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Release Date: January 6, 2019



Topic: Xi Jinping Has Messed Up Again -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:习近平又搞砸了 -- 魏京生


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Xi Jinping Has Messed Up Again

-- Wei Jingsheng



Recently for some reason, many people are saying that Xi Jinping's IQ is low.  But Xi himself is not convinced, and recently just made another high-profile move called unification with Taiwan by military force.  In addition, he also talked about "one country two systems".  If Xi wants to take over Taiwan with military force, then just as well to state so.  But when he added this "one country two systems" it really confused others as what he wants to do.  The effect is that Taiwan's public opinion has suddenly turned around, and even the politicians who have always wanted to surrender to the Mainland have all stood up against it.  Xi Jinping really messed it up.


Why is there such a sudden turned around in Taiwan?  That is because Xi Jinping is really mentally retarded.  He has been an official right across the Taiwan Strait for decades, but he does not understand the basic ideas of the Taiwanese.  This only shows that his ingenuity is used in the tactics and promotion, and simply without a mind for other things.  This is also true of an autocratic system, where those who could have achieved something for the people have long been eliminated.


Everyone knows the basic mentality of the Taiwanese who are unwilling to be ruled by the Communist Party.  The strategy of engagement in the 1992 consensus was to use the one-country, two-system system to fool the people who are not educated about this trick and the mindless intellectuals so they tolerated the Taiwanese version of the "one country two systems".


Now that Xi Jinping laid unification through the military on the table, everyone immediately realized that it was wrong, just like the fox finally showing his tail.  Cannot you be vigilant?  This is simply selling his allies in Taiwan which made them incoherent.  They said that they do not want this "one country two systems" on one hand, yet standing on the 1992 consensus on the other.  It is like an incompetent liar in front of the public, which has made them pitiful.


Is Xi Jinping really capable of unification with Taiwan via military force?  The Tsai Ing-wen government in Taiwan cried out for assistance from the international community.  I do not know if it is truly a lack of understanding or just acting so.  In short, Xi Jinping simply does not have the conditions to use military force.  If he uses military force, he is seeking his own death.  Other Communist officials will also stop him from doing it.  In my opinion, he just wants to incite nationalism to save his current predicament.


The Hong Kong and Taiwan media have often claimed that Xi Jinping has controlled military power after two military reforms.  This fully shows the poor thinking of some reporters, while others are just following along.  The military reforms of Xi Jinping seem to be learned from the US military, but that was just an excuse.  In fact, these "reforms" have totally disoriented the Chinese military, for the purpose of impeding each other thus to prevent a military coup.  The other side effect is that the army is seriously losing its combat effectiveness.


In addition to the fact that victory is unpredictable when using the military, there is insecurity at the back: in the east, there is the United States watching aggressively at North Korea, in the south and the west there are two wolves in Vietnam and India, and in the north there is Russia that is not so friendly.  Once the war is deadlocked, they will all move accordingly.  By that time, even if Xi Jinping does not want to sell China, he could not prevent it.  Moreover, when the war started, an economic blockade would be the minimum situation.  How could the ordinary Chinese make a living?


Xi Jinping wants to incite nationalism again, which is also a bad move.  It will not make him successful but will contribute to his failure.  This move is to deal with the failure of the trade war.  However, everyone knows that this nationalism is a double-edged sword.  This time, it is used to the extreme by Xi Jinping.


In the past, nationalism was indeed played favorably by the Communist regime, so this time it got repeated.  But now is not the same as before anymore.  This time, both sides of the sword will hurt Xi Jinping.  If Xi does not make concessions to the United States, the Chinese economy will be greatly declining, the Chinese people will have a hard time to live, and his political opponents will blame Xi for bringing on a national disaster.  Nationalism would be one of the flags that defeat him.


If Xi Jinping has to make concessions to Trump, then nationalism will accuse him of betraying national interests, which is still a strong evidence to defeat him.  According to his current plan, it is very likely that Xi will not make concessions, and meanwhile launch a war.  According to the above analysis, undoubtedly he will be defeated, so he will be ousted even before the war got launched.  Nationalism is just one of the best reasons, just like back then when they arrested the wife of Mao Zedong.


Therefore, I say that indeed Xi messed up this time, exactly due to his plan of military unification by taking over Taiwan and encouraging nationalism.  Every lane would be a dead end, according to his current plan.  There is still one feasible way out though, which is to implement the political reforms in line with the wishes of the Chinese people; and to comply with the demand of structural reforms by the United States, thus to calm down this trade war and to overcome the difficulties of economic recession in China.


These two reforms complement each other.  Without market-oriented reforms, the United States will certainly gradually increase its weight, and the Chinese economy will surely collapse.  Without a reform of legal system, there would be no fair market.  Yet the biggest problem in the reform of the legal system is that the Communist Party is higher than the law and there is no political system to protect human rights.



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(Written and recorded on January 5, 2019.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article Release Issue: A1179-W807



Release Date: January 6, 2019



Topic: Xi Jinping Has Messed Up Again -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:习近平又搞砸了 -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生






































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