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Release Date: July 22, 2020


Topic: Analysis: Pompeo Led the Closure of the Consulate General in Houston, the Sino-US Conflict Is a "Good Drama Yet to Come" -- Radio Free Asia Cantonese report

标题:分析:蓬佩奧主導關閉休斯頓總領館,中美衝突「好戲還在後頭」 -- 自由亚洲电台粤语部报道


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Analysis: Pompeo Led the Closure of the Consulate General in Houston, the Sino-US Conflict Is a "Good Drama Yet to Come"

-- Radio Free Asia Cantonese report



The US State Department stated that it ordered China to close its Consulate General in Houston to protect US intellectual property rights and the private information of the Americans. Overseas democracy activists believe that the USs implementation of additional measures against China this time is in line with Chinas recent rampant hacking and espionage activities, imposing restrictions on US media and reporters, restricting US diplomats to Wuhan, provoking investigations of foreigners without reason, imposing the Hong Kong National Security Act and other factors. Wang Dan described the current Sino-US conflict as still at a low level and it will continue to climb. (Reported by Ma Like, Pan Jiaqing, and Huo Liangqiao)


The U.S. State Department Information Office responded to our email inquiry on Wednesday (22nd). Spokesperson Ortagus said, "The United States will not tolerate China's infringement of our sovereignty and intimidation of the people, just as we no longer tolerate China's unfair Trade practices and the theft of American jobs. President Trump insists on the fairness and reciprocity of US-China relations."


The State Department also stated that according to the Vienna Convention on the Laws of Treaties, diplomats must "respect the laws and regulations of the receiving country" and "have an obligation not to interfere in the internal affairs of the country." The US has instructed to close the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to protect US intellectual property and private information.


Wang Dan, a former student leader of the 1989 democracy movement, told this station that there are many reasons for the rapidly deteriorating Sino-U.S. relations, such as Chinas failure to cooperate with the epidemic investigation of the COVID-19 and espionage activities worldwide, including in the U.S. He believes that U.S. sanctions against China will upgrade gradually.


Wang Dan: The United States' increased accountability to China is the main reason for this rapid deterioration of the Sino-US relationship. Judging from the current actions, it is actually a low-level conflict; there are higher-level conflicts which include military conflict. Will there be fighting in the South China Sea? This possibility cannot be ruled out. But I believe that between China and the United States, the US sanctions against China will be escalated step by step. At present the conflict in Sino-US relations is still at a low level.


Wang Dan also revealed that at 4 a.m. Beijing time on Friday (24th), the United States will introduce a more comprehensive China policy. He himself and a group of influential people in Sino-US relations have been invited by the US State Department to the Nixon Presidential Library in California to witness a historic moment in Sino-US relations.


Wei Jingsheng, chairman of the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, told this station that "three feet of freezing ice is not due to one day of cold." Recently, Chinese hacker and espionage activities have become too rampant, which gave the United States reason to escalate its actions against China. Wei Jingsheng said that Houston is the base camp for Chinese intelligence activities in the United States.


Wei Jingsheng: Why was Houston chosen? In fact, Houston is the place where Chinese intelligence activities are commanded in the United States. Pinching out this place is a big blow to Chinese intelligence activities. Maybe the United States had this idea a long time ago. You should notice that Secretary of State Michael Pompeo used to be the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. This former position shows that he actually has a better understanding of the CCP's espionage activities in the United States. So this time, if you want to fight, then you hit the snake at its seven-inch location where it could be killed, and hit the command organization of its intelligence agency.


The US State Department reiterated that "China has been engaged in large-scale illegal espionage activities in the United States for many years," and it has affected the actions of US government officials and American citizens. In the past few years, the scale and scope of these activities have increased significantly, including Chinese officials interfering in domestic politics, stealing American intellectual property rights, coercing American business leaders, and threatening Chinese American families in China.


Mr. Liang, a Hong Kong resident who moved to Houston more than ten years ago, told this station that the closure of the Chinese consulate has little effect on the local Chinese. It will be necessary to go to a distant consulate to apply for a student or return visa. He also said that the fire that broke out in the Houston consulate general last night (21st) was an artificial burning of documents.


Mr. Liang: It was not a fire caused by accident such as candles last night. I have been to the consulate many times. There were people in a high-rise building across the street who photographed it and shared the pictures on the Internet. It is obvious that someone in the consulate burned a stack of documents in the courtyard (inside of the consulate). It was artificial arson (to burn documents). As for the Chinese who support or are persecuted and do not support the Communist Party and Hong Kong people may have to go to the (consulate) to apply for a HKSAR passport or ID card, and foreign students need to apply for a visa, but it does not matter much to those who are applying for a green card or are waiting for naturalization.


