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Release Date: September 9, 2017



Topic: The Heroism and Beauty of This Era That Moved Me - by Zhong Weiguang (Apollo News Network)

标题:仲维光:让我感动,这个时代的英雄和美女 -- 有朋自远方来(阿波罗新闻网)


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The Heroism and Beauty of This Era That Moved Me

-- Friends Come From Far Away

[Apollo News Network 2017-07-29]

Author: Zhong Weiguang



Once I said that being against the Chinese Communist regime is the fundamental line we must hold as a person.  Now I want to say, only the one who dares to stand against the communist tyranny alone is the hero of our time!  Those who are on stage now are only the temporary protagonists of this theme, because he who never had the courage and thought is destined only to be in a supporting role.


I am happy to have friends come from far away! (part 1)


The reason is simple, because you are a human, who have thought and spirit.  The contents of our spiritual world, the way and taste of our living, are no less than the needs of food for us.  Exchange and sharing compose half of your life.  A lot of times even the rest of your life is guided by these exchanging and sharing experiences.  For this reason, of course it is more than a pleasure when friends come from far away who I can communicate and speak on the same wavelength, especially when I admire this friend a lot.


Old Wei (Wei Jingsheng) is a person in my life who is not related to me, yet I admire due to his actions and thinking.  He really won my admiration with real content.  Before my admiration, I not only did not know him, I did not understand him, and even did not feel optimistic about him, and even criticized him.  However, over time, with the tracks, slowly grew my admiration of him from where I did not perceive before, through the power and charm of his life.


His weaknesses may be countless, but there are two reasons Wei Jingsheng led me to admire him from the bottom of my heart.  Because of these two points, although I rarely had personal exchanges with Wei I treat him more than friend in my heart.  I think that no matter how people think of the shortcomings he might have, he is the hero in this age that lacks of heroes.  He is worthy to be worshiped by this world and the future generations!


The first reason that demands respect for Wei Jingsheng is because he dares to defy the tyranny, to fight alone against that seemingly stable regime impossible to collapse.  Let us not forget that it was in 1979!  Let us think carefully that even Yu Luoke cannot compare with Wei's courage of confronting the tyranny -- because the old Wei indeed was ready to throw out his own head as a cannon ball against his enemy.  In this world, how many people would dare to calmly throw out their own heads as cannon balls against the enemy without collapsing psychologically?


Some people may show braveness as a calculated speculation.  Some people are remarkable when they play games.  Some people display high IQ when they try to fool the world.  However, Wei Jingsheng shows his awe-inspiring courage, whether in front of the TV lens or on the Western podiums, regardless whether he is facing the power of the East or the Dignitaries of the West.  This courage stimulates the resonance of innate rhythm from my own blood - in my bones, I only have the genes of respecting heroes.  I can only and will only respect people like Wei Jingsheng.


The second reason that lets me admire Wei Jingsheng is that this offspring of the Red Communists did not stop marching forward after his opposition of tyranny.  He has completely broken and walked out of the boundaries set up by the Communist regime, not only politically, but also ideologically and spiritually.  After entering the twenty-first century, Wei Jingsheng made loud and clear statements about the Chinese Communist regime.  During this year's review and outlook of the June 4 Massacre, old Wei once again showed the depth and sharpness of his thoughts.  Many people may never walk out these boundaries in their lifetimes, even as they got executed by the Communist regime.  However, old Wei has walked out there further and further, more in an elegant style, and without burden.  On this road, I have not only experienced the hardship in walking out, but also know the bottleneck for those who cannot get out of the boundaries.  As I have heard so much high pitched tunes from so-called Ph.D.'s talking about things they do not really know and understand, I surely am surprised by and admire Wei Jingsheng's thinking and understanding!


There are heroes of every generation, and each of them shall be in the leading position for hundreds of years.  Wei Jingsheng is a really worthy of our Chinese people; who acts like General Xiang Yu, King of West Chu; who thinks like (poets) Tao Yuanming of the Dong Jin Dynasty and Xie Lingyun during the Song (of the Nanbei) Dynasty.  How could I not admire a person like this!


