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Release Date: December 9, 2017



Topic: 2017 Report of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience in China



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2017 Report of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience in China:

CCP's planned murder against political prisoners and prisoners of conscience with torture and inhumane imprisonment


Table of Contents:



1) Ever-worsening living conditions for political prisoners and prisoners of conscientious in China

2) 12 cases of the death of Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience under torture and inhuman detentions in recent years

3) 18 cases of persecution to death of the Church of the Almighty believers

4) 232 cases of torture and inhuman detentions

a) Torture and inhuman detention of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who are jailed and sentenced (total of 116 cases)

b) Torture and inhuman detention of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who are detained and yet to be sentenced (total of 17 cases)

c) Torture and inhuman detention of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who were once jailed and sentenced (total of 81 cases)

d) Torture and inhuman detention of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who were once detained without sentences (total of 18 cases)

5) List of 100 well-known political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in urgent need of international attention and rescue

6) Humanitarian and rescue responsibility of the international community

7) Summary of "The China Political Prisoners Concern (CPPC)" database





CPPC 2017 Human-rights Report's Introduction


This report is the first annual human rights report of the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience from Wei Jingsheng Foundation's sub-branch China Political Prisoner Concern (CPPC).


China Political Prisoner Concern (CPPC) is a nonprofit Chinese human-rights organization that was formed by a group of human-rights activists from Mainland China and overseas' volunteers. Since its formation on February 1st, 2014, we have been aiming at fighting for every currently imprisoned Chinese political prisoner and prisoner of conscience, as well as being concerned about their relatives' current living situations. Under three years' anonymous working, we have collected, statistically analyzed, and written a total of 611 brief biographies of Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. This has become one of the crucial databases for Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. In December 2017, CPPC formally joined Wei Jingsheng Foundation and became the sub-branch that is concentrating on the Chinese human rights situation.


This report has the objective to raise the international awareness and appeal for immediate attention and assistance to the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience by describing each prisoner's real living situations and potential rising dangers in the future as accurate as possible.


Since the Xi Jinping took over the leadership in the Communist regime in 2012, instead of improvement, the situation of the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience severely deteriorated. First, there was the notorious, nationwide arrests of Chinese lawyers that began on July 9th, 2015. (referred to as the 709 Crackdown.) Then, torture and inhuman imprisonments have become the common methods for the government. Furthermore, with a rapidly increasing tendency, many well-known Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience have deceased in prison recently.  Liu Xiaobo, Peng Ming, Yang Tianshui, Cao Shunli, Li Wangyang, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, Zhang Jianhong (penname: Li Hong), Nurmemet Yasin, Zhang Liumao Wang Rongqing, etc. were all the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who abnormally deceased while serving their sentences. Among them, there were the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Chinese democratic movement leaders, religious leaders, and human rights activists. They were extremely influential figures in the society of Mainland China. Yet, all deceased after a few years or even a few months of their imprisonment. The Chinese Communist government concluded the reasons of their deaths as some forms of illness. In fact, their deaths were the result of the Chinese Communist government's inhuman and purposeful torture and imprisonment.


The Chinese Communist government uses torture and inhuman imprisonment as a nationwide secret-murdering plan for the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. This secret plan of purposeful torturing and murdering Chinese political prisoners has been a fact that cannot be ignored in front of the world now. Hence, this report aims to reveal to the world the existence and method of the Chinese Communist government's wicked murdering plan by providing undeniable evidence.


In fact, it is quite difficult for any court in China to deliver a death penalty to a Chinese political prisoner even under the current law structure in China. If so, the Chinese Communist government would bear enormous international criticisms like ISIS. Moreover, the illegal assassinations to these dissidents might cause uncontrollable consequence in the Chinese society as well. Then, for a considerably long period, this secret plan of purposeful torturing and murdering Chinese political prisoners has become an unwritten rule inside the government.


Thus, we can easily understand the reason the Chinese Communist government prevents the prisoners to meet with their lawyers in a variety of ways. The ultimate purpose is to cover their fear of exposure of this secret murdering plan: the 709 Crackdown is one of the typical pieces of evidence for that.


The first step of the murdering plan is torturing which can destroy the prisoner's physical health and immune system in an extremely short time. Then, the second step is a long-term inhuman imprisonment. More brutal tortures, both physically and mentally, will lead to the prisoners' further rapid health decline. Once the prisoner is ill, the government will delay all possible ways of treatment and deny any request of medical parole from either the prisoner or the family members, until the prisoner's illness is in the terminal stage. Even after a medical release, people such as Liu Xiaobo, Yang Tianshui, and Cao Shunli were still under complete police surveillance. This year, the deaths of Liu Xiaobo and Yang Tianshui were the obvious examples.


