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Topic: Wei Jingsheng: Trump Should Help the Chinese to End Communism (Epoch Times)



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Wei Jingsheng: Trump Should Help the Chinese to End Communism

-- The White House Announcing the National Day for the Victims of Communism Releases Important Signals



(Epoch Times, November 10, 2017) (Reporter Li Chen from Washington, DC) The well-known Chinese human rights activist Wei Jingsheng told Epoch Times on November 9 that during Trump's visit to China, in addition to talking about human rights publicly, Trump should also help dismantle the Berlin Wall-like information blockade of the Communist regime so as to help the Chinese themselves end communism.


U.S. President Trump made his first state visit to China from November 8 to November 10.  The topics of meetings between the two sides attracted a lot of attention.  Meanwhile, November 9 is the 28th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany.


Big Trade Orders Should Not Hinder Human Rights


As to whether the 250-billion trade agreement between China and the USA will solve the trade deficit between the United States and China, Wei Jingsheng said: "These hundreds of billions of dollars will help ease the trade deficit this year or next, thus meeting the accountability to the people of the United States. "


However, Wei believes that the big trade order "should not prevent Trump to talk about human rights issues.  If Trump does not do anything on human rights, he will be scolded at when he comes back to the USA, by both the Congress and ordinary people."  "Trump should talk about this human rights issue.  I think Trump should not give up this goal, just because of the money presented to him."  "In fact, human rights is a very important card for the USA."


National Day for the Victims of Communism Releases Signals


On the eve of Trump's visit to China, the White House announced November 7 as the National Day for the Victims of Communism.


Wei Jingsheng said: "This is an important signal."  This is a "hard-line stance on human rights" by the Trump administration.


"The communist system itself is a violation of human rights.  So it has risen to the institutional level."  "The announcing of this national day is a very important move.  In effect, it is telling the Chinese Communist regime: we are concerned about this," Wei Jingsheng said.  "It also shows that the Trump administration is concerned about human rights while paying attention on trade."


Trump Should Openly Talk about Human Rights with the Chinese Communist Regime


Wei Jingsheng expressed that from the experience of the past years, only when the Western government openly discusses human rights with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), will it see results.


"Of course, Trump should talk about human rights openly.  Public talk will put pressure on the CCP.  There will result little pressure when talk secretly with the CCP.  The CCP can release a few people and do something to fool and to pass, while there was no real improvement for human rights in China."


"The issue of Falun Gong is also included in the overall issue of human rights.  This is also an issue regarding prisoners of conscience, being persecuted due to freedom of belief."


Remove the Berlin Wall-Like Information Blockade


Wei Jingsheng thinks that in addition to the issue of prisoners of conscience, freedom of the media and freedom of information are also very crucial.


"The suppression has not only become more and more against printed media, film and television, but also against online media and self made media."


He said that the Golden Shield project in Mainland China has sealed the Internet so much that not only the websites are blocked, but also the law enforcement departments of the CCP can directly control Weibo, WeChat and even arrest people.


An information blockade, "exactly reflects that the CCP lacks self-confidence -- it is even afraid of what the others say."


Wei Jingsheng suggested to Trump "to learn from President Reagan, and do some solid and pragmatic work to give more support and assistance to the Chinese people in terms of human rights.  He should help the people within China to resist the autocratic regime and allow the Chinese people themselves to stand up and to solve the problems of the Communist regime internally, rather than from the outside."  "The Soviet Union and Eastern European countries should be very good role models."


Wei believes that if the Berlin Wall of free speech was dismantled, then the day to push down the Berlin Wall of Communism will be just around the corner.  "I think it is very important to tear down the wall against the media, the Berlin Wall that seals the media and free speech.  If this wall is removed, I think the Communist Party would be finished soon."


"If the Chinese people do not stand up themselves, then no one could do much from the outside.  There was a foundation of public opinion when Gorbachev and Yeltsin resolved the Berlin Wall issue at that time."


Wei said that after obtaining free information and gaining their spiritual freedom, the Chinese people will choose to abandon the CCP and will "automatically solve the issue for the collapse of the CCP's autocratic regime."


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1061-W698



Release Date: November 12, 2017



Topic: Wei Jingsheng: Trump Should Help the Chinese to End Communism (Epoch Times)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 白宫宣布共产主义受难者纪念日释重要信号









对于中美签2500亿贸易协议是否能解决美中贸易逆差问题,他说,"这几千亿,缓冲一下今年或者明年的贸易逆差,能够起到缓解作用 。对(美国)老百姓有个交代。"










"共产主义制度本身是侵犯人权的,已上升到制度层面了。""宣布这个纪念日是一个很重要的动作。实际上是告诉中共政府,我们在关注著这个。"魏京生说,"这也表明川普政府"在关心贸易的同时,也在关心人权。 "




















魏京生建议川普,"他应学习里根总统,做一些扎扎实实的工作, 在人权方面给中国人民更多的支持和帮助。帮助内部人民反抗专制政权,让中国人民自己起来,从内部来解决共产主义政权问题,而不是从外部去解决。""苏联和东欧国家应该是很好的榜样。"



















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