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Release Date: September 19, 2020


Topic: UK Ambassador to China Stirs Uproar With Photo Seen as Promoting Xi JinpingBy Natalie Liu, Voice of America



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UK Ambassador to China Stirs Uproar With Photo Seen as Promoting Xi Jinping

-- Natalie Liu, Voice of America

September 18, 2020 06:59 PM



Britains newest ambassador to China has gotten off to a rocky start after posting a photo on social media that some viewers interpreted as an endorsement of the hard-line policies of Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Caroline Wilson, appointed in June to lead Britains diplomatic mission in Beijing as of this month, posted the photo on Twitter after a meeting with Liu Xiaoming, Chinas envoy to Britain.


In the photo, Liu beams with apparent delight as the two hold what appears to be a gifted book, the latest in a series of tomes laying out Xis thoughts on governance.


Wilson described the occasion on Twitter as a valuable meeting with @AmbLiuXiaoMing before heading to Beijing. Her new subordinates at the British Embassy in Beijing subsequently retweeted the posting.


As of Friday morning, Wilsons tweet had generated more than 1,000 comments, and while a handful praised her as the perfect person for this absolutely pivotal role, the vast majority considered the posting highly problematic.


Even Liu XiaoMing didnt choose to upload this photo, one commentator wrote, though the Chinese envoy did post several other photos from the meeting. Many others shared the views of a writer who commented, How could she uphold UK values while holding Xi Jinping Thought?


Among the most scathing comments was one from a writer who uploaded a 1938 photo of then-British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain shaking hands with Adolf Hitler. Another writer said Wilsons gesture was no different than holding Maos little red book.


A tweet that had generated almost 500 likes by Friday lodged a more serious charge, that Wilson is too eager to please Xi.


Foreign ministry response


A spokesperson from the British foreign ministry defended Wilsons tweet, telling VOA their country has a policy of engagement with China and our approach will remain consistent even if difficulties emerge.


We must have a calibrated approach and use engagement to raise matters on which the U.K. cannot agree or compromise with China, including on human rights and Hong Kong, the spokesperson said.


That argument is not persuasive to Roger Garside, a former British diplomat and author of Coming Alive: China After Mao.


As a former British diplomat myself, who served twice in Beijing, I am appalled by this behavior by our Ambassador-designate to the PRC, Garside wrote from London in response to VOAs request for comment. It goes beyond anything I have witnessed from a British diplomat.


Garside summed up the reaction to Wilsons tweet as a stream of well-deserved outrage.


'Hard looks'


Clive Hamilton, a professor of public ethics in Australia, also responded to a request for comment from his home in Canberra:


I think the foreign policy establishment is lagging [behind] the political shift that has taken place in Britain this year. It has yet to wake up to the [Communist Party of China]s ambitions and ruthless modus operandi.


Hamilton added: The danger is that instead of advocating Britains policies in Beijing, she will end up advocating Chinas policies in London.


Wilson has already attracted hard looks from critics of Chinas ruling Communist Party within her own party, said Hamilton, the author of Hidden Hand, which warns that the Chinese Communist Party is determined to mold the world in its own image.


He said there has been no public criticism as far as I know, but Ivet heard indirectly that some have expressed dismay in private.



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Wei Jingsheng Foundation News and Article: A1322-W937


Release Date: September 19, 2020


Topic: UK Ambassador to China Stirs Uproar With Photo Seen as Promoting Xi JinpingBy Natalie Liu, Voice of America



Original Language Version: English/Chinese (Chinese version at the end)









-- 美国之音燕青

2020919 13:41




英国最新的驻华大使吴若兰(Caroline Wilson)今年六月刚被任命,本月到任。就在赶赴北京之前,这位高级外交官在推特上贴出一张与中国大使合举习宝书的照片,引发外界对其是否能推动和维护英国价值和利益产生了质疑。
































吴若兰的推文还没发出多久,英国诺丁汉大学的社会和政治学者安德烈亚斯富尔达(Andreas Fulda)就在网上呼吁公众找出这一推文的特殊之处:大家快来看一看,这张照片有什么问题?














盖思德(Roger Garside)职业生涯中曾经两度出任英国驻华外交官。他从伦敦接受美国之音采访时说,以我过去多年从事外交生涯的经验,我对我国刚被任命的派驻中华人民共和国大使能有这样的行为,感到震惊。我从来没有见过任何一个英国外交官会有如此行为。




盖思德认为有这样的可能。但那是非常愚蠢的想法, 盖思德说。他认为,中国在处理国际关系时,非常冷静、客观,一切从实际利益出发,不会注重这种肤浅的表态。


澳大利亚著名学者兼政论作家克莱夫汉密尔顿(Clive Hamilton)近年来撰写了多部有关中共全球战略和中共在澳大利亚、英国等西方国家政界、商界渗透的著作,引起国际强烈反响。他从澳大利亚首都堪培拉接受美国之音采访时说:在我看来,相较于英国全国上下今年的政治变动,英国外交界显然落后于时代了;英国外交界尚未因中共的野心及其残酷无情的行为方式而觉醒。




汉密尔顿最近撰写的有关中共在海外扩张的新书书名为Hidden Hand,即看不见的手。他与英国政坛人士也有深厚的往来。他对美国之音表示,虽然吴若兰大使的推文以及晒照事件尚未受到来自官方的公开批评,但是私下里,很多对中共怀有异议的英国政界人士已经对其作为深感不安。













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