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Release Date: October 14, 2018



Topic: Awakening of the United States -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美国的醒悟 -- 魏京生


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Awakening of the United States

-- Wei Jingsheng



Events from President Trump's hesitant start of the trade war with China, to the recent speech by Vice President Pence, indicate that the Americans have really begun to wake up.  As Vice President Pence said, most Americans held good wishes in the past, thinking that helping China to develop its economy could simultaneously prompt China to move toward democracy and freedom.  But now the fact turns out to be the opposite.  Not only has the Chinese Communist regime not given freedom to its own people, but it has also seriously jeopardized the economic, democratic and freedom systems of the United States.


This is not a simple trade deficit problem, but a story of the farmer and viper of Aesop.  The economic development of the Communist regime in China has not only failed to give the Chinese people freedom and prosperity, but has eroded the freedom and prosperity of the United States, and had further evolved to intervene in US politics in an attempt to control US policy.  This is the real cold war, where ideology determines the hostile relationship between the two sides.  It has always been so.


Regarding this, the Chinese Communist Party has always spoken the truth.  Their ultimate goal is to defeat the democracy and freedoms of the West and establish a global autocracy.  Their conflict with democracy and freedom is the conflict to determine life and death.  Even Deng Xiaoping's strategy of "to hide one's ability and pretend to be weak" is a temporary deception.  The subtext of this statement itself is to ultimately defeat the other.


Nowadays, two very popular sayings in the West are the 'clash of civilizations' of Samuel Huntington and the so-called Thucydides Trap.  The former is too academic, in the moderate and balanced way of scholars that would not want to offend people.  The latter statement may not clarify the real problem, but only speaks to the surface phenomenon.  In fact, the real conflict is the struggle of the social systems, the struggle of the ideologies, and the struggle of individual power.


In this aspect, the history of the West is not typical.  So when Westerners can talk about this as clash of the civilizations, it is already in depth.  In fact, the debate about the clash of the civilizations and the theory of the Thucydides trap are all about results rather than reasons.  The history of the pre-Qin Dynasty in China, or the history of the formation of the Han ethnic group in China, more typically illustrates that social system disputes determined by ideology are the root cause that determines the history.


Three thousand years ago in China, the Huaxia people were ethnic minorities with different political systems that came from the West and were surrounded by a powerful majority ethnic group known as the Di culture.  Contrary to popular theory in the Western academic circles including that of the Karl Marx, that the economic foundation determines the political system, economically and technologically the Huaxia nations had no advantages but were at an absolute disadvantage, especially in many important technologies.


However, because their political system was more humane and conducive to their internal unity, which included more equality and freedom for the slaves they captured, they gradually expanded in the struggle with the surrounding barbarians and eventually formed the Han, the world's largest ethnic group.  The Han absorbed and fused skills and wisdom of all civilizations, including human talent, and thus were able to be developed for more than two thousand years.  This history is very similar to the present USA.


The value system of benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and creditability which was summarized by the Confucius, is called a universal value nowadays.  This universal value that most fits humanity is the fundamental reason for the Xuaxia Nation to develop from small to large.  It is also the fundamental reason for the development of the American democratic system from small to large.  The economy, military and culture, etc., are only the by-products of the development of the political system.


However, the ideology and political systems of the Chinese Communist Party are the value systems and the slavery that have long been eliminated by the Westerners.  Americans can tolerate their existence, but the Communist Party will not tolerate the existence of democracy and freedom.  The Chinese Communist regime has correctly seen the fundamental conflict between the two civilizations.  It will not tolerate democracy and freedom in China, neither it will tolerate democracy and freedom internationally.


This intolerance is because of the reality created by the political system which is more humane, which poses a fundamental threat to the slavery system.  The attraction of universal values is the permanent impetus for slaves to escape and seek freedom.  These values have posed a fundamental threat to the slavery system since ancient times.


The kind-hearted farmer finally realized the nature of the viper.  It was the beginning of not being bitten by the viper in the future.  The Americans finally realized that a slavery system could not coexist with democracy and freedom.  Thanks to President Trump and Vice President Pence for telling the American people the nature of vipers.



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(Written on October 5 and recorded on October 7, 2018.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1146-W775



Release Date: October 14, 2018



Topic: Awakening of the United States -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美国的醒悟 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









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