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Topic: Twenty-nine Years Later, "Terror Spreads from Tiananmen to the Whole World." (Voice of America report)



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Twenty-nine Years Later, "Terror Spreads from Tiananmen to the Whole World."

-- By Xiao Yu, Voice of America


June 5, 2018 12:16


Washington -

On the 29th anniversary of the "June 4th Massacre," the European Parliament invited the laureates of the "Sakharov Freedom of Thought Prize" to gather together in Brussels, Belgium to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the prize that is awarded to people who defend human rights and freedom of thought.  But two Chinese laureates could not share this joy.


Huang Ciping, executive director of the Wei Jingsheng Foundation, an NGO based in the USA, sat in the conference with mixed feelings.  In front of her, there was a sign stating that she represented "Wei Jingsheng, 1996."  1996 was the year when Wei Jingsheng, the democracy activist exiled in the USA, won the Sakharov Prize.


Until the last moment before his departure, Wei Jingsheng was unable to get the required travel documents.  He was also scheduled to attend several events commemorating "the June 4th Massacre" in Europe.  Now he can only stay in Washington DC.


"Belgium refused to give me the travel document although we communicated several times.  Even the European Parliament and the Ambassador asked the Belgian authorities to provide papers, but they did not," Wei Jingsheng told Voice of America on the day of June 4.


Based on past experience, he thinks that the Red Notice from Interpol could have played a key role.


Last month, Wei Jingsheng told the Voice of America in an interview that an accidental experience in 2001 made him aware that he was on "the red notice" list of Interpol.  Although he has traveled many times in the world since then, he often has troubles when he passes through the borders.


"This is a blacklist," Huang Ciping told VOA from Brussels by phone.  "Unless you are refused or arrested, you do not even know you are on that list."


In addition, they speculated that Belgium might be refusing to issue Wei Jingsheng the travel document for the sake of protection.  Although she did not want to reveal more details, Huang Ciping said that what is certain is that "there is a dark shadow of the Chinese Communist regime" behind both factors.


"Terror has spread from Tiananmen to the whole world," she said.


Another Chinese laureate and well-known dissident Hu Jia also was unable to travel to Brussels.  As in previous years, before the sensitive date of June 4th, he was taken by the "National Security" to travel away from Beijing and returned the day after.


In Washington, capital of the United States, Tiananmen student movement leader Wang Dan held the first seminar on the "China Dialogue" think tank which was established on the 29th anniversary of "June 4th Massacre" to discuss China's threat to global freedom and democracy.


The exiled Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao said: "In 1989, the democratic countries imposed sanctions against China, condemned the Tiananmen massacre, and supported activists in prison and in exile.  But soon Western countries welcomed those butchers with flowers and red carpets, and embraced the Chinese dictators."


The scholars attending the seminar unanimously agreed that after 1989, the democratic countries adopted appeasement policies against China one after another, allowing China to join the WTO, host the Olympic Games, and vote in the UN Human Rights Council.  As a result, China is now the second largest economy in the world.  The Chinese Communist regime has become increasingly aggressive in the international arena, and has exported its despotism overseas through more hidden means, from the establishment of the Confucius Institute to erode academic freedom, the kidnapping of overseas dissidents, and launching cyber attacks to compel foreign companies to apologize...  These kinds of examples are numerous.


"The Western society must realize that this is a war!" said Professor Feng Chongyi of the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.  "The second Cold War has arrived."



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1115-W747



Release Date: June 9, 2018



Topic: Twenty-nine Years Later, "Terror Spreads from Tiananmen to the Whole World." (Voice of America)



Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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