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Release Date: January 20, 2018



Topic: Strange Tales in the New Year (part 2) -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:新年聊斋(之二) -- 魏京生


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Strange Tales in the New Year (part 2)

-- Wei Jingsheng



Last time we talked about internal struggles within the Chinese Communist Party.  I also predicted that 2018 would be a year of fierce fighting.  So what kind of impact will this kind of internal fight against each other have on the international affairs?  We must first understand what are the major international issues in 2018 that are related to China.


Since Xi Jinping got power, he has changed the international strategy of Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin.  Deng Xiaoping soberly realized that China was weak and therefore changed the strategy of internationalist adventuring of the Mao Zedong era.  The general comments called it "keeping a low profile" which is a strategy that applied to weak countries in ancient Chinese military strategy.


Xi Jinping was flattered by those brown nosing him.  So he thinks that China as a superpower should go directly against the United States as a rivalry.  As soon as he first came to power, he wanted to make trouble in the surroundings territories.  Now and then he shows this attitude of a superpower and then boasts himself inside China, to meet his fragile vanity.


Unfortunately, he is now facing the revolt of the little brother of North Korea and appears helpless.  As he got sandwiched and has been attacked by both Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump, he does not know how to respond.  This has the majority of people laughing their teeth off, or a fashionable saying is "stunned".  It turns out that he only appears strong outside but inside he is an embroidery pillow.


In order to get rid of China's control and the hostility of the United States, the Kim family in North Korea worked hard to develop nuclear weapons and missile delivery vehicles.  This offended the bottom line of the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc, who want to put this to an end.  Recently, the chubby Kim Jong-un is crossing the red line of nuclear-armed countries in an attempt to legalize its possession of nuclear weapons.  This is the bottom line that the United States, Japan and South Korea absolutely cannot tolerate.  In addition to peaceful means, the Trump administration has repeatedly stressed the intention of using force to eliminate North Korea's nuclear weapons.  The prelude curtain for war is slowly being pulled open irreversibly.


There are so many people inside China arrogantly clamoring for the second Korean War, thus to set China's hegemony in East Asia and the world.  Partly this attitude is due to wrong thinking, a mentality that goes back to the Mao Zedong era.  They think that if they are singing (the revolutionary song) of "Who Are Afraid of Whom in This World?" loud enough, and if they "rely on the spirit of not fear of hardship and death", then they will triumph with victory.  This part is the descendant of Ah Q (a famous character who lies to himself in Chinese literature).


The other part of these people is truly scary.  These are clear-minded corrupted officials who took bribery from Kim Jong-un, and are trying their best to protect this Kim dynasty.  The public opinion they created has not only fooled the Ah Q's in China, but also fooled Western scholars who think a war with China would inevitable with uncertain victory if they used force to resolve North Korea's nuclear weapons.


Will China really defend nuclear weapons in North Korea?  This is a false proposition.  China itself knows what targets North Korea's nuclear weapons have posed a threat to, and has repeatedly stated that it wants North Korea to stop its nuclear weapons and missile tests.  Because Chinese government is accustomed to making false statements, this time its words are also considered as lies.  This is just like "the boy who cried wolf" by Aesop.  However, Xi Jinping's attitude of swinging from one end to another is indeed suspicious.


Since China's war against Vietnam, and after the two Gulf Wars of the United States, most Chinese military personnel have known that with the equipment level of China they can not defeat the U.S. military simply by their bravery.  To help North Korea, to initiate a war that for sure will be defeated, that eventually would lead to the collapse of the Chinese Communist regime, is only a choice of a fool.  Not to mention the two military reforms by Xi Jinping have made the militarily unstable with chaotic structures.  At this time the Chinese military is not suitable for going abroad to fight wars.


However, Xi Jinping may have a thought of conspiracy to take advantage of the USA while it is at war against North Korea, without enough capacity to get involved in another war, to initiate the effort to "liberate Taiwan".  This will not need much effort, yet establish a great merit for him, thus accomplish his Chinese Dream of history.  Is it beautiful?


Taiwanese people will surely fight against their enemies and resist an invasion from the Communist regime.  As mentioned above, the instability of the moral in the Chinese military, as well as the chaos in its structure, coupled with the unwillingness of friends and relatives of the victimized military personnel to sacrifice their lives for Xi Jinping, will result in all the internal conflicts within the CCP exploding, which would be the beginning of the collapse of the Communist regime.


The people of Taiwan will suffer greatly, and the CCP regime will fall apart, but the eventual benefit is more than the harm.  Now let us watch and to see if Xi Jinping is willing to dig this trap for himself and fall into it.



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(Written and recorded on January 10, 2018.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1077-W714



Release Date: January 20, 2018



Topic: Strange Tales in the New Year (part 2) -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:新年聊斋(之二) -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生









































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