I am happy to have friends come from far away! (part 2)


I do not have to say much when Wei Jingsheng comes.  What I did not expect was from Huang Ciping who came together with him, and we would meet as old friends.


To talk about this girl, although her age is not anymore that of the girl during our first meeting, but as I could call myself an old man growing toward my 70's, I still felt she is just a girl.  What I was surprised about was not just her age, but that I could see through a glance in between her eyes, the girl in her, a girl who is still full of innocence, hidden not so deeply there.


This feeling is not what I would have expected.  Afterwards I also thought it as strange, because it suddenly reminds me the experience that shocked me a decade ago.

I was at a place that was thousands miles away and encountered a so-called well-known person for the first time.  I was extremely surprised for that mediocre look due to the wear of time.  That was the first time I observed and realized that lines on a person's body could so deeply reflect that person's mediocrity.  And that experience further deepen what was supposed to have been said by Abraham Lincoln: "Every man over forty is responsible for his face."


From the Cultural Revolution period until I left university, until I went to the world, I have seen so many women, include those in the pro-democracy movement, female dissidents, women in our circle pretending to be writers, women portraying themselves as talents.  However, more of this kind of person made me deeply understand that the name recognition one may gain through one's effort to make up and fan up herself, by talent will not came out through the makeup.  Just as Shi Xiangyun (in the classic Chinese novel "Dream of the Red Mansions") said: "a real celebrity will be romantic", absolutely so!  The more simple people, the more talented!  On the contrary, the more a person speaks of things they do not understand, as they speak in Greek whenever they can, the less talent they have!  That is because they do not have the foundation and they need conceit and vanity to decorate themselves with those things they do not understand, and they even did not know that they do not really understand.


As described in the poems (by the well-known painter and calligrapher Zheng Banqiao almost 300 years ago,) "Simplicity is the best way to paint the autumn trees, while innovative ways are the best to paint the spring flowers", and (by poet Su Shi of the Song Dynasty) "a beauty will be a beauty regardless with or without makeup," the romanticism, the talent, the scholarly cannot be produced for a person by big words, or by thinking him/her makes it himself/herself.  On the contrary, it is the upbringing and accomplishment that the person has.


The more talented and capable the person is, the simpler and plain that person will be, without the need to load with "acts" and "gestures"!


I never met with a young Huang Ciping.  As she showed up in front of me, I think she should be over 50.  What would be left to a woman who is older than 50?


It would already be uneasy for those women who do not need to work, with a good mood and environment to save a good temperament, not to mention the women who are devoted and have thus gone through hardship, who accompanies her pursuit all the time, who spends a lot of time on the road, who handles a variety of complex matters, yet tries to have her own life.  However, I was surprised by Huang Ciping when I looked at her, through her face and her eyes, and even the faint lines - these wrinkles that will come in the future, you see her pure and trueness that cannot be concealed.


During these years of my encounters with people, I rarely have this kind of feeling.  Yet the second point that surprised me is that this feeling made me deeply feel that in the past more than 30 years of the atmosphere of the so-called dissident circles, or within the democracy movement, there is a haze of the human society.  Huang Ciping has not only made me feel this heavy haze, but also all of a sudden let me experience "the haze in the democracy movement is even stronger that the haze in Beijing"!  Because this girl in front of me, is exactly a girl whose glories were covered and confused by this heavy haze.  She is full of innocence, talent and ability, yet these are covered for staying in this noisy flea market for too long, with these sellers and the prospectors who came to the market thinking of gaining some profits.  I have repeatedly seen her photos, repeatedly read her words, and occasionally talked on the phone, yet I always thought that this is not a person in the same world with me.  And this is the reason that shocked me and let me ponder.  This person standing in front me, suddenly gone through time and space, to make me feel her to be in the same world with me.  This might be the power of life of this small and weak woman who originally came from the south of the Yangtze River.


Just glance at her and you will feel and see her strong character, that the impulse and pursuit of her life cannot be covered by whatever kinds of pollution and trash she has encountered.


She is the kind of person capable of penetrating everything, showing her charm, and conquering you with her simplicity.