There are other groups of Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, such as Peng Ming and Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, who were directly prosecuted to death inside the prisons. Yet, the Chinese Communist government declared that they were killed by severe illness. Among all of the deceased prisoners, the government has never provided any medical evidence to prove their deaths were caused by illness, while controlling, threatening, and placing under house arrest their family members. For instance, Liu Xia, the wife of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, is still under the government's complete control even today.


Based on the incomplete statistics, there are at least 30 Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who have died under the torture and inhuman imprisonment such as Yang Tianshui, Liu Xiaobo, Peng Ming, Cao Shunli, Li Wangyang, Zhang Jianhong, Wang Rongqing, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, and Nurmemet Yasin. There are still more prisoners who are facing the same fate of death now as well. In this report, we provide a list with 100 prisoners who need the immediate rescue and assistance from the international society for their lives.


In the recent decade, under the benefit of the Internet, the awareness of human rights is rising in Mainland China. When facing the persecutions from the government, more and more human-rights movements are emerging from the Chinese society. However, the Chinese Communist government does not follow the public will, but conducts massive oppression in the country. The political and religious leaders, and human-rights activists among the community, become the major target of the government. All of them that are considered as a serious "threat" to the authority could be murdered. Most recently, within a 12 month period, three well-known Chinese political prisoners, Peng Ming, Liu Xiaobo, and Yang Tianshui, died in the hands of Chinese Communist government. Liu Xiaobo was even a Nobel Peace Prize winner. It is ridiculous and terrifying that political prisoners are murdered by this authority.


One of the major reasons that the Chinese Communist government can openly challenge, ignore, and violate the Charter of the United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Nations Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment is that they have successfully lobbied some of the governments, organizations, and politicians of the international society to give up the principle of human rights.


More than a decade after China joined World Trade Organization, The Chinese government has been using low-wage laborers, manipulating the currency rate, closing the Chinese market of finance, energy, telecommunications, and the Internet, to obtain unequal trade advantages from the Western countries. Thus it is able to have thousands of billions of dollars foreign-exchange reserve from the trade surplus. Thus, the Chinese Communist government is almost publicly buying support from some of the governments and politicians in the international society. These people are the confederates of the Chinese Communist government to alleviate the international criticisms for the Chinese Communist government's hideous crime.


The Chinese Communist government, a notorious authority in human rights field, could even become a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council with high votes. This is the grief of human civilizations, the shame of the United Nations, and the failure of the international society. The Chinese Communist government has used money to buy the support among the governments and politicians who are blinded by the temporary interest and displayed its power to the 1.3 billion Chinese citizens who are under its control. It has tried to isolate the Chinese and ruin their confidence of pursuing liberty and human rights, so its dictatorship can permanently survive.


The Chinese Communist government is conducting its authoritarian policy over the inside citizens and "buying-support" policy to the others outside of China. They are proclaiming kindness, morality, peace, development, and cooperation to the outside, but actually conducting oppression, imprisonment, robbery, and dictatorship to the inside. The Chinese Communist government is an authoritarian regime build on absolute lies which is much more dangerous than North Korea and ISIS. The Chinese Communist government is the most dangerous threat of the modern world, because it has the same nature as the Nazis and Soviet-Union. If the human-rights persecutions and the "buying-support" policy from the Chinese Communist government can keep growing, then, the damage to the world will soon expose its itself. Hence, it is the priority to completely contain the Chinese Communist government's "buying-support" policy and intervene in its violations on Chinese human rights. Giving attention to and rescuing Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience is indeed the most crucial step of the process.


Meanwhile, all Western countries ought to thoroughly examine the structure of the World Trade Organization, prioritize a trade principle of equally opened markets, and enforce human rights policy when trading with China. The international society must totally eliminate the "buying-support" policy and the unequal trading advantages that the Chinese Communist government has gained from severely damaging all of the Chinese citizens' basic human rights.


In conclusion, each case in this report has a specific assigned CPPC code. All of their information is collected in China Political Prisoner Concern's official blog, http://cppc1989.blogspot.com. Although it is extremely dangerous for all the human-rights defenders who are collecting information in mainland China, committing enormous time, and even sacrificing their safety, we deeply understand that the information we have collected is only a tip of the iceberg for the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. This is still an incomplete report for all the Chinese political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who are suffering under the injustice being conducted by the Chinese Communist government right now.


Therefore, we must continue our journey. This is our mission!



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1068-W705



Release Date: December 9, 2017



Topic: 2017 Report of Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience in China



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









—— 中共以酷刑和不人道监禁对政治犯、良心犯所实施的大规模的秘密杀戮
























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