Mr. Liang also believes that the incident will not trigger anti-American demonstrations by local Chinese.


Mr. Liang: I believe there will be no (demonstrations). Half of the population of Chinatown here is mainland Chinese, and the remaining half are Taiwanese. Houston has a large community of Taiwanese, most of whom are anti-Communist or do not speak out, and the ones openly supporting the Communist Party will not be as exaggerated as on the East and West Coasts of the USA. In addition, local Americans can own firearms. If someone loudly supports the Communist Party at someones doorstep, they may encounter the situation in St. Louis of facing an AR-15 to drive away demonstrators. You will be scared when you see this situation.


According to the statement on the website of the Chinese Consulate-General in Houston, the consulate's responsibilities cover eight southern states of the United States, including Texas and Florida, as well as the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. It was the first consulate outside the liaison office in Washington after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the United States and China in 1979. It was of great historical significance.


Reuters quoted news that China is considering closing the US consulate in Wuhan in retaliation. The official media "Global Times" then launched a poll on Twitter asking "which US consulate in China is most likely to be shut down". So far, more than 2,000 people have participated in the vote, and the US consulate in Hong Kong and Macau leads with more than 60%, significantly ahead of the other consulates of Guangzhou (11.6%) and Chengdu (8.2%).


In addition, a U.S. C-17 transport plane arrived in Hong Kong from Okinawa Air Force Base last Saturday (18th). It stayed for more than 2 hours and then flew to Manila. Some military commentators believe that although the arrival of US military transport planes in Hong Kong is not unusual, this time may be related to the closure of consulates in this new phase of relations between China and the United States. It may be that the US has withdrawn important documents and personnel of the Consulate General in Hong Kong ahead of time.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1308-W923


Release Date: July 22, 2020


Topic: Analysis: Pompeo Led the Closure of the Consulate General in Houston, the Sino-US Conflict Is a "Good Drama Yet to Come" -- Radio Free Asia Cantonese report

标题:分析:蓬佩奧主導關閉休斯頓總領館,中美衝突「好戲還在後頭」 -- 自由亚洲电台粤语部报道


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)








-- 自由亚洲电台粤语部报道



美國國務院表示,下令中國關閉駐休斯頓總領館,是要保護美國的知識產權和美國人的私人信息。海外民運人士認為,美國這次對中國實施加碼措施,與中國近期猖獗的黑客間諜活動、對美媒及記者設限、限制美國外交官到武漢、無端調查外國人及強推《港區國安法》等因素有關。王丹形容,目前的中美衝突還處於低級階段,還會爬升。(馬立克/潘加晴/霍亮喬 報道)
















美國國務院重申,「中國多年來一直在美國境內從事大規模的非法間諜活動」,並影響美國政府官員和美國公民的行動。過去幾年,這些活動的規模和範圍明顯增加,包括中國官員干涉了其國內政治、竊取美國知識產權、脅迫美國商業領袖、威脅在中國的華裔美國家庭等 。


移居休斯頓十多年的香港人梁先生對本台表示,中領館關閉對當地華人的實際上影響不大,辦學生或回國簽証等就要到較遠的領事館。他又說 ,昨晚(21日)總領館發生的大火,是人為燒毀文件。


梁先生:昨晚不是火燭,我到過總領館很多次,對面的高層樓宇已有人拍到放上網 ,好明顯有人在(領館內)中庭燒毀一疊疊文件 ,是人為縱火燒(文件)。至於華人有支持或受迫害不支持共產黨,港人可能要到(領館)辦特區護照或身份證,留學生要辦簽証,但對申請綠卡或等候入籍人士就沒有太大關係。




梁先生:我相信不會有(示威活動),這裡唐人街的人口大陸人佔一半,餘下一半是台灣人。休斯頓有很大的台灣人社區,大多數是反共或不會發聲,而公開支持共產黨也不會像東西岸如此誇張。加上當地美國人可擁有槍械,如果有人在人家門口大聲支持共產黨,可能會遇到早前在聖路易斯有屋主持AR -15長槍驅趕示威者的情況,你看到這個情況都會害怕。


據中國駐休斯頓總領事館網站上的聲明,該領館職責覆蓋美國南部八個州,包括德州、佛羅里達州,另外還有美國屬地波多黎各(Puerto Rico)。是美中1979年建交後,當時駐華府的聯絡辦公室以外的首個領事館,具有重大歷史意義。














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