I am amazed at her because the expressions in her eyes are sincere and not contrived when she treats others.


I am amazed at her because her words are simple and with clear logic.


I am amazed at her because her feelings are sharp!


Of course, I am surprised at her, most fundamentally due to her sincerity -- in these years, in the noisy and chaotic society, she maintained her own excellent quality.  And because of this, she has not completely lost her glory ...


Thirty years of the so-called pro-democracy movement has created a group of poor people; those who came to live not due to their own pursuit, courage and talent, but due to their desire to fool the society and to get benefit and name recognition for themselves, without realizing that this is a swamp, a quality and money losing place, and eventually will make them deceive their own life.


Because when one is doing that, one has to pay for it, and lose one's glory that one did not have that much to start with, as well as the character that one lacks.  Then the original barren appearance, the body of flesh and blood yet carrying all the abstract quality, will turn into misery and depression, who should one blame then?  Mencius said mightiness is to be groomed and raised, all of you are the result of your own profanity and blasphemy!  Of course, perhaps even the ability to cultivate may also be congenitally written in the womb - some people may have no ability to cultivate one's own!


This girl in front of me, who comes with a haze, once again touched my deeper grief!  Because she once again let me see our generation, this generation of the so-called elite class, not only does not have the talent, the penetration and the light of thoughts and spirits that every generation inherited, but indeed are genuine "spirit haze."  The particles in this haze have different shapes, different colors, and different behaviors, but they are all created by the Ministry of Truth of the totalitarian society, to be used to imprison this society, as the "national haze."


The totalitarian ruler has cultivated more than half a century of spiritual haze, which is serious to the degree not only within the intellectuals and media of the Chinese government, but also shows up in the ideology and culture of the so-called dissidents.  Because we have all seen that the so-called "inside" and "outside" are connected, the so-called reformists are connected with "the system within", yet no one can see their boundaries, their differences, and their barriers clearly.  But we all can see at a glance, that Wei Jingsheng is a person who will not return to this haze!


Although it has been almost forty years since 1979, in that circle of people who deal with politics Wei Jingsheng is almost the only person who has ever challenged without compromising himself to the power and the haze that protects them.  And this girl, who followed Wei with her intuition, has been struggling in the haze.  "But the times were against me, and my horse Zhui runs no more; when Zhui runs no more, what then can I do?" (part of the last song by General Xiang Yu.)


The stages of human lives are full of gongs and drums.  There is hegemony, wars and swords, but regardless of the outcome of winning or losing a battle, the ultimate protagonist and most glorious one is General Xiang Yu, the King of West Chu, and Consort Yu, who accompanied him all the way to edge of the world.


Once I said that being against the Chinese Communist regime is the fundamental line we must hold as a person.  Now I want to say, only the one who dares to stand against the communist tyranny alone is the hero of our time!  Those who are on stage now are only the temporary protagonists of this theme, because he who never had the courage and thought is destined only to be in a supporting role.


People of the later generations will remember the hero and beauty of this era, the hero with "his strength plucked up the hills and his might shadowed the world" (part of the last song by General Xiang Yu.) ... ...


(As "Brushing a Poem on the Wall of the Wujiang Pavilion" by poet Du Mu:)


"Largely uncertain in great battles is winning or losing;           

Being able to stomach immense shame and insult is the mark of a true man.       

East of Yangtze are talented, gallant young men from your clan.   

To stage a comeback is the probability you should choose!"


The outcome of life will not be determined with utilitarian measures, rather it will be determined by one's character, thoughts and talent!


Thus, I think the big drama for Wei Jingsheng and Huang Ciping is yet to come, or maybe in their next cycle of lives.


July 16, 2017

In Essen, Germany



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1044-W682



Release Date: September 9, 2017



Topic: The Heroism and Beauty of This Era That Moved Me - by Zhong Weiguang (Apollo News Network)

标题:仲维光:让我感动,这个时代的英雄和美女 -- 有朋自远方来(阿波罗新闻网)


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)








让我感动,这个时代的英雄和美女 -- 有朋自远方来

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