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Release Date: May 28, 2018



Topic: Is the Sino-USA Trade War Over? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:贸易战结束了吗? -- 魏京生


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Is the Sino-USA Trade War Over?

-- Wei Jingsheng



The Sino-US trade talks ended in Washington.  There was no agreement but only a statement that the Chinese Communist regime accepted all the conditions of the United States, and the United States also announced that no tariffs would be imposed temporarily.  It seems that a trade war that worried the entire world is over.  But I think it is not that simple, and most reviewers are not very optimistic either.


Why?  That is because the Communist regime in China never carries out its promises, which is similar to that infamous North Korea.  The only difference lies in openness or intrigue.  Some scholars have reported that the items promised this time have been guaranteed in the past, and even more.  The result then was they were not carried out in various ways.  Everyone is worried that this time, the United States was deceived again by the Communist regime in China.


For example, the Chinese people are most concerned about non-toxic meat and milk powder, which are commodities that many consume a lot of.  But they need to be sold in various local places, which affects the interests of local bureaucrat capitalists.  They can appoint certain merchants to import and then, like the beef sale of last year, no one cares to buy because it was so expensive.


The oil and gas that the United States cares most about this time will certainly greatly affect a large number of bureaucratic capitalists from the local government to the central government in China.  The laws in the USA do not allow bribery.  Ports and other departments in China will use various ways to block imports.  The industrial sector in China hopes to obtain cheaper oil and gas than Russia provides, but the import sector in China does not care if there is not enough profit for them.  So who will solve this problem then?


Will that be Liu He?  He is only a deputy prime minister; even a provincial Party Secretary can ignore him.  Will it be Liu He's boss Xi Jinping?  Just as Xi Jinping's brother said at the funeral of Chen Xiaolu: "We need everyone's support".  The law does not condemn the public.  Does Xi Jinping dare to attack the local emperors of the provinces?  If so, it would be better to give his position to Wang Qishan or Li Keqiang.


The emperors of these provinces also knew that it was important to have the support of the emperor.  However, when they offended the bureaucratic capitalists, even the emperor could not protect them.  They will play hard at their deceitful skills.  The end result surely would be that corruption defeats authority, because even Xi's authority came from official corruption.


The United States is a country ruled by law.  The law could solve most of the problems and does not need officials at all levels to intervene.  Even the president is not entitled to interfere with the administration of justice.  So their commitment is reliable, with their implementation to be transparent and predictable, with credit to both inside and outside.


China's one-party dictatorship shows that the party leadership is everything.  Like Nazi Germany, it is the leaders at all levels that have the final say.  Adolf Hitler's authority was big enough as the highest leader.  The authority of Mao Zedong was second, in the way that he has the authority on the surface, but those below him would go their own way underneath.  Deng Xiaoping was even worse - he was a handicapped dictator, who did not even have the authority on the surface, and had to consult with others.


The US President Trump wishes his good friend Xi Jinping to be a very strong dictator, and has continuously praised Xi Jinping on Twitter.  Unfortunately, Xi Jinping's brother is very clear minded: They need everyone's support.  Whose support then?  These words were not directed at ordinary Chinese.  They were directed at the wealthy and powerful bureaucratic capitalists of the second generation of the Communist officials.  It seems that Trump is also good at providing deception, just as the fox praises the crow of his "beautiful singing", while what he really likes to have is the piece of meat in that crow's mouth.


Now that piece of meat finally fell as Liu He put on his awkward smiles.  But it is hard to know if this piece of meat will really fall into the mouth of the fox.  Liu He insisted not to make the items in the statement solid, which left room to withdraw his words later.  That is because he predicted that the subsequent implementation would not be so reliable.  Neither he nor his boss has the confidence to implement these commitments.


It seems that the non-toxic foodstuffs and cheap petroleum products that the Chinese people are hoping for will rely on the strong pressure of the U.S. government.  These items include the natural gas from the USA that is needed to solve the haze of major cities.  We will see the result on that topic when Wang Qishan comes to the USA next month.


I think that Wang Qishan is very smart.  He gave Liu He the difficulty and the opportunity to say things without commitment.  Yet he kept those items that could be committed such as the petroleum products and natural gas to himself.  Because the bureaucrats may not be afraid of Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan's anti-corruption authority still remains, so the opportunity to realize the petroleum and natural gas advantage seem to be relatively large.



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(Written and recorded on May 21, 2018.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1111-W745



Release Date: May 28, 2018



Topic: Is the Sino-USA Trade War Over? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:贸易战结束了吗? -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生






































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