cocoon to Bind Oneself -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:作茧自缚 -- 魏京生


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To Make a Cocoon to Bind Oneself 

-- Wei Jingsheng



Many friends only read newspaper news, and thus have concluded that the policy mistakes of the USA have resulted in the continuation or acceleration of the development of nuclear weapons by North Korea.  This is a typical wrong conclusion when one looks at the evidence yet does not think for oneself.  The Chinese students overseas often have learned to be more Americans than Americans, when they take the judgement standard of the court as a general criterion for thinking.  This can only be ridiculous.


Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il had thought days and nights to develop nuclear weapons to protect themselves, and even thought to use the nuclear weapons as a deterrent to a unified Korean Peninsula.  This is the thinking of a normal mind, and the normal thinking of all dictatorships.  If they could not develop nuclear weapons as they wish, what is the concern?  Because the United States is unhappy?  This is the standard answer that lacks thinking.


The opposition of the international community does not mean anything to the Kim family in North Korea.  They do not really care at all.  Any reason for them to not do what they wish would be because China and Russia are not happy about it, which does matter to North Korea.  So when did they begin to develop nuclear weapons boldly?  That was at the critical moment when the Soviet Union collapsed.  With Russia in a difficult time and the first generation of Chinese Communist leaders who understood this issue almost all died out, North Korea began to test the development of nuclear weapons.


Although they may be very bad in other aspects, the first generation of Communists at least did know that they should not ask themselves for trouble.  If you groom a nuclear-weapon country at your own door step, then you are making trouble for yourself.  This is like sending a gun to a rogue neighbor; maybe he will shoot at someone else, but you may also got shot at.  This folly is to add risk to oneself, just like making a cocoon to bind oneself.


Since Jiang Zemin took over the power in China, the pro-North Korea clique in China which was bought out and trained by North Korea has started rising to the degree that it has a say regarding North Korea issues.  The slogan of brotherhood-like friendship between China and North Korea has become policy in China.  Letting the little brother guard the Korean peninsula as a buffer zone, while acting as a rogue in East Asia, also became a theory that has been implemented by the Chinese Communist Party.


At this time, with the help of China, North Korea began to develop nuclear weapons and missile technology, as well as to help China to continue its conduct of tactical nuclear weapons tests.  This period of North Korean missiles basically are replicas of the Chinese missiles, even the vehicles used to drag the missiles are Chinese models.


Jiang Zemin lacks the experience of the gangsters and thinks that he can effectively control North Korea's nuclear weapons development.  Tricked by the pro-North Korea faction, Jiang believed that North Korea will be comfortable to act as a little brother.  So he deliberately designed the so-called six-party talks, to fool the US government with the help of Western companies, in order to develop nuclear weapons for North Korea to gain advantage of time.


When North Korea entered a stage of independent development of nuclear weapons, it got dissatisfied with China's use of the nuclear issue in North Korea to extract diplomatic benefits.  To want to squeeze more benefits out of China and the United States is normal thinking for the diplomacy of a small country.  So North Korea refused the six-party talks and repeatedly tried to negotiate with the United States alone.


With the rich international political experience of the USA, of course it sees very clearly of this as a trick of "dividing first then dealing with separately," without sincerity.  The young heir Kim Jong-un does not have the patience to continue dealing as before.  He believes that the completion of nuclear weapons development will force the world to recognize his nuclear-state status, which would be the full condition for him to continue his blackmail.  This Western-educated dictator indeed has learned a lot of things.


After a few years, or even only a year or two, when Kim Jong-un has achieved his desire, what will he do?  He will oppress South Korea for the unity of the peninsula step by step.  This is the prospect that the United States, Japan and other countries cannot tolerate.  For sure Japan and South Korea will rapidly develop their own nuclear weapons under the tacit consent of the United States, to reach an equal deterrence.


If Japan and South Korea develop their nuclear weapons, then Taiwan has even more reason to develop nuclear weapons.  By then, the ideal of "liberating Taiwan" will have an even greater risk.  The lies that have fooled several generations will be completely broken in front of the Chinese people.


With a nuclear madman surrounded by a circle of nuclear countries, the probability of the outbreak of nuclear war is greatly raised.  The democratic politics in the other countries are relatively stable; but the authoritarian politics in China are becoming more and more unstable.  When the nuclear madman himself finds it difficult to continue, he will look around for a target to blackmail.  China is the best target of his nuclear blackmail.


Even if Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan do not have nuclear weapons, under the nuclear umbrella of the United States they are still hard bones to chew on for Kim Jong-un.  He certainly does not dare to provoke Russia.  Thus China becomes the only target that he can show off his martial arts to kick at.  Blackmailing for more money would be his minimum goal.  Otherwise, he would have a hard time ahead.  As to what kind of tricks he will resort to, we may have a hard time imagining; they could be anything.  That is because he is a true wolf without a heart.  As a rogue, he needs to survive as well.



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(Written and recorded on September 9, 2017.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1045-W683



Release Date: September 13, 2017



Topic: To Make a Cocoon to Bind Oneself -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:作茧自缚 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生








































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