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Release Date: March 17, 2018



Topic: The Dilemma of Xi Jinping (Part 1) -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:习近平的困境(之一) -- 魏京生


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The Dilemma of Xi Jinping (part 1)

-- Wei Jingsheng



The Nineteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ended.  The quiz movement further developed into a new movement: the prophet movement.  Now people's arguments are beginning to gradually shift to a new direction: what will happen in the future.  In this respect, my views are not the same as many of my friends, so I outline them below.


As many friends read Xi Jinping's report and the propaganda of some media, they think that the anti-corruption campaign will continue; eventually the CCP will become non-corruptive politically and united together for a better economy.  I think this is completely wrong.


Why?  First, Wang Qishan was not willing to step down from the leadership of the CCP.  Regardless of what he himself thinks, the large number of people he has built into the anti-corruption system also may be concerned of the possible change of their leader.  This is a topic that cannot be avoided, as well as being an unclear thing to explain.  Will there be a way for this team to transform its master to Xi Jinping?  I think it is very difficult.


Second, although Wang Qishan escaped from the cusp of the storm, will the hatred of officialdom let him go, and let go the anti-corruption officials under his command?  Millions of targeted officials and their family members would want to strike back.  Will Xi Jinping let them counterattack or not?  If he lets them counterattack, this batch of anti-corruption team members will become a disaster for Xi Jinping because they must hold on together as a group to rebel for their own survival.  However, if a counterattack is not allowed, then Xi Jinping will became the target of the hatred of those millions of people.  This is a dilemma.


It seems that the 19th Congress of the CCP had only accomplished one thing, which is to establish the status of Comrade Xi Jinping as a "great leader" and to write Xi Jinping's thoughts into the constitution of the CCP.  This action is an awkward idea to make others to hate.  In order to avoid this hate, even Mao Zedong did not self-proclaim his thought to be Maoism; he came up with the word "ideology" which is the same actually but without a name recognition.  It can be said that Mao played a false modesty, but he still had something of his own: class struggle, violent revolution, guerrilla warfare and so on, which have disrupted the world for more than half a century.  In that way, Mao could be counted as a master of one generation, no less than Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler.


What does Xi Jinping have?  By repeating a few lines from the Marxist-Leninist textbooks, he dares to claim these as his own ideas, and thus call himself a master?  Is it not laughable?  Of course, the so-called theorist who provides such an idea is laughable, but the root reason is that Xi Jinping does not know about himself.  His arrogant attitude got this name only yet without essence; in addition, there are bunch of shameless brownnosers around him.  Now we really have to worry about the administration ability of Xi Jinping.  Where could we find the so-called modernization?


The result of the lack of ability of Xi's administration, plus the reduced anti-corruption campaign and pressure from the economic downturn result a rapidly deteriorating domestic situation.  The days of ordinary people will become more and more difficult.  The poor classes that feel unable to survive or barely survivable will quickly expand, with the emotions of the rebellious becoming stronger and stronger.  This is exactly the opposite of the Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao eras.


The division within the ruling class will become more and more serious.  The part that turned the purge campaign into hatred, with the additional people who maybe purged, will gradually turn people's minds from scared into desire for change.  This change will become the new normal of Xi Jinping's dictatorial politics.  Once a spark or a collapse occurs, the new empire of the "great leader" will quickly collapse.  When and by what means to collapse is an accident of history, but the collapse itself is a historical necessity.


The most important thing is that history will not repeat itself.  The present world is no longer the world of Mao Zedong, nor that of Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin.  It has been impossible to take advantage of the cold war, and to overcome economic difficulties by relying on fooling others.  It is also no longer possible to fool the people by offering them with the empty promises.  And it is also impossible for all kinds of shields to block the information.  Even suppression by the military and police will become increasingly unreliable.  The military and the police are also made of ordinary people, who are receiving more and more open information now.


What should we do then?  We have returned to the old issue 40 years ago when the Gang of Four was defeated: We need the Fifth Modernization - Democracy, to guide our country and our people out of the predicament.  The new thinking is not old-fashioned Marxism-Leninism, but a new idea of democracy and freedom.  The new governance system can only be the political structure of the democratic legal system where people have already succeeded.  The new economic system can only be the most effective market economy system that humans have proved for thousands of years.


These ideas have long been the consensus of the Chinese people for many years.  Those who win the hearts of the people shall have the world, and those who lose the hearts of the people will lose the world.  I hope the elites inside of China and abroad can win the hearts of the people, can grasp the correct direction, instead of detouring as before.



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(Written and recorded on October 31, 2017.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1093-W730



Release Date: March 17, 2018



Topic: The Dilemma of Xi Jinping (Part 1) -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:习近平的困境(之一) -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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