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Release Date: July 26, 2020


Topic: Secretary Pompeo Meets with Democracy Activists After His Important Speech; Wei Jingsheng: This is a Great Encouragement -- Sound of Hope

标题:蓬佩奥重磅演讲后会见民运人士;魏京生:这是很大的鼓舞 希望之声报道


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Secretary Pompeo Meets with Democracy Activists After His Important Speech; Wei Jingsheng: This is a Great Encouragement



[Sound of Hope July 24, 2020] (Reported by Sound of Hope reporter Zhang Lili) US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered his important speech on the change of policy concerning the Chinese Communist regime in California on July 23 (Thursday). Afterwards, he met with some famous Chinese democracy activists including Wei Jingsheng and Wang Dan. Wei Jingsheng said that the United States has woken up to fight against the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This is a great encouragement to democracy activists.


Wei Jingsheng was invited to the venue to listen to Pompeo's speech. He said that Pompeo clearly stated that the United States will stand against the CCP for a long time and plans to impose stricter sanctions on the CCP. "Some people worry that the U.S. policy cannot be sustained, but the Secretary of State explained in detail that this policy is not a short-term policy, but will last for decades." Wei Jingsheng said.


Wei Jingsheng said that the United States now recognizes and supports China's democratic movement, which is a great encouragement to overseas democrats. "It shows that the US government's attitude towards overseas democratic movements is far different from before." He said: "In the past 30 years, many friends have worked very hard, but many people are tired, have retreated, and lack confidence... This time everyone is extremely encouraged. The United States now has postured at such a high level, which is to fight against the CCP dictatorship."


Wei Jingsheng thinks that the current U.S. policy against the CCP is not an action by an individual organization, but an action supported by the both political parties in Congress and the US administration. He said: "This is very important. It means that the entire United States has woken up." He was very pleased that Pompeo said in his speech that the Chinese system should be completely changed, that it will help the Chinese people, stand together with the Chinese people, and help change the one-party dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party.


Looking back on the journey of these years, Wei Jingsheng said with emotion, When I first came to the United States, the American politicians were more enthusiastic toward us. But a few years later, their trade relations with the Chinese Communist regime gradually became warmer. Especially after giving China permanent most-favored-nation status and access to the WTO, the US official attitude to the Chinese Communist regime has become softer and weaker. And they try to avoid us and not contact us." He welcomes the fundamental change of the current US government.


Wei Jingsheng also emphasized that the CCP does not represent the Chinese people, and the two are not the same. "The Communist Party wants to kidnap 1.4 billion Chinese. It refers to the 1.4 billion Chinese all the time. Now the US government has clearly stated that the CCP cannot represent 1.4 billion of Chinese. This is an important concept of change. He thinks that because the US government has repeatedly emphasized the concept of "the CCP is not equal to the Chinese", the world will soon accept this concept.


In this speech, Pompeo called on like-minded countries in the free world to form an alliance of new democracies to jointly fight against the tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party. He clearly pointed out: The change in the U.S. policy towards the CCP is not asking the world to choose between the two countries of the United States and China, but to choose between freedom and tyranny.


On July 22, the U.S. State Department asked the Chinese Consulate General in Houston to leave within 72 hours. Wei Jingsheng said in response that the United States discovered that the consulate had done many things that violated American laws. The United States had many reasons to close it. Even if the United States knew that the CCP would retaliate, it decided to do so. He believes that the United States will continue to introduce tougher sanctions against the CCP, "we will wait and see."


Wei Jingsheng also talked about the recent news that the U.S. will ban CCP members and their families from entering the country, which has triggered a new wave of quitting the CCP. He believes that although the Secretary of State did not specify the details of the policy, it is what the U.S. government should do. He said that Pompeo was very happy to see many Chinese want to quit the CCP.


Another Chinese democracy activist and leader of the 1989 student movement, Wang Dan, was also present to listen to Pompeo's speech. He said that Pompeo's stand against the CCP is very firm, and this speech marks an important turning point in US policy towards the CCP.


Song Yongyi, a professor at California State University in Los Angeles, said that the United States has realized that if the free world does not solve the CCP problem, the free world will be dissolved by the CCP, so now is already the moment of crisis. He believes that the U.S. government has distinguished the concept of the CCP from China, which is "really a right correction from the source" and "a very good start."


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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1310-W925


Release Date: July 26, 2020


Topic: Secretary Pompeo Meets with Democracy Activists After His Important Speech; Wei Jingsheng: This is a Great Encouragement -- Sound of Hope

标题:蓬佩奥重磅演讲后会见民运人士;魏京生:这是很大的鼓舞 希望之声报道


Original Language Version: Chinese (Chinese version at the end)







蓬佩奥重磅演讲后会见民运人士 魏京生:这是很大的鼓舞



【希望之声2020724日】(本台记者張莉莉综合报导)美国国务卿蓬佩奥(Mike Pompeo723日(周四)在加州发布了美国针对中共政策转变的重磅演讲。随后他会见了包括魏京生、王丹在内的部分著名中国民运人士。魏京生表示,美国已醒来,就是要对抗中共独裁政权,这对民运人士来说,是一个很大的鼓舞。




































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