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Release Date: Sept. 4, 2019



Topic: Is the US-China Confrontation the Responsibility of the United States? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美中对抗是美国的责任吗? -- 魏京生


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Is the US-China Confrontation the Responsibility of the United States?

-- Wei Jingsheng



Recently, a group of US officials and scholars led by the Wall Street Journal criticized the hardliners led by President Trump.  The conclusion is that the US policy toward China should be revised.  In their words, "the U.S. strategy must also be resilient, i.e. maximize the benefits if China cooperates, and minimize the harm if it doesn't."  (Please see related article at link: https://www.wsj.com/articles/has-americas-china-backlash-gone-too-far-11566990232 Has America's China Backlash Gone Too Far?)


This is the latest version of the appeasement policy and an improved version of the Panda-Huggers under pressure from public opinion throughout the United States.  Of course, there is freedom of speech in the United States.  You may even applaud the Nazis, but not many people will accept them.  However, these Panda-Huggers are strong in the upper echelons of the United States and can influence the policy direction of the White House.  We have to interpret and criticize, to avoid them misleading the American public and the Chinese people.


The new version of the Panda-Huggers has a premise as it seems that the US-China confrontation is the responsibility of the United States, and China is the victim.  Now everyone is more and more aware of the fact that the unfair trade created by the Chinese Communist regime over the years is the root cause of this trade war.  If the United States does not fight back, it will continue to decline.


The power of the Panda-Huggers was strong.  For many years, no US President had dared to reverse this decline.  Only President Trump bravely opened up this new trend that was considered to be against the current, and formed a new consensus and a powerful public opinion.  Trump was thus elected to his position.


There was this deception by the Panda-Huggers for many years, as it is lightly described as they initially had the misconception that economic development in China can lead to the development of human rights and democracy.  It seems that these Panda-Huggers were mentally handicapped to be fooled by deception without maliciousness.  Then why, after discovering that they had been deceived, do they still spare no effort to formulate an alternative to the appeasement policy?


Therefore, there must be some elements to fool still hidden in this conclusion that they were fooled by deception.  The judgment standard of the Chinese people is quite interesting.  It is called: a demon would be hidden in the abnormality.  It seems that the oppressed Chinese are indeed not as easily fooled by deceptions as Americans.  The affluent life and religious beliefs of the Americans often cause them to release excessive goodwill, especially the inappropriate goodwill for the demons, which will cause huge evil consequences.  The Panda-Huggers are using this excessive and inappropriate goodwill to deceive.  We have to expose these actions by accomplices.


The first sentence of the new platform of the Panda-Huggers said: maximize the benefits if China cooperates.  This seems to mean that the United States is bullying China and oppressing China for cooperation.  The fact is that Chinese government has been bullying the United States for years, and the United States is only now asking to return to fair trade.  Is it necessary to add so-called maximization in addition to fair trade?  Is not this asking to return to the unfair status of the past?  Like the hidden agenda of Sima Zhao, the minds of these Panda-Huggers are well known to the public.


The second sentence of the new version of the Panda-Huggers said: minimize the harm if China doesn't cooperate.  If China does not cooperate, the United States needs to minimize the damage caused by non-cooperation.  In other words, when the Communist regime in China continues to be tough and uncooperative, the United States cannot punish it.  Even if the thief refuses arrest, the police still can't punish him, or you will be blamed as inhuman.  The Panda-Huggers are making good use of the religious pan-love psychology of the Americans and trying to solve the problems for the Chinese Communist regime.


If thieves and gangsters do not cooperate, one must resort to force.  This is the common truth of both ancient and modern times, in China and in foreign countries.  Religious pan-loving people can do their best to demonstrate their boundless love, but they will not eliminate their police.  Because they also know that only with power, they can deal with demons.  Will it stop the crime or encourage the crime if the punishment for criminals is minimized?  This question is the case in the field of criminal offences, as well as in the field of economic crime.


In dealing with domestic crimes or international crimes, punishment is the only thing that unreasonable criminals can understand.  The correct policy should be: cooperation is not a deal that both sides must retreat one step, but the party that violates the rules must return to the rules.  If that party doesn't cooperate, then it must be punished more severely, including disqualifying it from the business of fair-trading.


If they play unfairness, then return it with unfairness.  Thus there is the true fairness.  The Panda-Huggers want to continue this unfair situation, so it is not too excessive to say that they betray the United States.



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(Written and recorded on Sept. 3, 2019.  Broadcasted by Radio Free Asia on Sept. 4.)



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1240-W857



Release Date: Sept. 4, 2019



Topic: Is the US-China Confrontation the Responsibility of the United States? -- Wei Jingsheng

标题:美中对抗是美国的责任吗? -- 魏京生


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 魏京生

















熊猫派的新版本第二段说:如果中国不合作,美国就需要把不合作造成的损害最小化。 也就是说,共产党继续强硬不合作,美国也不能给予惩罚。小偷即便拒捕,警察也不能惩罚他,否则判你个不人道。熊猫派在很好地利用美国人的宗教泛爱心理,极力为共产党解套。






















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